Thank You, Zig!

Every single day now, because of this blog, twitter, our newsletter, and email, I hear from someone new about how their life was impacted by Dad. Hearing these stories never gets old! Dad loves them, I love them, you who write them love them, and most importantly, those searching for HOPE love them, because it tells them that they can, too.

It would mean a lot to me, and to Dad, if you would take a few minutes and write your “Zig” story. Just tell Dad when you first encountered him or his material and how what you listened to or read changed your life. However long you want to make it is great. And since this is going to be posted on the blog, be sure to give some advice to anyone who may be in need of hope. What would you encourage them to do, read, or listen to?

A promise – by the time you finish writing your “Zig” story your gratitude bucket will be overflowing and you will be prepared for your best day all year! Plus, you will realize that what you learned from Zig can never be impacted by the economy! Now that is recession-proof!

One last thing – your “Zig” story may be the inspiration someone looking for hope uses to start their own journey. This would make you a Difference Maker – and an honorary member of the Ziglar family. Now start writing!

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162 Comments on “Thank You, Zig!”

  1. Hal Alpiar Says:

    Zig, you are the best! My wife and I refer to your quotes everyday when we go to bed and when we awake to put ourselves on the right track and into the right frame of mind. I mention you and/or your quotes at least once a week in my 7-days-a-week blog, including tonight’s , and I’ve proudly included you in one of my book acknowledgement pages for the inspiration. You ARE truly an inspiration to so many. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you….

  2. David Says:

    Mr. Zig Ziglar,

    My favorite quote of yours has always been “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

    I’m 42 now and started listening to your audio’s around 1988 when I was 21.

    Your faith in Christ has always impressed me.

    Dr. Emol Fails was a good friend of my wife’s family for years. He was at our wedding in 1989.

    I may not meet you on this side of Heaven, but I’ll see you on the other side.

    In Christ,

    David Williams
    Raleigh, North Carolina

  3. I first heard ‘Zig’ in 1981 when I was in college, bought the cassette tapes for “See You At The Top” and have listened to them so many times in those first few years that I think the tapes are just about to snap. Now they just have to hold out for my kids to listen to them too.

    Other than the bible, I can’t think of any other material that has had a greater impact on my life. They caused me to build a career in sales and build my own business. They’ve given me the ability to not have to depend on a traditional job to earn a living. They’ve given me the understanding that my attitude, optimism, and results are entirely up to me each day and not anyone else.

    I use quotes from Zig in conversations, presentations, and as constant reminders in my own life. I’ve had the privilege to see Zig in person at various events and he’s always been tremendous.

    I just heard him recently on Focus On The Family and was again reminded why I’ve loved him so much. I feel like he’s a friend even though we’ve never met.

    My favorite quote, and focus is:
    You can get everything you want out of life, if you help enough other people get what they want.


    Thank you Zig!

    Harry Urschel

  4. Jason Karpf Says:

    I just signed a new client who was initially impressed that I had recently written an article on Zig Ziglar. My thanks to Zig Ziglar, the Ziglar family and the Ziglar team.

  5. I love Zig Ziglar! He’s the best. For years, I listened to his tapes on goals as I drove to work. I almost memorized his words as he spoke about the “redhead”. I had the opportunity to see him in person when he came to Phoenix with a speaker’s conference. I attended a luncheon where he spoke to a smaller group and I got him to sign one of his books for me. He wrote a Bible passage from Ephesians about being saved by grace and not through works. He’s been such an inspiration to me and I want to thank him for that. My friends lost their son in an auto accident and I shared Zig’s book about his daughter who died with them. It was a great comfort for them to read his words since he had also been through the death of a child. There’s just nobody like Zig Ziglar. May the Lord bless him abundantly.

  6. E Morris Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I love to listen to you speak! I also love to share your quotes. However, one of your quotes caused me a little trouble two years ago. I am a teacher, and my school was having a little morale problem. I had just finished reading a Sanborn book and was inspired to be an encouragement to my co-workers. My husband is a HUGE fan and suggested that I share some simple quotes of yours. I wanted to do this anonymously so I printed several copies of a quote on leadership and placed them strategically in each of the employee restrooms(haha). By the end of the day, my principal had launched a full scale investigation to find the quoter of such offensive material! When I realized what was going on, I discovered that he was the offended by the quote and angry with whoever put it up! After going to him and explaining my intentions, he allowed me to continue my mission. Since then I have shared dozens of your quotes with many fellow teacher and many students. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration and for speaking the TRUTH!

  7. Gueorgui Says:

    Hello Zig,

    I am stopping by tonight to express my grattitude to
    you for the impact you have made in my life.

    After listening to the real life stories you were sharing in “setting goals”, I got so deeply motivated and moved from within to pursue my dreams.

    And ever since that moment life has shown me through my oqn experience the evidence that anything is possible to achieve in life when we get specific and ask the right questions.

    Zig thank you for being an inspiring voice in my life.

    May you continue to be blessed in all the aspects of your life.

    Gueorgui Notchev

  8. I first heard Zig on a tape recording in the 90s when I was in my early 20s and attempting to make a living in network marketing. It was a wonderful education for me, as I got hear the best motivational speakers in the world…my favorite being Zig. My husband also listened and even though we’ve moved on from the NM industry, we still quote Zig from time to time. What comes out of our mouths most is this: whenever one of us says to the other…put it right here, or something having to do with the words “right here”, one of us quickly corrects the other and says, “right CHEER, right now!” and we always have a good chuckle as we remember Zig and his wonderful way of saying things. Thanks for the laughs and for the wondeful sales instruction I was fortunate to learn at such a young age. Blessings to you and your family!

  9. Linnet Woods Says:

    As I sit in the saloon of a schooner, anchored in a sunlit bay, enjoying freedom and contentment, I can recall the first time I heard Zig Ziglar on cassette as though it were yesterday although, in fact, it was almost 30 years ago!

    As I listened to the tapes I had been persuaded to buy, against my better judgement, my irritation at the American accent gradually diminished as, slowly but surely, Zig lifted my spirits, inspired and convinced me that, if anyone could create the life they wanted, why not me.

    If you’re willing to listen to anyone, then make sure you listen to someone who speaks from experience and feeds your dreams whilst those around you may be trying to dismiss or, worse still, crush them!

    Zig Ziglar, although I have never had the privilege of meeting him, is one of the people whom I count as my dearest ‘friends’in that we shared grief over lost children and basic principles for living and he, through his voice, stood by me through thick and thin.

    Zig Ziglar may not have been my only mentor but he has certainly been one of the most important.

    Thanks, Tom, for giving me the opportunity to say so – I never thought I’d get the chance to!

  10. I think I have listened to “Over the Top” more times than it has pages. I have told others about it and they have bought the book for their familys and have said thanks to me. I can only add that I was one of those “Sand dollers” that was lucky enough to have been tossed back , and you have made all the differance in the world to me .Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. I think I have listened to “Over the Top” more times than it has pages. I have told others about it and they have bought the book for their families and have said thanks to me. I can only add that I was one of those “Sand dollers” that was lucky enough to have been tossed back , and you have made all the differance in the world to me .Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  12. Gary Evans Says:

    I was introduced to Zig many many years ago. Zig’s books and tapes have been an inspiration to me. I’ve been a professiona Christian businessman for 30 plus years. I owe a lot of my success to Zig. Let me take just a moment to say “Thank you, Zig”. I still quote Zig because what he said rings true both 30 years ago and today. I don’t believe in retireing because I love the “art of the deal” so much.
    Gary Evans

  13. Bruce Lynn Says:

    I first ran into the Ziglar philosophy in college and how lucky I was. Many of my good friends were in the same frat as Tom and somehow they got involved in running a fundraiser to sell tickets to a Zig event. It was quite interesting to see it in action and I think all the frat boys (by the way not your typical frat) learned some valuable business lessons. I too was lucky enough to overhear many of the conversations and get a taste of the business life. That’s when we started to read the books and listen to the tapes and go to the lectures. Now over 20+ years later we’re still big fans and believe the message is as important as ever. We’re still inspired and still rereading the books and wearing out the cassettes. Thanks for all your kind words, thoughts, and inspirations over the years. They have and they do make a difference.

  14. Jeff Says:

    I have quite a few cassette (yes, those ancient things) tapes with some of Zig’s messages on them. I can’t tell you how many times I listened to them to not only seek godly success, but also to keep me motivated in a world that can be so focused on being negative. Thank you, Zig, for being such a blessing.

  15. Daniel Kao Says:

    “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
    Hey Tom/Zig,

    Here’s an excerpt from one of my recent speeches I made at my Toastmasters club –

    Opening — “I first read this back in middle school when I picked up the sales book, See you at the top, by the legendary sales guru, Zig Ziglar.
    I started my sales career when I was 5. I would go to my aunt’s ice cream shop each morning on Saturday and sell ice cream to customers. For 11 years and throughout much of my childhood, that’s what I would do. I would sell ice cream on hot summer days to locals coming in after seeing a movie at the movie theatre next door.”

    Conclusion —
    In the end, what did it take to sell that dream? Aside from the countless number of hours meeting with each individual and prospect, the long sleepless nights trying to define purposes, and the countless internal struggles, selling that dream meant persevering even in times when you can’t see the road ahead. Selling a dream meant looking past what everybody said about dreaming too big or coming back to reality. Selling a dream meant loving what you do and believing that what you’re selling is something that adds value to people’s lives.
    One week ago, Live Extraordinary launched its first fundraising event to help missionaries who had lost significant funding because of the economy. It was the first dream I ever sold as a salesman.
    In sales, there’s a golden rule we keep. To always uphold integrity and as Zig Ziglar once said,
    “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

    Your dad has really been an inspiration to me.

  16. Tracy Young Says:


    I had the pleasure of hearing you again this week at the Get Motivated Seminar in Hattiesburg, MS.
    You did great. I saw you for the first time last year in Mobile, AL. Your mobility seems to have greatly improved since last year. Your “struggle” with memory loss does not reduce your effectiveness as a great speaker. You were very witty as Julie kindly reminded you that you were repeating yourself. Besides, the things you say are worth repeating over and over again.

    Words are words and most everyone can talk, but they are powerless unless they are spoken from the heart. I appreciate the genuineness you possess. I told my friends as we traveled back to Mobile on Tuesday that Zig was my favorite. The main reason is because I believe you consistently put into practice the things you tell others. Zig, you have truly been an inspiration to me.

    I accepted Christ as my Savior while in my teens, 25 years ago. That was the greatest change that ever occurred in my life. I am so thankful for His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. The Lord has given me the opportunity to teach the teen Sunday School Class at my church. I am endeavoring to teach them the Biblical principles and precepts that will produce Godly character in their hearts and lives on a daily basis. Our youth are not only the church of tomorrow but very much a part of the church, today.

    I want to do my best for Him in every area of my life. I want to hear Him say ,“Well done”, not, you should have done better.

    May we “embrace the struggle” until Jesus Christ returns for His children.

    God Bless You and the Entire Ziglar Family

    Tracy Young

  17. Sam Botta Says:


    My first job beyond working our small farm after school and weekends was at Chick-fil-A. I was shy and still overcoming the feelings that came from formerly being an overweight elementary school kid. My first boss, Gary Soriano, insisted that we listen to tapes of your dad Zig Ziglar as we cleaned the restaurant after closing. This was indeed life changing for me. I especially enjoyed the story of “The Ten Cow Wife” which has always reminded me of the way that my Grandfather, married to my Grandmother for 68 years until she passed away last year, treated her with such kindness… a demonstration of love that so few know. One of Zig Ziglar’s hundreds of phrases that lives with me is this: “So many die with their music still in them.” This led me to not be discouraged when people that love me have warned me to be wiser, not to take the media or acting path, rather to pursue “security” — Your Dad’s words opened my eyes again and again to the child-like faith that I could succeed at what passions were on my heart. I’m thankful that people similar to your dad have seen my drive to help others through the platform the work brought which led to some breaks along the way, and now my goal is sharing what I’ve learned and mentoring others. There are more of us that your dad touched than even you could imagine. As for L.A., most of the people that made it are normal, from small towns far from the TMZ and they would have been considered A-D-D, less likely to succeed, would have scored lower on their SAT… but most had people like your dad that believed in them. He played such a big role in my getting to Dallas in the beginning and the selection of my first Agent who is no longer with us. This is another reason it’s so important that you do this blog now… so he can hear for himself the words from those of us that have enjoyed his voice in our head for most of our lives.

  18. Carole Says:

    Oh my. I have listened to so much Zig material in my lifetime! But a few things have stuck with me.

    One in particular comes to mind every time I think about giving up, or even just slacking off. It was a story about a water pump and how you pump, and pump, and pump before you get any water – but if you stop pumping, the water level drops and you have to start all over again.

    Actually, you should do a book on Zigisms.

    Things like it’s not an alarm clock – its an opportunity clock.

    Or another favorite – self improvement doesn’t last – neither do showers, but I suggest to take one every day – or something to that effect.

  19. Matthew Latimer Says:

    My zig story is short, but meant a lot to me. I recently heard a podcast (not even knowing how it got on there) and some speaker was talking about ‘old charlie sims’ and told a story about hard work and becoming successful. It was funny, to the point, and i said to myself ‘OH MY GOD, HE GETS IT!’ … I kept on listening. It was like a salve on my not-so-successful work life. I do, and always have, worked as hard as I can for every single employer. I have also, always outworked everyone I’ve worked with. Unfortunately, I have without exception always been paid less than colleagues. Zig’s message of consistency in your PUSH, and the idea that I will be noticed and picked up, that I have the power to take my hard work elsewhere, has been very liberating. I have started to look into real estate, I have trained and started doing a second job doing taxes, I’m lining up to put all that hard work to good use FOR MYSELF. Zig, I owe you man.

  20. Daniel Tardy Says:

    My Dad is a wise man. He would always play Zig’s tapes for my two brothers and I when we were riding around in the car as kids. He was constantly reminding us of how powerful our minds are and why it matters so much to pay attention to what we put in our minds.

    In high school I sold newspaper subscriptions door to door and Zig was right there in the car with me the whole time via those tapes.

    One of my most prized possessions is that set of what now are very worn and scratchy cassette tapes that were given to me by my dad…and that were given to him by his dad over 30 years ago!

    Thank you Zig for all you have done to help so many people!

  21. Our management team at recently attended the Get Motivated Business Seminar in Jackson,Mississippi. (Great learning experience)
    Thank you Zig.

  22. […] Twitter.  If you would like to personally thank Zig Ziglar for something, you can go this “Thank You, Zig” post on a blog that Tom set […]

  23. Jean-Marc Boivin Says:

    I first read Zig’s « See you at the top » in the late 70’s. I was a husband of a fantastic wife, a young father of a beautiful son, the product of a “teenage mistake” that both my girlfriend (and after wife) and I decided to raise to the highest standards possible. Since I was raised in a very small village in the province of Quebec (maybe in fact the equivalent of Yazoo City – who knows) the fact that we were getting a child “out of wedlock”, our parents thought it best that “she move to another city”. Her parents knew someone in Toronto and we both decided to move. What a shock that was. Not just the move but the fact that we BOTH moved. Her parents were hoping that I would give up, and vanish into the sunset and that she would give up the child.

    We were struggling – I was going to university (only knowing high school English from a very French speaking small village) during the day and working nights. Things were rough. But we knew we could at least make it. What did I get from “See you at the top”? – Although I am paraphrasing, here are a few tidbits. “You are what you think” – “Your brain is a robot and will do whatever you tell it to do. You chose to give it high standards or low ones, the brain will simply put itself in gear to get there” and of course “You can get whatever you want if you help enough people get what they want”. I was too young then to understand the potential and the full impact of this sentence but it kinda made sense. It sounded like my grand father’s wisdom. And I guess my parents had thought me well, despite the situation I had put myself in.

    Some years later, I bought a set of cassette tapes in a series titled “What the pros say about success”. Along with Zig, came Norman Vincent Peale, Denis Waitley and so many other great speakers. But the one that stood out for me is Zig’s talk about WRITING DOWN YOUR GOALS. “How can you get to where you want if you don’t know where you’re going” he said. Man, that made A LOT OF SENSE to me. I was then an engineer, things were going better but I still felt a sense of lack of direction. I adopted (yes and adapted) Zigs thoughts and ideas and it worked. Man did it work.

    I am now 55 years old. Since 1994, I am self employed as a management consultant specialized in enterprise transformation. I have helped companies like Air Canada, Canada’s department of External affairs, cable TV enterprises, a large North American rail transport company and many others meet their objectives. Zig’s simple, clear thought process has been the cornerstone of MY thought process. Simple, effective, clear and full of images, some funny, some less but always with a sense of direction. Also, I now believe in myself. I’m not the greatest thing since slice bread, but I am pretty good at what I do and I like helping people get what they want.

    I am now a happy grand father of a 3 month old baby and I still have plans, written down plans, for my upcoming retirement. Looking to buy a house in Florida for my old bones, writing a book, and becoming a great photographer (OK people tell me I’m a good photographer so the next step is great right?).

    Tom asks for advice or ideas for those who are looking for a light at the end of a tunnel. First advice: Seek help, from friends, relatives and professionals. Two BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! This is not empty and easy. It’s HARD to shed years of self doubt. Three: Well that’s easy – Read and listen to Zig’s material. Goldmines they are.

    Man I ramble on. In a few words Mr. Ziglar you have directly contributed to changing MY life. DIRECTLY. And I thank you.

    Jean-Marc Boivin
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  24. I first learned about Zig in the early 1980s when I came across a copy of “See You At The Top.” After reading that book, I started listening to Zig’s tapes and reading his other books. One of my favorite stories that he told was about “cutting the ends off the ham” as a lesson not to do something just because it’s always been done that way. I’ve retold that story many times always crediting Zig, of course – but no one can tell the story the way he does.

    Thank you Zig for the inspiration you’ve given me and so many others!

    Tim McLaughlin

  25. Kevin Costllo Says:

    I came into the world of selling in 1986 from a corporate 9-5 job with only the belief that If I could contol my income based on the amount of effort I put into this. My first sales manager told me to read as much as I could, that is when I picked up Secrets of closing the sale, it was the first of several of Zigs books. I have also had the privledge of seeing Zig in person 3 times. I consistently use Zig’s quotes in my sales career and try and pattern my sales career on the philoposphy Zig has. He has been my mentor and the person I have looked up to, to guide me in my carreer, I hope he will get to the Pittsburgh Pa area again soon so I will again have the privledge of hearing him again.
    God Bless and I will see you At the top
    Kevin Costello

  26. I encountered Zig through “See You at the Top” many years ago. I was so impressed that I used the book in a Christian Living class I was teaching to seniors in high school. I can’t tell you how many times a former student will see me and mention something that Zig said. So he impacted my life for the good and many many young people. Since then, I’ve been able to hear Zig at conferences and have always been entertained and motivated. Thank you.
    Rosemary Hatcher

  27. Mr. Ziglar,

    You are such an important part of my life now, I am almost at a loss to let you know how much I have been positively influenced by him. I said almost, since I am a positive influencer I am going to let you know that Zig Ziglar by far is the best salesperson in the world. Not only does he share his stories, you learn with each one he tells.

    My first encounter with Zig Ziglar was when I began my sales career with W. Clement Stone’s direct insurance company. I was fortunate to meet him in person and he told me that I should read Zig Ziglar’s sales material.

    I don’t know what the first book was that I read, however I have been able to really rocket my sales career with Zig’s best book in my opinion, Secrets of Closing The Sale. So much so, that I was the number one salesperson in America for a major mutual fund corporation. I based all of my sales interviews on one principle, helping others to achieve what they wanted in life. Thank you very much Mr. Ziglar.

    My best friend lived in Dallas and a member of Zig’s Sunday School class back in the ’80s and got to know Zig on a personal basis. I was told first hand that he practices all that he talks about and he is not fake at all.

    Zig, I can not tell you how many millions of dollars you are responsible for in my personal sales. Thank you so much and may God Bless You and Keep You always in the palm of his hand.

    Scott Bradley
    Moore, SC

    PS: I had the opportunity to stay at a hotel in Yazoo City, Mississippi the other week and I kept looking for that country club pool, however I never found it.

  28. More than 30 years ago at an Amway Convention, I heard Zig Ziglar speak for the first time. I have never forgotten the words of wisdom he imparted. The impact on my life has been immeasurable. The book, “Room at the Top” was and is a timeless masterpiece. My children benefitted because I passed on the positive motivation I received from the tapes and books to them. As a result they became goal oriented. The major lesson learned from my exposure to the great Zig Ziglar is “Failure is not an Option”. Thanks to Mr. Ziglar for the countless lives he has impacted.

  29. Kevin Ward Says:

    I first listened to “See you at the top” in the late 80’s while in college. I truly believe that Zig’s teaching changed the course of my life. One of my goals in life is to meet Zig and talk to him so I can tell him face to face how much I appreciate him. He is a Saint!

    Kevin Ward
    Murfreesboro, TN

  30. I am always reading and learning. As I have been building my new business I hit a wall that really surprised me! I needed help. One day Zig was on a show I was watching and I just loved him. I went to the website, started watching his DVD’s, reading and NOW I feel like I am beginning to grow in a way professionally that I have NEVER experienced. I am learning what my “walk” with God and success are and healing old ways of living and thinking.

    I would love to say I am done, but I am only beginning. I need to hear what Zig has to say. The fact that he comes from his spiritual walk is the great part of the gift for me. I struggle with bringing my spiritual walk and success together.

    I am working on that today and with the help of Zig Ziglar I look forward to healing a very hurt area of my life.

    Thank you Sir for all your hard work. You DO make a difference.

    God Bless you,
    Rita Gazzaniga
    Los Angeles

  31. Sumner M. Davenport Says:

    We always remember our first – our first kiss, our first love, our first big adventure… and Zig was the first person outside of my grandfather, who although standing in front of a crowd, spoke directly to me and encouraged me to go for my dreams. In my early 20’s at that time, I found his delivery a bit corny, but so captivating at the same time.

    I read “See You at The Top” twice before I could make the commitment to stop being a wandering generality.

    In the early 1970’s I attended every event in San Diego where Zig was speaking. One particular event, I sat in the second row mesmerized as he moved back and forth across the stage making solid points through his clever storytelling.

    I paraphrase something he said from that stage: “If you come to me and tell me that you had a warm feeling after hearing me speak, then I have not accomplished my goal. You can get a warm feeling from taking a bath. On the other hand if you tell me how my words helped you to take action and make changes in your life, then we both succeed.” Zig consistently said and is known today by his quote “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

    During a break he left the stage to meet with the audience. I stood in the crowd anxiously waiting my opportunity to tell him how his words had changed my way of thinking. I wanted to tell him how many changes had taken place in my life since first hearing him speak and applying what I read in “See You at the Top” I was setting, achieving and surpassing my goals, I was happier than I could remember myself being in the past, I was growing more successfully as an entrepreneur, I was making more “soft warm cash” than I ever had, I was working with amazing people and I was learning more about myself everyday in the process.

    Finally it was my turn to shake his hand. As I looked at him ready to speak, I saw that he was looking AT me, into my eyes; He was really ready to HEAR what I had to say. It wasn’t his ego looking for a compliment, Zig was remarkably humble. I felt his genuine interest in ME. That was powerful – to be HEARD by a man who I admired. I broke into tears, and tried to blubber my gratitude. Zig listened and he encouraged me further. It was then that I really knew that his presentations were more than mere words, or just a job – Zig was real, he honestly cared about the people he was talking with.

    My life has had its series of ups and downs, twists and turns and Zig’s words continue to echo in my mind. His inspiration has added fuel to my success and they have helped me through my dark moments. When I start to be complain about how bad something is, I hear Zig’s voice talk about stinkin’ thinkin’, the hardening of my attitudes and I then know it’s time to conduct a “Check up from the Neck up”.

    Over the years I wore out every audio tape Zig made available telling me about getting cooked in the squat, training fleas, boiling frogs and more. I have learned to embrace and correct my procrastination with my “round TUIT”. I have learned to question first before cutting off the end of my ham. I wore out more than one cassette of the positive songs after hearing Zig talk about the influences of music.

    I believe that if someone is looking for direction on how to reach their dreams, reading “See You at The Top” would be a perfect place to start. If having a difficult day, then a Zig video or audio can be a great boost of energy and renewed enthusiasm. On some days a Ziglar quote can be all I need to remind me “don’t let the mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct my future.”

    I have so many favorite Ziglarisms and I use them often in my business. Each time I do, I give credit to Zig for those powerful words. I want people to know about this amazing person who as assisted me in blazing the trail of my life.

    Zig is a genuine example of someone who lives their purpose with passion and undeniable integrity.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude, and even now with good tears.

  32. Anne Says:

    “Zig” is more than 3 unforgettable letters. “Zig” is the symbol of a man who shares more than he is. While Zig has been an awesome professional author, speaker, and businessman for years, he didn’t have to be a Christian. When Zig went into the business of motivation, he found the Ultimate source of endless motivation, The Lord, and rather than hide it or fear what others may think, Zig, in true emulation of the Master, shared the message of Hope powered by unselfish love for others. It isn’t a piece of cake to be in the public eye and not give sway to the accolades, the public opinions, or the money. Zig walks the talk and is a steady, yet humble, lighthouse for all. Two little words “thank you” hardly seem enough, so how about 3 big words for Zig: “WE LOVE YOU!”

  33. Christian Says:

    Ziglar got me started in my career. It was because of his hard work and devotion to his own career, that I was able to get through the turbulent first years of my sales career. Many, many owe him a debt of gratitude. I know I do.

  34. Brad Heck Says:

    Thank you Zig for doing what you do. I invited key people from my circles in life to your seminar in Minneapolis in 2007. A few of them really woke up to your attitude and now, we are a solid and committed team of people improving our lives by helping others improve theirs. You could sell any product you want, make a living in any number of ways, but you chose the path of helping others get everything they want out of life, by just helping other people get what they want. I am planning a trip to meet you this summer in person if only for 15 minutes. I hope we do get the chance to meet.

    Brad Heck
    CEO/Mirror Media LLC
    CFO/Brad Heck Inc.

  35. Chris Says:

    My first introduction to Zig was back in the early 1980s, and I have been a fan every since. But, your influence goes back even further than that. You see, my father also considers Zig a major influence in his life too.

    My current job allowed to recently meet Zig’s son, Tom and others from his team, and that was a real pleasure as well. One of my favorite stories is when the two of you are on the golf course. Zig is about to go for the winning put when he asks if Tom is rooting for him to make the put. To which Tom replies (and I always cry thinking about it), “Dad, I am ALWAYS for you.”

    Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and direction to get to the top.

  36. Dear Zig,

    You are truly a blessing. Thank you for being there, for providing inspiration, and guidance to me and so many others.

    I wish our nation’s leaders had the up beat, “can do” attitude that you have, but since they don’t (or at least most do not), I’m grateful that you are here providing us with the positive guidance that will allow any of us, no matter what we are facing, to make it “over the top!”

    Patrick Murdock
    Clayton, NC

  37. Jan Dillaha Says:

    Mr Ziglar you are a national treasure.

    I have been listening/reading your work for most of my adult life. I always learn something new and have been challenged to work outside of my comfort zone.

    Thanks so much for being so generous with your time and talents.

  38. Mike Silva Says:

    Impact for life is what Zig’s thought and comments do for others. The wisdom and encouragement of his words are of value in both good times and tough times. I share his comments with many friends so that they too can be impacted and encouraged. Thanks so much for being the inspiration that you are.

  39. I first learned about Zig after I joined Mary Kay cosmetics six years ago – at first, I couldn’t get past an unusual name and a really strong southern accent. I couldn’t even hear what he was saying on the tapes my sales director gave me….then all of a sudden, something clicked and I started finding myself using my automobile university every time I was in the car. Zig-isms started coming from my mouth – and truly, the success I was desiring came into my life.

    Now four free cars later, I live with Zig’s podcasts every week and tell all of my consultants to grab his books and CD’s. He is the voice of postive motivation and the beginning of the entire Self-help movement. He is a lovely antitodote to CNN!!

  40. Zig:
    It has been leaders like yourself who are sharing their thoughts and inspiration to others to help make a difference. As I started on my leadership journey many years ago, I reflected on your quote to help propel me forward: What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.– Zig Ziglar
    This quote has resonated with me as I challenge myself daily as a leader to provide inspiration, share knowledge on benefits of personal growth and development and to continuing to influence the development of collaborative leadership with global leaders and project managers.

    ~Naomi Caietti
    Sacramento, California

  41. Dave Everts Says:

    Zig, I have been listening to you and reading your books since the late 1970’s. In the early ’90’s we invited you to speak to our association at a convention and trade show in Dallas. Early the morning before your presentation, you graciously agreed to have breakfast with the sponsors of the event. It was a mountaintop experience that I will always remember. Thank you for sharing your gift to articulate the great truths and wisdom with which you have been blessed.

    All the best,

    Dave Everts

  42. One very popular and excellent quote by Zig sums up his approach to a better you — “To respond is positive, to react is negative.”

    It’s easy to understand and easier to apply in your life once you start following his philosophy of positive thinking. Zig has a way communicating clearly to the masses unlike most that speaks to our mind and soul. This is how he has touched me and forever will have a positive influence in most everything I do as a businessman.

    To those of you who have also been touched by Zig should do all you can to keep his message alive for the ages so that many others can experience a more fulfilling life. See you at the top Zig!

  43. I have been a fan since the mid-70s! That was the first time I heard the incredible Zig Ziglar! My sales and marketing philosophy, in fact my goal setting and management philosophies, were shaped by your seminars and I didn’t miss one if it was any where near Cleveland!

    Thanks Sir! For a lifetime of service!


  44. Warren Says:

    Recently on Twitter, Zig and his son Tom posed a question that released my imagination. “How many of your mentors are pictured on the walls of your house?” they asked. I counted 14, but many more were missing. When I told Zig and Tom, they suggested that I contact those other mentors, ask them for a photo, and thank them. Now, I can’t wait to see what this journey has in store!

  45. Alan Risener Says:


    I’m just one of the hundreds of thousands who have had the honor of sitting at your feet and learning from you. I first saw you almost 35 years ago. It was the first time I saw that chrome covered pump you used. A week or so later, I brought my entire sales staff to one of your “all day and part of the night” sales training events. Since then, I have used your material in all aspects of my life. From See You At The Top to your incredible sales books, I have continued to learn.

    I just had to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You are indeed one of a kind. I wish you Godspeed and continued health and joy!

  46. Rochelle Says:


    What a blessing it was to participate in the Zig Ziglar Servant Leadership Award event.

    Recently I reconnected with an old high school teacher who used to listen to this guy named Zig Ziglar! We loved this teacher and thus we all listened to Zig to understand and Meet You At the Top became part of our mantra – on a daily basis! So when I told him I went to the same church as Zig, you can imagine his envy.

    Nine years ago, not by choice, thrown into raising four kids by myself, God placed us in the Plano area and we started attending Prestonwood. What a blessing this church was to us and then to realize there was a Christian school.

    By the grace of God, he has allowed my oldest to graduate from PCA, the next is graduating this year, and the other two are following right along. All this is possible through Sponsor-A-Child. When I sat and spoke to the headmaster I didn’t want the school to raise my kids, I’m perfectly capable of that, but wanted that third cord – along with their home and their church.

    I say all that to say this – THANK YOU for allowing PCA to use your great name and reputation to help children attend and be part of Kingdom Education. Funny, all those years ago, sort of making fun of this teacher, I had no idea I would be thanking Zig himself! We have no idea in this moment what the words we say and the actions we take will mean to someone in the future.

    Blessings to you and your precious family!

  47. Matt Gray Says:


    I have seen you at least 4 times and loved every minute of it! I first saw you around 1985 when I was starting a job selling copiers. I bought Secrets of Closing the Sale tapes and absolutely wore them out. I love your presentation style! Most of all I love your testimony for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thanks for selling integrity, and hardwork. I am praying for you and your full healing!

  48. Amy Renee Armstrong Says:

    I am thankful to have the opportunity to let you know Mr. Zig Ziglar, what a blessing you are. I have never met you, however, you are a very important person to me. You have inspired me to live life on purpose, to utilize the rest of my life=time pursuing God’s will for me to serving and love others. I consider your sage wisdom though any source (books, audio, video and now on twitter though your Son Tom :0)) a valuable asset to my life and living. In my heart, you are a precious part of my family; in Christ we are related. May God bless you with His very best forever more! You are a blessing indeed. Sincerely Amy Renee Armstrong

  49. Hi Zig:

    Just want to say I enjoy the quote on twitter from your son. They are timeless snippets of common sense and kindness. These are so needed in these times. Keep on keepin on!

  50. Nancy Curdy Says:

    Zig, I used to listen to you in the early ’80s during my intrepid “Amway” years…I have just become a “follower” of Dave Ramsey’s plan and became re-introduced to you through him. I just re-read your quote “..if we don’t start, its certain that we can’t arrive” How timely!!! I’m serving as a powerfully praying Mom as I encourage my 25 year old son to keep jumping over the hurdles necessary to get back in school, get on a career track, and ignore the discouraging things, think of them as another adventure towards the goal…its working! And I look forward to sharing your words of profound wisdom with him on his journey…thank you for your Servant’s Heart!

  51. The first mention of Zig Ziglar was from my father in law a great man named James R Green from Northern VA who’d had the privilege of hearing him and readying all the could get his hands on. He also recommended Charles Tremendous Jones which were good as well, but my personal favorite is Zig Ziglar.

    A few years later Zig Ziglar was one of the main speakers at an Amway convention up in Portland Maine about 30 years ago and I can still remember the power of his words within each quote.

    The presence of a man who loves Jesus Christ and shares the wisdom they’ve gained with others is special. The fact that it’s experiential, motivational, and relational combined it stimulates the mind, activates the body and strengthens the resolve.

    Reading the books you’ve written have helped in business, later in ministry, and now in business again. Though my success isn’t measured monetarily or it’d be mediocre the sharing with family, friends, and in ministry has impacted peoples lives.
    One of my sons has a successful consulting company and he may not even remember a quote that he’s heard from me. Perhaps he never made it through one of the books, but I believe that some of his success is from the quotes and directions through the years. Not because of me, but despite of me. :)) Thanks for open up this communication venue Tom

  52. Success Seminar 1995. Pontiac, Michigan. I was 25 at the time. My Dad had just led me to the Lord about a week prior to this event. I was a new Christian still filled with anxiety, fear, confusion and lies from my past. I remember when my Dad asked me to go with him how hesitant I was however just the thought that I could “succeed” at anything at that time in my life helped me get my shoes tied.

    I had never been to an event like this. The people there seemed so different to me. Most were smiling and energetic. I on the other hand had my arms crossed and was filled with skepticism.

    The seminar started and I heard one speaker after another talk about various topics on success. I enjoyed what I was hearing but wasn’t about to admit it. As the day went on I slowly began my decent out of a mode of resistance. Well you might be able to guess what broke the camel’s back.

    Enter Zig Ziglar. I couldn’t really see his face as we were seated way high up in the nosebleeds of the conference center. But it certainly did not matter because the voice, energy, stage presence and content of Zig’s message way overcompensated for anything that I couldn’t experience visually.

    I will never forget the “prime the pump” story. How simple, profound and life changing for me. What a fabulous illustration of faith and perseverance. I caved in. I realized that what this man was telling me was truth. That the way I thought life worked was completely false. (and what a relief it was for me to discover it.) I went out and bought whatever cassette tapes I could afford to hear more. I played those tapes over and over again until I could quote them verbatim. I realized what a mess my mind was in.

    Stinkin Thinkin. Check.
    PLOM Syndrome. Check. (PLOM = Poor Little Old Me)
    Bad attitude. Double Check.

    What an amazing wake up call for me.

    The plot thickens. September 29th 1995, I acted on my goal to move from Canada to Florida. I jumped in a car that was everything but road worthy. About all I had was $1100 that I had saved over a 4 month period, Zig Tapes in hand and a dream to start over somewhere sunny.

    I barely made it to Florida. The fumes from my exhaust coming through the floorboards were trying to kill me. Thankfully I stayed conscious by blasting Zig’s positive thoughts via bad stereo and drove with my head out the window most of the way Ace Ventura style. The good news was that I made it to Florida and within a week was able to sell the car to a junkyard for $75. Woo hoo….victory!!

    Well needless to say, it was a pretty steep climb from where I was in life to where I desired to be however I was full of enthusiasm and faith to go the distance.

    I secured a job and worked my way up into a sales management position in a chain of health clubs over a time frame of about 18 months. I had done a good enough job that I was asked if I would relocate to another city and take over a struggling club. I remember asking where that might be and the answer I got back from the Vice President sounded like “Plain old Texas”. I couldn’t help but want to know more and asked , “Well where in Plain Old Texas will I be going specifically.” He paused for a moment and then let out a boisterous laugh and said ” Chris you big dummy..that is the name of the city in Texas. Plano not Plain Old. HAHAHAHA”

    After pulling my head out of the sand, I graciously accepted the position and relocated to “Plano”, Texas.
    I had taken over a sales team that was dead last in the country for health club membership sales. My task ahead of me was great but once again trusted in God and backed by the wisdom of Zig took on the challenge. I trained my staff everyday on the principles I had learned from his teachings. It wasn’t long before something miraculous happened. I saw a fragmented, depressed group of fitness consultants begin to turn around and believe that they were winners. We went from worst to first in about 180 days in new membership sales. Wow, what a feeling of accomplishment. The monetary success was great but I was even more excited about what was happening in the lives of my team. They were full of life, encouraged and working as one like never before. I know for a fact this was all a direct effect of the learning’s acquired from Zig’s materials.

    See post 2 Cont’d

  53. Post 2 cont’d

    Here is where life can throw you an amazing twist. One day I was sitting in my office at the gym when one of my team mates came in and said, “Chris, you may want to show this particular man around the gym.” Naturally I asked him why and he stated ” I know you won’t believe me but Zig Ziglar is sitting in the lobby” I laughed for a minute and then immediately froze because I knew that he was telling the truth based on the look on his face. After a mild panic attack I mustered up all the confidence that I could and walked out to greet my hero.

    I couldn’t believe it…the first time I saw this man I was so high up in the nosebleed section that I couldn’t see his face. Now I was so close to him that I could see if HIS nose was bleeding.I nervously sat in front of him and began to ask him about how we might be able to help him with his physical fitness needs. I really can’t remember much of what he said. I was too busy trying to focus on keeping my cool. I was terrified I might fall at his feet and start wailing how unworthy I was to be in his presence. Thankfully, I made it through the tour and sat down to discuss two different pricing options with him to join the club. I played it as cool as I could using all the Zig techniques I knew in hopes that of all the people in the world there was to sell something to, that I had the honor of selling something to Zig Ziglar himself. I was in mid presentation when I was politely interrupted by Zig in his unmistakable Texas drawl saying “Chris, you know who I am, don’t yooooou???”

    I said “Yes, Mr. Ziglar. I have been a fan for years.” He then said, “Son, which of these two plans do you make the most commission on?”

    I shared with him which one was in my best interest and then he looked at me with a huge Texan grin and said ” Wellllll, I think we should do that one don’t yooooou?”

    You can not imagine how I felt. What a moment. I sold something to ZIG ZIGLAR !!!

    What was even more of a privilege was that for the next year, Zig became my friend. I had the honor of going to hear him speak every Sunday at Prestonwood Church, met his Wife and his Son and worked out with him on a regular basis at our gym. We often went to lunch at Lubi’s and I even had a chance to share my testimony in his home to some new members of the church.

    Zig’s kindness, example, information and encouragement helps me and countless others with all of life’s ups and downs. I am ever so grateful that God put a man like him in our lives and even more grateful that Zig answered the call of God on his own. My hope and prayer is that his message would extend far beyond my generation and impact the lives of the next with his timeless wisdom.

    To Your Success,

    Chris Patterson

  54. Rory Vaden Says:

    Dear Zig,

    You may not remember me but I had dinner with you and your wife a couple summers ago at the National Speakers Association convention. I was 23 yrs old at the time and getting ready to compete at the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. The topic of my speech was Faith and you shared with me that I should hold nothing back in terms of my beliefs in Christ and just lay it out there. I did – just as you told me to, and I continue to do so now as my speaking career has grown quite dramatically.

    I did lose that year at the World Championships but made it back again the following year and that time I…well I lost again, but I lost better! 🙂 I placed 2nd in the world in 2007. At dinner you also shared some insights with me about the seminar industry as I had started a public seminar company called Success Starts Now!™. That company has grown into a multi-million dollar business with about 30 employees and we’ve done 22 events around the country with 600-1000 people at them. Your encouragement, advice, and support in such a short time at dinner left a deep long-lasting mark on my life.

    Now most people know me as the leader of The Take The Stairs World Tour. “Take The Stairs” is the title of my new book coming out and the world tour has people from over 15 countries who have made a public commitment to lead more disciplined lives and who take the stairs as a physical reminder of that decision. Dr. Oz from Oprah Radio had me on his show in NY last week to share some insights about self-discipline. On my way to the show I sent out a quote on Twitter from someone you may recognize that said “the elevator to success is broken – you have to take the stairs.” Of course it’s from you and because of the thousands of people who are now following and participating in my Take The Stairs journey the quote got a lot of attention right away. In fact your son Tom was referred to me by one of my followers which is how I am connecting with you now.

    Your life and your work has had a dramatic impact on my attitude about the world and this profession. Now I am traveling all over the globe speaking to much larger audiences and at 26 years old I dream that maybe one day I will have impacted a few people the way you have impacted so many. I sometimes feel like I’m following in your “footsteps” too because like you I sold door to door (books for The Southwestern Company who Mort Utley and Charlie Jones were big supporters of), now I do big public seminars with Success Starts Now!, and of course my whole business is built around this one concept of taking the stairs and doing what others aren’t willing to do. Heck, I even have my very own “red-head” named Amanda who has been with me for years already.

    One thing that Amanda and I have adopted from you is that I call her at least 3x a day when I’m on the road – just like you told me to. And we’re together at our home church every Sunday – just like you told me to. It’d be my honor to share the stage with you one day or maybe include you in my “Take The Stairs” book but more importantly than that I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve meant to me in my business, my personal life, my attitude, and my Faith! I love you and hope to somehow, someway cross your path again soon. And I hope your beloved “red-head” is doing fantastic!

    See you in the stairwell,

  55. stephen Says:

    zig between you and jim rohn i have started to see real deriction in my life

  56. Zig Ziglar, thanks to you, I finally know the best
    way to answer “Are you saved” without being told
    I have to do something extra.

    My family and I enjoyed listening to your insightful
    stories at the Get Motivated seminar in Columbia, SC.
    We also received a free ‘Get Motivated’ CD. I played
    my CD a few days later while I was driving. And there
    in midst of your inspiring stories was the best way
    for me to answer “Are you saved” without being told I
    have to do something extra as if I needed to earn
    “brownie points”.

    Thanks for making such a significant and positive
    difference in our lives. God bless you and your
    family. -anita cullum mccants

  57. Mr Ziglar – you have been an inspiration to me ever since I read the book “See YOU at the Top!” I still have my dog eared copy since 1980 and I re-visit your quotes often.

    Thank you for the years of inspiration and positive messages. We need more Zig Ziglars in the world!

    Warm regards,
    Vicki Z. Lauter

  58. Hi Zig,

    Thought I would say hi again. We met curing the Presidential primary. I was (still am) campaigning for Mike Huckabee. Thank you for who you are.

  59. Marty Porter Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar –

    I don’t even remember the first time I was introduced to your work. Probably when I first started trying to take charge of my own financial outcome some 8 years ago. I’m not successful yet, lots of mind to overcome, but you are the inspiration. I listen to and read so many, but you stand out in the crowd because of your faith in Christ. It beats the ‘poor’ Christian mentality. I’m not knocking one down to lift you up, just that’s how I see it – for me.

    I haven’t overcome the mediocre mentality, but you sure have helped me work thru some things, both personal and business.

    I appreciate your work and was so surprised, yet, excited to see your son following in your footsteps to keep the legacy alive.

    Thank you for the many inspirations and tell your wife, she is one very lucky woman.

  60. lew & Betty Thomas Says:

    mr Zigler,

    Many years ago, my wife and I met you at a seminar in NC and you signed a copy of your book “See You at the Top”. In moving around the country several times it got misplaced much to our regret.

    A couple of days ago it reappeared when my wife opened a long ago forgotten box stored in our garage,
    You can’t imagine how much that met to us as we considered the book a link to you.

    The book has been read many times and brings us great joy each time we read it.

    God Bless & thanks.
    Lew & Betty Thomas

  61. John Michael Says:

    For years early in my career-life I was a technologist. When I made the leap into sales, I was given an Earl Nightingales’ “The Strangest Secret” tape to listen while I drove.

    I later discovered through Nightingale-Conant many of your works & words of encouragement & advice. Spaced repetition – listening & reading of those helped me overcome and become the top sales person at a startup in Connecticut – my record has never been surpassed still ’til this day at that company!

    Now I’m on my own, an entrepreneur, and your words continue to provide me the encouragement and insight to continue climbing that hill and achieving.

    Thank you for what you’ve done and continue to do!


    John Michael Kupik
    Photography by John Michael
    A military heraldry, historian who enhances what I offer with unique photography.

    “Preserving the memories so others will remember…” ™

  62. I worked for a Fortune 100 company and was invited to a Leadership Development seminar. I didn’t know what to expect… Zig Ziglar spoke about “How we are all endowed with seeds of greatness” etc..This gave me the courage to pursue my dream and I continue to utilize his tools and quotes to empower myself. Great Stuff!!

  63. My first exposure to Zig Ziglar was when my parents got divorced in 1978, and my dad gave me a copy of See You At The Top. I was only 10 years old so the advice in there didn’t make a lot of sense at the time, but it was all so positive and just the fact that my dad gave it to me gave it special meaning. I will have to buy it again as an adult so i can take advantage of the advice within!

  64. Zig,

    Thank you so much. I have learned many important lessons relating to attitude from reading your books and listening to you speak.

    I still remember the story you told about the pots and pans salesman who didn’t own a set of the pans he was selling. A very important lesson, indeed. You cannot genuinely praise what you do not know intimately! This is true throughout life, especially spiritually.

    Thank you Zig.

  65. Jean McIver Says:

    I vividly remember the day our daughter came home from school very excited about being introduced to See You at the Top. It changed not only her outlook on life, but everyone with whom she came in contact. Thanks for leaving a permanent positive imprint on so many lives.

  66. Zig,

    Here’s how you have impacted my life: Because of you, I am constantly reminded to be positive. Not long ago, I was feeling a little down and I picked up “Something to Smile About”. Before too long I was smiling!

    You have raised some wonderful children, and a great organization. Tom and Julie are super people, as well as Margaret and Laurie and the rest of the staff that I have met.

    It is a honor to serve as an “Attitude Ambassador” with you.

  67. Shinta Arifin Says:

    Thanks! many thanks for your word, it is awake me up, to keep me consistent, positive and energizing.

  68. Rob Fontano Says:

    When Tom emailed me telling me that I could actually leave you a message here and that you would read it, I suddenly became tongue tied. Back in the 80’s I was selling time shares and a sales manager used to say “If you can’t afford to go see Zig Ziglar, Then you had better go see Zig Ziglar!” Since then I have been a fan. I still read your books and listen to your c.d.s and teach your closes to sales people.

    Your philosephy on selling is not only timeless but even more relevant now. What the world needs right now is a million highly motivated sales people!

    Thank you for all of the inspiration that you have given me.

  69. Thirty years ago as a new insurance salesman I found this amazing philosophy which changed my life – “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”!

    See You at the Top!

    Enough said!

  70. Mr. Ziglar, You will be proud to know it’s actually Tom who is directly influencing me by distributing your teachings. I have some old cassette tapes too, but these days it’s a morning walk, after time with God, with the Ziglar podcast. I have also found that the philosophy and many of the honest sales techniques translate into genuinely leading people as a Pastor and church starter (which I am now, near the Ft. Hood military base). I want to be a very positive person and that’s why I started listening. I’ve gotten so much more in terms of being inspired toward a greater more joyful relationship with God. Sounds trite, but I sincerely mean it. Most of all, thank you for recording these talks in print and sound so that I can share these principles with my four boys long after you and I have left this life to our reward.

  71. It was November 10, 1994 and you were speaking at the Convention Center in St. Louis as part of the Peter Lowe Success Sessions. You were the first speaker of the day and you just touched my spirit in an amazing way. Your presentation was inspirational and spiritual – at the same time – and I wasn’t prepared for how it would speak to me. After your presentation, I had the privilige of meeting you at the book signing table and you autographed a copy of “The Performance Planner” for me. I have kept it on my desk ever since. You also put in a scripture reference – Ephesians 2:8-9 to remind me that we have been saved by Grace and not by works! Your humble spirit is amazing. Thank you for all that you do!

  72. Mr. Zig Ziglar,

    “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

    This quote has been a “guiding star” in my life.
    When i started acting on it my life came into balance.I can´t even begein to tell you all of the blessings it has brought me.

    I got a wife,(kids on the way) friends, a downtown appartment, job, money, clothes from factory owners,technology, etc etc…And i didnt even do anything special or pray … or something like that. it just CAME to me.

    Awesome, praise God! 😀
    And this… all because i started living the “help others lifestyle”

    Your faith in Jesus has always been a good rolemodel to me. I am blessed by you.

    In Christ,
    Johannes Fridenström
    Uppsala, Sweden.

    Ps. I would love to meet you on “this side of heaven” In heaven i must wait like a 1000000 years in the “thank you line”

    PS PS Send my regards to Tom also for making this possible.

  73. Ronald Beach Says:

    Over 30 yrs ago I was a very depressed husband and father, being laid off from my factory job. My in-laws bought me one of your “See You At the Top”program to help. No only did you help pull me through a rough time, you gave me a path to follow for the rest of my life as I progressed from an electronic technician to that of Director of US Manufacturing, with an organization of 500 people. Being positive, and striving to be a good person, has become my foundation. You tapes were still with me when I went back to college at 40 yrs of age. My bachelor degree took me 22 years (no one ever said Marines were speedy, just persistent), my MS took 6 years and I just completed my PhD after 7 years. Now I teach management and leadership to some outstanding students based largely on the philosophy you taught me. People do wonder why I have a red water pump in my office. People think it is as a representation of where I have come from (a small two room school in Arizona) but thanks to your story, it has been in my office for over 25 years to remind me the value of patience in leadership.

    I can not express my appreciation enough and wish you the very best.

    Ronald Beach, PhD

  74. MoneyEnergy Says:

    Yes, who knew, this is one thing the internet and especially Twitter are great for – imagine being able to talk to your favorite role models from childhood, etc. when (for me!) there was nothing like the internet and the gap between the average person and the “stars” we loved was so huge…. not necessarily anymore…. it’s amazing. Glad to connect with you over Twitter. Thanks Zig for all your hard work and committment.

  75. Michaelkpoh Says:

    I am grateful for this opportunity to pay tribute to a Living Legend.’ Zig Ziglar has spent his life improving the lives of others.

    I was impacted greatly by his audio CD on Goals. It was & is great listening to them. I have passed them on to others who have also found them & Zig to be instrumental in their development.

    Writing this comment to Zig, whilst he is still alive, is testimony to his work & words. Zig encourages us to belive, set goals, work towards them and have no fear of failure. It would have been impossible for me to have even thought I would get an opportunity to write a comment to Zig. Before listening to his audio cd’s I might have thought it impossible for an opportunity like this to come my way.

    I listened to Zig, believed and still working towards my goals of advancing my life & becoming successful. The point is I would not have even ‘dared’ or thought it possible to get an opportunity to make public comments about & to Zig. It is proof that if we believe, set goals, have an objective in mind & persevere, all things are possible, especially with God.

    God Bless Zig & his family.

  76. Krish Dhanam Says:

    Dearest Mr. Z.

    After perusing through the comments from a global community of beneficiaries I realize that I am not the only one whose life has been altered at the crossroads of your advice. However I do want the world to know that you are the real deal. I have had the privelge and honor of being at the back of the rooom completing the transactions when people flocked to get your book, acquire your autograph and seek your blessing. I have sat beside you on many ocassions when you gave a tender word of comfort to a flight attendant who was hurting in her relationship. I have also stood with you in long lines at airports when you would greet the veterans and thank them for their service.

    Much has been said about your enduring legacy and much will and should be written about your lasting imprint on humanity. However let it also be said that you are the most kind, genuine and perfect example of grace, humilty and love. Thank you for showing us how to honor God, love our families and serve our country with dignity and poise.

    A grateful student.

    Krish Dhanam

  77. Nigel J Wall Says:

    Zig, You are indeed an inspiration and have been central to much of my learning from both a personal leadrship and sales perspective. It has served me well, both as an employee and, for the last 10 years, as an entrepreneur!

    My first book, Ask Leadership, was published last November with the foreword written by Paul J Meyer. It inspired me to start the company and to write a leader guide for the book so it can be facilitated by others and thus I can faster work towards my vision of “A world of leaders developing leaders”.

    I am a passionate goal setter and PJM and LMI taught me the value of that. This has served me faithfully…

    “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

    Ah, what great words!

    Thanks again Zig

    Nigel J Wall
    Ask Leadership

  78. maddy0874 Says:

    Mr. Ziglar, thank you for making such an incredible impact in my life.

    I was a very messed up teenager that had several brushes with the law and very few friends. That was until I was exposed the “Self-Help” industry and my life has been better every day since.

    Your program on “Goals” was the first piece of self-help material I ever listened to and I would not even be able to guess the number of times that tape has been played. I still have it, although I don’t own a tape player anymore and have subsequently bought it on mp3 as well. You made it so fun to learn and you where hilarious to top it off, which is what got me hooked. I loved the “Blindfolded Howard Hill story”. It really taught me to keep focused on where I was going.

    I should tell you, I asked for and received tickets to your seminar in Winnipeg for my 16th birthday. My mom took me and we were front row centre. You were there with Peter Lowe and I think David Chilton. That would have been 1990.

    I just wanted to let you know as well, I was diagnosed with Cancer when I was 26 and it was because of the self-help industry that I made it through. In fact, one of my doctors told me after, “It was nothing but your attitude that saved you”.

    I owe that to you.

    I definitely remember all the stories of “hardening of the attitudes” and “judging your day by the weather”. Those stories have stayed with me my whole life and are very much a part of the way I live now.

    Since, I have now written a book and help people live with more confidence and enable them get more out of life.

    I thank you with all my heart for starting me down this path.

    Your truly,
    Michael Madison
    Madison Inspiration Inc.

  79. Bill Farnum Says:


    I have met you on a couple of occasions, but I am sure you would not remember. I have been listening to you on record, cassette, cd, and in person for over 30 years. You taught me that I could decide to have a great day regardless of what life was dealing me at the time. Never judge the day by the weather. You always gave me a “checkup from the neckup” at just the time I needed it most. I listened to your tapes intently as I was seeking promotion at the Fire Department and every time it helped me get the job. One of the best compliments I ever received was after an oral interview and someone said I sounded just like that “Ziglar guy”. Seems that some of it must have rubbed off. Thanks.

    The most help you have given me over the years is the example you set. I could alway believe what you said because your life proved that what you said was true. You taught me to set the example for my children, then I didn’t have to set the rules. I sure have gotten a lot of mileage out of your “sentence sermons”.

    I don’t suppose that we will meet again this side of Jordan, but we certainly will have some time together on the other side, brother.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


  80. Ayham Says:

    Dear Zig

    It’s nice to network with you and Tom. Well, I got a story to share with you briefly.

    After 10 years in advertising WITH NO PLANNING OR AMBITION AT ALL, lately reporting a non helpful boss at all, no promises to grow or at least fake promises… I came across something I never heard of before that is called “Self development” when I got an unwanted gift from my wife’s boss which was an audio album of an unknown Arabic personal coach talking about goals, motivation, positiveness, health… Well, I’m a very slow reader but audio was very convenient to me, so it RUNG A BELL to do something. so I search on google and found that it’s exactly what I needed.

    I bough some audiobooks and audio lectures and started utilizing my daily 3 hours of driving listening to YOU and others carefully and learned a lot from. To be frank, as an Arabic speaker with, I never heard of such words like “entrepreneur” and “motivation” and hardly knew them even in Arabic.

    So after 18 month of listening to many audio books of many speakers, I have now set up my list of goals, learned photography as my next career and I was planning to quit my job and start freelancing as a photographer by first quarter of 2009, but I was laid off exactly as per my plan. By the way, “officially” I was laid off because of the financial crisis but I’m sure that it was not the reason since I was the least paid in the studio but it was a “very typical management decision” and I new much more than anyone around even my new boss who was a carbon copy of the previous one.

    Anyways, I was very glad to that decision unlike to my wife who was worried about paying our bills and who’s still not sure if this thing called “self development” would work out with someone like me, although she’s doing her best to encourage me for the best, I think she’s waiting to see real results before she gets involved.

    So, now I’m laid off and self employed since around 40 days only, freelancing to a couple of clients including MY PREVIOUS EMPLOYER, lost chances of being hired or freelancing because I’m asking for too much as they say, according to the “financial crisis” thing.

    I have plenty of time to attend the seminars that I dreamt to have to for, blogging, social networking and working on my portfolio and website…

    My wife and I are struggling now to pay our bills in this period of our lives but I’m very convinced that we must do it, but it would take some time.

    The funny part here is, as a freelance photographer/graphic designer/Arabic copywriter, I’m finding difficulty to explain to my 70 yo father how I’m gonna have my own business without having a physical office with telephone, fax machine and may be a secretary… 🙂

    My advice to those who think that there’s noting he/she can do is: “do what you love to do, not what others expect you to do and money comes later”.

    Finally your comment or advice would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you Zig for the knowlege that you gave through all those years, God bless you and your family, regards to the read-head.

    Thanks to Tom

    Ayham Kalla
    Dubai, UAE

    • Tom Ziglar Says:


      Thank you for taking the time to write your message. I will make sure Dad reads it. I do have some advice that I think will help you with both your job quest and your money issues.

      Dan Miller has written a book called “48 Days to the Work You Love” and he has a podcast on iTunes in the business section that covers this subject. The podcast is on audio and its free. I think you will get some great ideas on how to grow and market your new business.

      Dave Ramsey has a great deal of information on handling money and staying out of debt. You can also find him in the business podcast section on iTunes for free.

      While you are building your new career remember that it is perfectly fine to take temporary work doing what you have to do in order to pay the bills while you create your dream job. It is much better to work 15 hours a day without going into debt to create your dream job than it is to focus everything on your dream job and creating a lot of debt at the same time.

      Finally, make sure you listen to powerful and positive messages everyday that really inspire you to go the extra mile creating the Work You Love. Others will not understand why you are doing what you are doing. Don’t worry about them. Just take care of you family and work very had making your dream job happen as fast as possible.

      Embrace the Struggle!

      Tom Ziglar

  81. Harry Tucker Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar.

    I am indebted to you for the profundity of the work you do and with the simplicity by which you deliver it.

    I grew up in a small town in Newfoundland, Canada and went on to become a strategy advisor on Wall Street. I wrote about my journey here –

    I have since left Wall Street to pursue my passion to incubate passionate leaders, encouraging them to plug into world causes that need help, especially children’s causes.

    When I first went to Wall Street, I had heard sales guys talking about the great Zig Ziglar and I thought “What do I need salesman “stuff” for – I’m a techie”.

    Was I ever wrong. From the first material I read in the early 90s, I was hooked. Your message resonates deeply because it is disarmingly simple at first blush (allowing it to get past our critical / cynical internal evaluation system) and once inside, the profound meaning of your message permeates our soul and becomes clear.

    I have experienced a number of AHA moments in my life, many of them because of your incredible stories and the way you deliver them.

    Sometimes, I must confess, I get too busy and decrease my reading of inspirational material. When life’s burdens get a little tricky and I am wondering what I should do, your work always manifests at just the right time, whether via a friend recommendation, an email, etc.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that when I have allowed life to get too carried away, God has a way of reminding us how to get re-grounded in life and sends us the messages to accomplish that.

    I am grateful for what you have done for myself and the millions who have benefited from your wisdom, your humor, your stories and your faith.

    God bless you and your family, Mr. Ziglar.

    Harry Tucker

  82. Terri DeBoer Says:

    I have been a faithful follower and fan for many years. In 1990, I typed out my favorite quote from you, blew it up on the copy machine, and posted above my desk:
    “You can get everything in life you want, by helping enough other people get what they want!”
    What amazing work can be accomplished when we all live according to the idea that helping ourselves starts with helping others.
    God Bless You.
    Terri DeBoer

    • Harry Tucker Says:


      An incredibly simply, phenomenally powerful rule.

      Imagine if everyone did what you did – put it somewhere conspicuously where they were reminded of it on a constant basis.

      What an amazing transformation would be achieved.

      Take care and God Bless you!


  83. Greg Woodhams Says:

    It was in the early 1980’s that I first stumbled upon Zig Ziglar. Being new to sales I bought some tapes and listened to his teachings on the power of positive thinking and a can do attitude. I followed these with a series of books. “See you at the top” still remains 25 years later, under my coffee table in a little woven baskett with a few others. I still pull out this well thumbed, red covered book, and refresh myself with his words of inspiration. I left school with no qualifications!! Not 1. A poor, wild, teenager, misunderstood. I am now a Director of Financial Services for the largest Estate Agency & Financial Services in the UK. I have no doubt in my mind that Zig, his books and tapes, helped me attain and share the success I have today. My son, now 17, is taking up business studies and “See you at the top” will be the best start I could give his mind. All 3 of my children will qualify & attend university.
    Accidently pressed submit before I finished!!
    This is the end of my little blog although I will close with a thank you for sharing your thoughts to me as a boy of 22, now at 45 I can share them with my son as you did yours.
    Regards & best wishes to you Sir.
    Greg Woodhams

  84. Dear Zig…I know that your life has impacted so many people that would not have been reached by the organized Church. You are truly a giant Christian, and an inspiration to everyone, especially those out in the business world. I first heard you speak in Columbia, SC back in the early ’80s when I first got into sales, and most recently heard you speak about three years ago in Philadelphia at the Get Motivated Seminar. I have read several of your books, listened to your CDs and read your newsletters. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and your faith is secure. You are living proof of your advice that “you can get anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Thanks so much for your commitment to helping others become successful…I know that God has richly blessed you for your hard work!

    You are loved by so many people that you may not meet until we all get to heaven!

    God bless, Sally

  85. Tom Simpson Says:

    Well let’s just start by sayijg the “Zig” is one of the all time great inspirational leaders and thinkers the planet has ever seen. This is NOT overstated. It is the truth.

    The story I will always remember is the “priming the pump” story. With a pump on stage and Zig working it with vigor, we were encouraged to give energy to the initial process of getting a business started and be patient with the early stages until the water (or business) started to flow.

    It was a powerful analogy and story.

    Zig always gave a passion that connected well with his audience. We always felt he really wanted to serve us well.

    Love you Zig. Thanks for all you do. Long may it cointinue. 🙂

  86. Dear Mr. Ziglar,

    It is with great joy I write this message because for long time I wanted to be able to communicate with you to let you know how much I admire you for your mission on this earth. You have touched many lives, certainly you touched mine. I have developed in the area of life transitions, with a special interest on losses. In my book “Transforma tu perdida: Una antologia de fortaleza y esperanza” I included your quote that “it is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you that makes a difference in your life”…My purpose in life is to bring hope to people going through grief and loss…and our faith and our attitude makes the difference.

    I wish you a beautiful day,

    Ligia M. Houben

  87. Neale Bacon Says:

    I have learned so much from you that has helped not only my business but my personal outlook as well.
    I am not in sales as most people think, but I am a children/family entertainer (ventriloquist) and so I AM my product.
    Thanks for all your practical lessons and good old common sense.

  88. Mr Zig Ziglar,

    Zig, I was proud and astonished that all of a sudden, I had a reply on Twitter from Tom Ziglar about the reply I made praising you and quoting you.

    When I replied to Tom and asked if he was that little boy that went to the store with dad and picked up that ball and refused to take no for an answer and he of course said yes, he was.

    I have listened to your media for many years and have had some of the books that you produced and I was so taken that years ago I went out and bought 20-25 copies of the cd version Sell your way to the top.

    I made sure at that time all of my sales agents had a copy and listened to it. Today with the economy the way it is, I still listen to it on my cell phone when I do my morning walks at 5-6 am.

    I have used this information to bring back the desire and drive that I have had for the last 30 years. You have alway been my inspiration and driving force. I found that in these trying times, you bring stability to me and make me stop and think about my next move forward.

    Some day I most certainly would love to meet you and Tom inperson. I am sure you are proud of Tom today as you were when he was a little tyke.

    Zig, thank you for being you….

    Gerry Mueller.

  89. Rick White Says:

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to you Zig!

    You have had a huge impact on my life both personally and professionally.

    From a personal perspective, my favorite quote of yours is “If you treat your wife like a thoroughbred you will never end up with a nag.” I have really applied that to my relationship with my wife and it is getting better everyday.

    I have to business quotes of yours that I really treasure.
    “You have to be before you can do and you have to do before you can have.”
    and “You can have everything you want in life if you will just help other people get what they want.”
    I have really changed my outlook when working with a prospect to our business coaching from looking at the money to looking at the person and seeing what I can do to help him. Since changing my focus I feel better about myself and our sales have actually increased by over 30%. I no longer worry about the money because I realize that by caring about and giving value to people first…the money takes care of itself!

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. You have a big place in my heart (and my iPod!) 🙂

  90. Tyler Sorensen Says:

    Hi Zig,

    I wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me to become a better man day in and day out. The quote I live by is… “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

    I saw you three years ago at the Glazer-Kennedy Info Summit and every time I get negative thoughts or seem a little down I think of sitting in that hall and the feeling of hope I had inside while watching you up on stage.

    Because of you and the hope you instilled that day I now work for myself and heading toward the seven figure mark this year.

    Some days are rougher than others with the opportunity clock but when I sit on the edge of my bed to pray I say “What An Opportunity” and every time I start grinning ear to ear.

    You are a man of high values and everyday I try to match those and one day when I am “over the top” I will owe it all to you.

    Thank You,


  91. burnsey111 Says:


    Your story about driving to a sales meeting in your Crosley auto changed my life. I too have been told I have talent and ability, but didn’t really believe it. I struggle, not to do work well, but to have the confidence to do well at work every day. Thank you for your honest, and being faithful to use the gift God has given you, just a backwoods guy from Yazoo City, Miss.

    Thank you for being a shining light.
    Tim Burns

  92. Okema Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,

    I receive information about you a few times a month and find them quite inspiring. Also, I enjoy sharing the information I receive with others, I think it’s both applicable to people in their professional and personal lives.

    What a surprise it was to find your son, Tom on Twitter! He added me as a friend, I in turn did the same! He mentioned he would let you know what I said! :0 )

    Not that I am special or anything, but I am very inspired by your work! I worked to get an MS in Training and Development and have a Marketing degree and would love to know how you started!

    If I never hear from you, know that I am inspired by your positive messages!

    Here’s to a positive and productive day,

  93. Greetings to you, Mr. Ziglar.

    I admire people like you who use their talent to be a force for good in our world.

    I’ve listened to you for years and I’m thankful for having had the pleasure of “knowing” you through your material.

    Thanks again for havin’ the courage to be who you are.

    Keep the faith and keep being YOU!

    TrueBeliever & HopeDealer

  94. Larry Zogby Says:

    Wow! Finally a moment to say, “thank you” It was about 1983, that I learned about you & your great work. I was probably around 22 years old. Your “tools” Goals, Sell Your Way To The Top, How To Stay Motivated & The Secrets of Closing The Sale, have impacted me over the years. I am a better man for it, A better father, a better husband, a better salesperson and a better business man. I still have friends that call me Zig!! Thank you for making a difference in my life. I love all of your stories and how you communicate with people. Zig–you have changed the world because you have impacted so many people–As a wise man once said 😉 You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want!!

    Keep on keeping on–

    Warm Regards,

    Larry Zogby

  95. Tracy Young Says:

    A few weeks ago, my 9 year old niece got into my car and one of your CD’s was playing. She asked, “Is that Zig Zaglar?”
    Since then she has renamed you again. She got into my car the other day and said, “Do you want to listen to Zig Zag Ziglar?” Because my sister and I are both Zig fans I am sure Olivia, my neice, will continue to get helthy doses of Zig throughout her life.

    • Harry Tucker Says:

      This is a great story, Tracy!

      When I think of “Zig Zag Zigler” I have images of Zig Ziglar teaching us how to zig zag between all the perceived obstacles in life as he shows us how to work our way towards success. 🙂

      Tom Ziglar posted a story I shared a little while ago about the day that Zig Ziglar became Dig Digler – I thought you might enjoy it. 🙂

      It can be found here –

      Take care,


  96. Hi Zig,
    ‘Seeds of Greatness’
    ‘We were born with the seeds of greatness……’ was the first quote I heard of yours and it has stayed with my over for 30 yrs. I think of it daily!!
    When I started in my sales training life I would use your quotes a lot, to great success. Then I started hearing my own singing in my head and started using them too. Today 30 years later my Chantologies (as a client began referring to them as) have become a huge success for me. I am hoping to publish a book on them sometime this year (after I find a good agent). My Chantologies were born from the roots of your thinking. Today, I can say Thank You, for the seeds of thought which have planted trees of abundance for for me ever since.
    An invaluable gift you gave to me! Chanty Lang-Vermaas

  97. If I my indulge Zig, one of my Chantologies

    “We don’t stand on the shoulders of others to cast a shadow, but rather, to shine a way so that others may find them”

    You were one of these shoulders for me, and I have been carrying a lantern ever since for others to see them.
    In Abundance Zig

  98. Mimi Long Says:

    A Song of You

    If I could write a song of you
    I’d do it all day long.
    To celebrate your life my friend
    and all you’ve meant to me.
    I sat among your magic stars
    with a hunger unrequited,
    A thirst for life you instilled in me
    that knows no bounds – no limits.
    Not a day goes by I don’t teach your words
    and pass your torch along,
    and so my friend my song of you,
    is in my singing on.

    With gratitude Zig,
    Mimi Long – Atlanta

  99. Over the years I have learned so much from Mr. Ziglar.
    My Favorite?
    I use it all the time:
    If my wife ever leaves me I am going with her.
    (Nora is a red head too!)
    She is my CFO (Cheif Female Officer)

    Thanks for everything!

  100. Barry Shaw Says:

    Well – sometime in the early(?)’70s my then “boss” introduced me to the Zig philosophy through “See You at the Top” course, later to be Richer Life Course.On a trip to the States about a year later – I FOUND THE BOOK!! It’s one of th few books that I have read from cover to cover (and this my first USA trip!)on a holiday. Incidentally back then self improvement books were scarce in UK so I went home with a suitcase full.For many years Zig’s philosophy and sales books,tapes and training, saw him in london,were the mainstay for my own and my staff’s progress and personal development. Still have books and tapes, still use the material.Thanks Zig for a massive impact on my life and others who I have passed the message to. Oh my boss? Bob Sweeney from Halifax Uk who metr and trained with you in the states, and who also impacted my life for the good in many ways.Am now following tom on Twitter as Nlper123 – Barry Shaw UK

  101. Kim Snyder Says:

    I have been listening to your CD’s in my car for years! Sell Your way to the Top was the first sales book I ever picked up. Boy am I glad I did!

    I was lucky & blessed enough to watch you in at the Arco Arena in Sacramento March 2009 at the Get Motivated Seminars. I will tell you the truth Mr. Ziglar you were the reason why I pushed to go. 🙂 Seeing you on stage that day was the highlight of my life! The arena just sat in awe to listen to your words. Its was truly amazing! My husband of going on 26 years was with me.

    I have my favorite motivational quote of the day of yours sitting on desk:

    “I don’t care how much power, brilliance, or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there, you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.”

    Thank you so very much for all your helpful words and thoughts. Its means a lot to have finally got to see you in person!

    Thank you so very much!
    Kim Snyder

  102. I was working in Charlotte yesterday and called and checked on one of my friends.
    He told me that the day before he and his wife took the day off and went to Greensboro for the Get Motivated Seminar.
    He told me that Zig was awesome and they enjoyed his stories very much.
    I am glad that they had the opportunity to see Zig live, I have not seen him since the format has changed with Zig and Julie sharing the stage.
    I continue to pray for Zig and I am glad that that I am one that can say I am still one of his students.


    David Maxwell

  103. Thank you Tom for giving me a moment to show my gratitude for Zig. During making the wrong decisions over and over I was persistent on listening to personal developement CD’s in my car. Listening to Zig as one of my mentors and 5 best friends,kept me going and continued to work on my subconcious and motivate me. I’m still working toward building my business with focus until I’m successful. My gratitude is to thank you Zig for mentoring me, but mainly my 7 year old son, Juan. Because of your philosophies and principles, your wisdom is preparing him to do some great things in his life time. We talk every night on his pre-paid cell phone and he reads 2 pages of a book. When I pick him up on the weekend we are into your CDs in our automoblie university. Thank you Zig for all you do, have done and will do in the future. My son has already started his library to store your books and tapes to pass on to his family, so they to will do great things in their life time.

    Be blessed, as you continue to bless others.

    Derick Jerome Dallas and Juan Jerome Dallas

  104. Dear Mr. Zig Zigler:
    Your son Tom and I connected just recently on I sent him a note saying how much I admired you. He wrote me back and said I could drop you a note at this site. I first met you several years ago at a business event in NJ. I had a copy of you book “See You at Top.” I patiently waited in line to shake your hand and have you personally sign my book. I said to you my name is Andrew, just like the fishman. You responded, “It sounds like we know the same carpenter.” I laughed.
    Just want to take a moment to Thank you for your kindness and wisdom that you have shared with me over the years. Although we have not talked one on one, I have listened and learned from many of your tapes, videos and books. It took me a while to get used to the accent in your voice, but what always came through with tremendous clarity was your passion in what you believed in and what you were saying to me. It was also your willingness to become open to me a stranger. Your desire to connect and to communicate on an homest level was always there. In other words you got my attention. Your wisdom and insight has helped me to change my thinking and my perspective on life. You have shared you life in such a way that I learned new things, looked at my circumstances differently, Laughed more and consequently I’m living again for the first time. For that I am very grateful to you. You see I know that God has a Blessing with your name on it, Mr. Ziglar. Blessings to you and your family my friend.
    Andrew Manns, Jr.

  105. Patricia Koehler Says:

    Thanks a million, Zig. I carry one of you CD’s in my car so I have it when I need a “shot of inspiration.”

    Patricia Koehler

  106. Hello Zig,

    Just a quick note to say that your writings have been an inspiration for me. It might please you to know that your special message has reached all the way to Greece!

  107. Dear Zig and To Zigler,
    Icontinue to take on new challenges and projects that i truly Believe in and to make this world a better place .Even if it is one person at a time.You have been my true inspiration and at times when it seemed too much i turned to your words and power you have bestowed on Millions .God Bless you both and your Family for you faith wisdom and dedication to mankind.This is one quote from you i loved Success is like a ladder and no one has ever climbed a ladder with their hands
    in their pockets.” – Zig Ziglar.I will continue to read your words and look forward to your Tweets .
    I want you to read this since i truly believe that this will Benefit every Human over the age of 20.This would also make a huge difference in your lives and am commited to share this with the world.Would you join me to share it..These are comments from Renound people whom share their wisdom.
    “GSH (Gluathione) is the unsung antioxidant…the one that makes all the others work.”
    – Robert C. Atkins, MD (Founder of The Atkins Center)
    “Glutathione promotes longevity, protects the body against heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and boosts the immune system strength and is useful fighting autoimmune diseases and other health problems of adults.”
    – Dr. Gutman, MD
    Thank you for reading and look forward to your coments on any issue .I Believe in the product without reservation and that God thru Dr Keller has brought to the world.Thanks look forward to more inspiration.
    Twitter follower and Friend
    A just cause is worth persuing one person at a time.
    God Bless you Both
    Helmut E Weiss

  108. PellynC Says:


    You’re the “Joshua” of our day…not fearing the battles, but preparing your people to conquer with pre-attained victory! A decade ago you helped me realize two important things: 1) I could be successful in business with the right mentors to guide me, and 2) there are actually men of excellence who sincerely love their wives and God well. Good news!

    Thanks for the encouragement & guidance.


  109. Zig, I remember when my managers had the confidence in me to attend your See You At The Top facilitator training. A LONG time ago. It was a small group there and you joined us for lunch. THAT was wonderfully encouraging – Zig a real person. I’m a long time admirer and am honored to know you and have had our paths cross.

  110. Zig,

    You changed my life, together with Earl Nightingale, and I can never repay you.

    I first discovered you in Goals, your Nightingale-Conant recording. In the late 80s, it lived in my car, and I listened to it over and over and over again, getting the message embedded deeply in my subconscious.

    As a result of taking your teaching to heart, we moved to Colorado where we have settled into an amazing family life. I have been an independent consultant for many years, helping others by coaching them in business, marketing, and technology for business. My interactions with others, professional speaking, and writing my first book two years ago all have their genesis in what I’ve learned from you.

    I am deeply grateful. Thank you!

    Stephen Hultquist
    Boulder, Colorado USA

  111. Dear mister Ziglar,

    I just met your son on Twitter and he gave me the opportunity to say a few words to you. I just wanted to thank you for being such a huge inspiration for me. The first book I’ve bought was the Dutch “Hoger dan de Top” (“Over the Top”) and I’ve learned so much from it. As I’ve told your son I’ve read it more then 10 – 15 times and it’s now practically unreadable because of all the notes and marked pages and text fields. You inspired me during my career but also in the hard times I had in my personal life. The book helped me through these rough times and helped me grow and am I now a “successful” internet entrepreneur. Although I still keep working; my girlfriend and I now have to ability to move to the Caribbean by the end of the year and (partial) retire at the age of 32. My biggest dreams are becoming a reality; I wanted to give back to my parents and family and I wanted to work less and do more fun things (I’ve worked for the past two years on average 70 hours per week).

    All my dreams are becoming a reality and you helped me with this. Thank you mister Ziglar for being my guide and inspiration.

    Kind regards,

    Vincent Sparreboom

  112. dano smith Says:

    I am sure your family will count you as a hero- as will all who you have touched.

    This was my tribute to my dad


    In this world, sadly there is a shortage of heroes. These are the real men and women who will stand up for the important things as if all the world or their family depended on it.

    This week the world is one more hero short.

    Our Daddy, Kenneth Earl Smith left the chains of mortality and was welcomed in to the joy of the Kingdom by Jesus Himself.

    He fought many battles in his life here.

    He fought hardship during childhood , growing up in the Great Depression.

    He fought the separation of family- not knowing where many of his family even were until decades later in life.

    He fought Foreign Enemies who wanted to take away the American Way of life.

    At the beginning of WW2, He was wounded at Schofield Barracks(Pearl Harbor)Hawaii after joining the Army under age.
    He rejoined when he was able to do so again. He fought again only to be wounded by artillery shells and sent home.

    Despite a long and painful recovery for which most men would have given up or given over to just be a ward of a disability income; he would not quit.

    He loved our mother and the six sons they brought into the world. He sometimes worked 3 jobs just to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

    When we were younger and other kids had all the advantages- new clothes, new cars, new toys, and new houses-It was hard to see what a hero really was.

    But he pressed on. By all standards the government uses, we were poor.

    As I like to say we were so poor we could only afford one O to spell it. But never the less, he pressed on.

    Later in life after we passed the phase of being teenagers and started having families of our own, He suddenly seemed to grow so much wiser and knew things we could only imagine.

    We grew accustomed to our new enlightened dad and quite frankly took him for granted.

    Years went by, he grew older but never really seemed to age that much. He hit age milestones of 65. 70. 75. 80 and finally 85.

    He fought the pain of sadness when our mother was taken suddenly before him.

    Most of his friends and family were gone, but those who remained were even more a treasure to him we watched him as he showed us the value of what really matters in this world is how much you are loved.

    This past November, when he was unable to stand up and after he went to the hospital, and a barrage of endless testings and concurring, we and he were given the bad news.

    We had all had our private reconciliations with dad telling him what we wished we had done better and how we wished had been better sons- letting him express his own regrets and each of finding our own separate peace. We had no idea what to expect except just to wait and let the disease run roughshod.

    After the shock hit us all, we prepared for the inevitable.

    Surprisingly the inevitable, this bastard called cancer was going to have a fight on his hands.

    During the next five months we got to know our dad in such a special way and that can only be called joyful.

    We got to know each other and see the wonderful cord that love is when a family loves each other and joins together in a united way.

    It was at times frustrating and angry and other times hilariously funny.
    Old wounds from years past suddenly did not seem to matter as the time with our dad covered and healed every hurt. We constantly told stories from our growing up that are still so funny even after thousands of tellings and retelling, I find it funny still ever one of us has a different version of the same story // one brother correcting the very one whom it happened to.

    Dad was, whether he liked it or not the star of many of our stories and the victim of many of our escapades. (my baby brother for example sold dad his own car’s wheel cover taken from another wheel after he reported losing one on the other side of the car.)

    He did not have the touch of mother but the power of a father to bring us all together and teach us what was important.

    For five short months(we say short because we knew he would be gone soon enough) he fought this bastard.

    He fought him on his own turf.
    What would have reduced many men to a sobbing pile of pity only briefly during his struggle did so.
    We saw him constantly brave when we were in attendance. We were fortunate to be at his beck and call, this was more a pleasure than an obligation

    Three days before his death,.the bastard finally sucker punched him and did the best to knock out all lines of communication- but could not stop the love we knew he had for us and the love we had for him.
    We saw many responses to know he was with us even to the end.

    Dad taught us many things, supreme above all, that God loves everyone of us and life with out God is empty and leads to eternal death. But that the love of God, when we are unable to save ourselves leads to the everlasting presence of God and gives meaning to the temporary world we live in now,

    The last five months have taught us more about what character is, what love is, what selfless acts of kindness are than simply living an ordinary span of breathing could ever do.

    We know who our dad is and was.

    He, with the Grace of God, was and is a Hero.

  113. Joy Klepac Says:

    Dear Zig, I first heard you live when I was in my early 20’s (30 years ago) and I was inspired so much. You were promoting your book, “see you at the top”. I have followed you for all these years and have taken advantage of your wisdom. God has used you abundantly to inspire others. I am praying he does the same with me for those who I am fortunate enough to share with.

    I have a new book coming out called “The Diamond Mind” Transforming Your Dream Into Lifelong Success. I have acknowledge in that book that you were one of the few people in my life that inspried me to ba all I could be. Thanks so much for all you have done for so many people. I was blessed to see you again in Sacramento California this last February. What a beautiful opportunity for me and a testimony to you and what a great Father you have also been. I am blessed to be inspired by your wisdom. I will continue to hold many of your quotes close to my thoughts and share them with the world as the opportunity arrises. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  114. Anna Says:

    Hi Zig! The first time I ever received such wonderful gift was when I got my very first iPod. Although the iPod’s great, the best part was when I found your podcasts. I want to thank you for your inspirational and motivational messages. These messages (podcasts and quotes) helped me a lot and surely picked me up when I’m down. I listen to them in the car as I drove to work giving me the boost that I also end up exuding and inspiring others. I’m not working now as our company didn’t make it. However, as you mentioned, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want” — and I have. I’ve been volunteering my time and effort reaching out to others through my meetup group, Las Vegas Professionals (employed, unemployed, in-transition, and business owners)

    In one of your podcasts, you said something that really stayed with me when you answered, “How do you change the world?” Well, I firmly believe it! You have to build a better you. You gotta be before you can do. You gotta do before you can have. Times have been rough but there’s always room for improvement and there’s always a moment that one can take to help make a difference in this world and perhaps, even touch someone’s life as you did mine.

    Thank you so much for your messages. Stay healthy, charming, and witty!

  115. Lois Says:

    Hi Zig and Tom — I wanted to write to wish both of you a happy and blessed Father’s Day! Zig — Your “fatherly” guidance and practical advice has meant so much to me throughout my career. Thank you so much for living your faith and for all you have meant to me and to so many others.


  116. Zig Ziglar: a wonderful man and positive contributor to this world as we know it today.I saw him today live in Philadelphia! He has so much positive flow still running through him! I went to this event speficially to see see and listen to Zig…I am complete now! He was awesome! Zig, you’ve made so many lives better. Your thoughts are timesless and will grace this earth until the end of time. Thank you Zig from me and millions of others!

  117. Zig,

    I still remember seeing you many years ago. It had a strong impression on me and inspired me greatly.

    All the best and thanks!

    Mark Ste. Marie

  118. Natalie Neal Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar,
    My husband and I were introduced to your great quotes and philosophy when we were training with Jim Rohn. I just want to thank you for all you have done to help foster strong individuals, good marriages, and healthy families. Your book, Raising Positive Children in a Negative World, was our guidebook to helping our children grow up into strong, well-adjusted, happy citizens of the world. We couldn’t have done it without your help. All love and blessings to you.
    Natalie and Stephen Neal
    Challis, Idaho

  119. Pat Rocchi Says:

    Hi, Tom
    I saw your Dear Dad in Philadelphia this past Wednesday, and he inspired me with his authenticity. I wrote about it on my blog, and I am proud that you called the post “perfect.” I hope your readers will enjoy it too by clicking here.
    Best regards to all
    PS Please make sure you pass my post to your sister who accompanied him to Philly. What a class act! She surely comes from a good family. 😉

  120. D.M.B Says:

    My life was a mess when I was young. It was filled with bitterness, hate and a tremendous amount of insecurity. Then at age 21 my life took a great new turn. I listened to Zig Ziglar. I gave my life to Christ and that same year I listened to Zig Ziglar. Everyday without fail my Zig Ziglar study time was set aside from all other activities. When the Lord in my heart and Zig in my study the hate and bitterness left me. The insecurities were less and less each year. Today, I have a library full of Zig Ziglar who was my hope and friend way back then. Thank you Mr. Ziglar!!!

  121. Agi Anderson Says:

    Zig has been an inspiration to me for many years! I recall checking out a Zig Ziglar cassette tape, back in the day, from the local library. It’s when I first became acquainted with the red head. Zig’s stories and philosophies helped shape me as the sales professional I am today. I have his quotes book marked and remind myself daily; “I can get what I want, if I just help enough people get what they want” and “money won’t make me happy, but it’s kinda like oxygen on the gotta have it scale.” Thank’s Zig!

  122. Tom,

    My second year in sales, I was invited to go see motivational speaker, Omar Periu. Sitting there, listening to him, I became convinced that I was not going to simply be a salesman, but a sales professional.

    I became so in love with learning and studying sales processes, that it impacted every facet of my work. I regularly encouraged my peers to seek out motivational speakers and books to improve their own lives and careers, and I was often met with the response, “You mean, like, Zig Ziglar stuff?” Thus, I began to seek out Zig’s quotes and mantras, and study many of those who had been influenced by him: Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy (one of my favorites), and the like. The impact on my life was profound.

    While I have not found untold riches to be waiting for me in sales (I work in retail sales), I have found the peace and consistency that comes from adhering to defined, proven sales processes, and have become a top performer in my organizations.

    Last year, I picked up “Top Performance”. Reading your dad’s words, listening to his humor, hearing of our shared faith, brought renewal on every page.

    Thank you, Zig, for your tireless commitment to helping us find the best in ourselves. I hope you and “the red-head” are well, and I’ll continue to spread the good news.

    –Christopher Ray

  123. Alexandra Gruia Says:

    I’ve heard about Zig Ziglar a few moths ago. I’m a sales assistant. My boss told me to listen to some audio books from another great speaker. Also I submited to his newsletter. Every day I receive a “Qoute of the day”. Among them were Zig’s, too. That’s how it began. Now I’m searching for Zig’s quotes everywhere because I like them and I try to be better at what I do and in life. Thank you! Now I twit his quotes because I want others to find them helpfull,too.

  124. Calvin Lawan Says:

    Sir,you don’t know how much you have impacted my life with your messages.You’ve been a life mentor to me for quite a long time now.I first got in contact with your book in 1998 and since then,I’ve never ceaze to savor everything inspiring work that comes form you.My goal in life now is to see you face to face.
    By the way Sir,I am Calvin Lawan form Nigeria,West Africa.Thank you a Zillion Zig for the impact you had in my life.

  125. Dear Zig/Tom,

    I can’t remember the first time I heard of Zig Zigler, but what I can tell you is that I use his quotes in presentations all the time. There is actually this quote: “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” in the forward of a book I am writing.

    The book has nothing to do with motivation, or does it? It is the first in a children’s book series. All I need now is an agent.

    The Pay It Forward movie made me think of Zig’s quote and I have tried to act on that premise every day of my life. If the world is to be a better place, then fundamental goodness and treating people will have to bring it to that better place.

    Thank you Zig for your constant motivation and thank you Tom, for making sure that this mindset continues.

    Becca Moore.

  126. It’s been along time since I was “Zigafied, I am not sure of the date or year must have been in the 70’s. I was a young professional just staring out and had no idea who Zig Ziggler was.I sitting in he audience and the grand Zig started asking question;I will never forget it. He asked how many of you are finding its hard to catch a break, no body will by what you are selling, life isn’t fair etc. Many of the audience were nodding their heads in agreement; suddenly Zig, launched into some like Alright, You little Thumb Suckers etc. I knew then he was reffering to a victimhood state of mind so then and there I decided I would never fall into the thumb sucker trap. he continues to inspires and his legacy will be found in the people whoes lives worked and changed because of his ability to say the right thing at th eright time

  127. It’s been a long time since I was “Zigafied, I am not sure of the date or year must have been in the 70’s. I was a young professional just staring out and had no idea who Zig Zigler was. I was sitting in the audience and the grand Zig started asking question; I will never forget it. He asked how many of you are finding it hard to catch a break; nobody will by what you are selling, life isn’t fair etc. Many of the audience were nodding their heads in agreement; suddenly Zig, launched into something like Alright, You little Thumb Suckers etc. I knew then he was referring to a victim hood state of mind, so then and there I decided I would never fall into the thumb sucker trap. He continues to inspire me. I even wrote a book .soon to be released, called “Never Mind Your Mind” .I have acknowledged Zig Ziglers contribution to my philosophy and work in developing change technology, I call the UN Method. His contribution to the betterment of mankind will survive him.I consider myself one of his biggest fans. In fact my staff would always comment on how many time i would quote him.They would say “there she goes Ziggin again

  128. Hello Zig,

    I have built 2 nice sized network marketing teams with 1 quote that has been used for EVERY major decision:
    “You can have everything you want in life, if you can help enough others get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

    I have asked myself if we are satisfying this on every major decision we’ve ever made. I want to thank you for all you’ve done, and all you continue to do in the personal development world.

  129. I have had the pleasure of hearing Zig speak live many times. His energy, passion, and God given ability to communicate to those of us who aspire to help others has had a great impact.

    Most of all, I really appreciate Zig sharing his faith in Jesus as the focal point of all he does. Without our faith, nothing is possible. However, through God all things are possible.

    Zig has taught me to get rid of “stinkin thinkin.” And, ultimately the following 4 ways of living have lead to my success as a person, father, and educator.

    1. The only opinion of you that counts is the one you have of yourself.

    2. Learn to forgive. Learn to forgive those who did it, those who did nothing, and yourself.

    3. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t get stuck dwelling on the past. Celebrate you successes, but don’t get stuck there either. Take action every day on the positive things that can transform your life and business.

    4. Invest in yourself every day in learning something new. Never stop learning. It is what separates people who are successful, and those who are not.

    Thanks Zig for all you have done for so many people. You are a gift from God and Blessing to me.

    Kind regards,
    Ron Stebelton

  130. Gary Westemeyer Says:

    I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Zig in Des Moines, IA at one of the Motivational seminars in 1989. He was incredible! After he was finished, the audience was invited to meet him and I got in line quickly. He said something to me that I still remember and will not forget. I noticed that Zig was wearing a unique pair of cufflinks. It was the ichthus (a fish emblem) with the number 7 on top of it. I told Zig that I knew the significance of the ichthus, but wasn’t sure about the number 7. He looked at me and smiled, than proceeded to tell me that his wife (the red-head) had them made for him and the “7” was to simply remind him that he was a Christian seven days a week and not just a Sunday Christian. Then he asked me if I knew the Lord and I told him I did and thanked him for that message.

    Like I said, I have never forgotten what he said to me (literally and figurativelY). Thanks Zig and may God continue to richly bless you and the Ziglar corporation to touch the lives of many people!!!

    Gary Westemeyer
    A long-time fan (30+ years)

  131. Hugh Simpson Says:

    Hi, Zig! Your son who signed up to follow me on Twitter suggested that I send you this which is a honor.

    As I mentioned to him, I interviewed you for TV in Atlanta for our We Are The Seniors show after you had been at the Fox Theater on tour with people like the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

    I have to say that your See You at the Top has been a life long inspiration for this 623 year young Baby Boomer!

    I have become a serial and parallel entrepreneur that now discovered Social Entrepreneurship about a year ago. That has led to finally setting up in the next few months a dome kit manufacturing business in Tellico Plains, TN which is one of the BEST kept secrets of the South. I will manufacture for not only the general public with 7th Haven Development but also for 7,000,000 homeless people around the world. I will be starting with the Navajos, Hopis and Sioux that currently live if you can call it that in tar paper lean-tos where they are literally 80-90 miles from the nearest medical help.

    As a documentary producer I plan to shoot one and get President Obama and his family to come out there and see the living conditions these beautiful souls endure.

    Thank you again for what you have done through your years of service to God!

    God’s Steward,

  132. Shirley Reinhardt Says:

    Hi Mr. Ziglar
    I just wanted to say thank you for being you. I have learned so much from reading secrets of closing the sale. I got to tell you I had never heard of you until I started working with a company and the founder Lee McCaskill knew I was having problems and told me and others to go out and get the book. And the first thing I thought was I know I can remember the author with a name like Zig Ziglar. And I was hoping it was not going to be the same old boring sales book that I could not make it threw without falling asleep. And after I started reading the book I didn’t want to put it down. You have got a great sense of humor. And you explain things in a way I can understand. If I’m having a problem I’ll come back and read it again and could see were I went wrong.
    I Love your quotes, I see them every where and I just have to smile and think they know who Zig is too.

    I happy I ran across your son on twitter and he sent me this. So Thank You very much !
    I will pass the book on to my grandkids, I see some sales people already.

    Shirley Reinhardt

  133. Zig,

    I posted the following quote on Twitter yesterday and your son Tom picked it up and decided to follow me.

    “Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing. – Zig Ziglar”

    Each morning I send my team a thought for the day to inspire them and give them a kick start. The above has always been one of my favorites. With all of the negative news and the hustle and bustle of the world, it is very easy to loose sight of all of those special things we have in our life and those special people who we have been blessed to cross paths with. Reflecting with gratitude on the special gifts I have been given each day helps keep me grounded and focused.

    I have a “Gratitude Rock” (from the Secret) on my desk that a dear friend gave me in March of 2007. Each day I hold it and think about the many things I am grateful for.

    I first listened to “See you at the top” 30 plus years ago. Your words have stayed with me all those many years and have helped shaped the person I am today. Since then I have seen you numerous times in person and have always admired your inspiration, stamina, enthusiasm, and just plain old love of life.

    We ALL have been blessed to have had the opportunity to cross paths with you. Every human being is special; however, some are extra special.

    Thank you for the positive impact you have had on me and the many millions around the world.

    David W. Robinson

  134. Mr. Ziglar,

    I just wanted to say thank you, you have been an inspiration to me and one of the driving forces that gave me the courage to start my own company in January. After all I didn’t want to get cooked while I was squatting, sorry, I quote you all day long and I think my friends are tired of it but I don’t care and hopefully some of it sinks in.

    I feel blessed that my business partner, my fiancé and I were lucky enough to get to see you yesterday at the “Get Motivated” seminar in East Lansing. But of course that did not give me my Zig fix so I spent 3 ½ hours in my car today with you… always.

    I hope you understand how much you have done for me and so many other people, you are on my wall of gratitude and I just want to say again, a heartfelt THANK YOU!

    God bless you!

    Bernie Ritchey

  135. Lynne Says:

    I was introduced to Mr. Ziglar’s work more than 20 years ago when I joined a home party marketing program called “Successful Living.” We sold Christian Books at home parties. Not only were his books part of our training, they were also in our catalog. It’s been a long time since I read them, but the encouragement and positive message and the impact they made on my life have never been forgotten. Thank you for your work and your words!!!


  136. cosmaciprian Says:

    About for 7 years ago I was searching for some sales training materials. I found Zig Ziglar by chance and I started to listen to Secrets of Closing the Sale. Sooner, Zig was my co-pilot while traveling across Romania for business meetings. I followed Zig’s advice and kept my integrity and all other values that I was thought.
    After one year I became the top sales man in the company and I received a proposal for a management position in the same company. I started to listen to other topics of Zig Ziglar – Goals, Leadership, Family
    Now, I am the CEO of the company, I am happily married to my beloved wife, I made peace with God, I have the financial stability that I never dreamed of, I am happier, healthier and thankful for everything.

    But the greatest impact that Zig had on my life is related to my marriage – and for this I am grateful.I periodically listen to Courtship after Marriage. I believe so much in this little book so I have at home several copies that I give to my friends so they could benefit from it.

    I must say that I have one single regret: some years ago I found out Zig’s age (from the tapes I always felt that he was about 50 years old). I only wished that he was younger so we could learn even more from him and I could meet him and shake his hand and personally thank him for the great job he did on my life, without even knowing it.

    God bless you and you family,
    Ciprian – Romania

  137. Zig,
    I first heard you in Bakersfield, CA in the early 1980’s. Then I heard you again in Los Angeles at Peter Lowe Success Seminars. You autographed “Over the Top” for me and I asked you to take a look at “Getting To Know Jesus” – a Bible study series that I had written.

    I have perservered for almost 14 years to get this Bible study series in twelve volumes out to the world. I have a publisher that has published Getting To Know Jesus – Volume 01 and we are working on telling the world how they can learn and apply the POWER of CHRIST in thier lives.

    Your tapes, “Developing the Qualities of Success” have helped me persist for many years. Your faith in God and witness for Him has been a great encouragement also.

    May God continue to bless you with His joy and peace. And I will see you again – at and over the top!
    Glen M. Copple

  138. Zig,

    I first heard of you about 5 years ago when I started my first sales job at a flooring store. In my search to be the best salesman possible, I found out about you by accident through a client. I purchased your CD’s and became an immediate fan! I had the opportunity to see you in Portland several years ago at the “Get Motivated” seminars. You were the reason I came.

    I’ve moved onto greater things in my career now, but I’m still to young to graduate from Automobile University. The stories and principles I learned while listening to you I’ll never forget. You were a great push in the right direction.

    See you at the top!

    Anton P.

  139. Ken Riddle Says:

    I just want to say thinks for be an encourager! A man of Faith and a winner! Thanks for all the postives you have given us! I lok forward to reading your messages on twitter.
    Ken Riddle

  140. Diana Smith Says:

    Hi Zig,
    Thanks for all your inspiration through the years. I’m so thankful, first of all, to my dad for taking me to Chiropractic Seminars where I got introduced to “positive thinking” most memorably from you. Secondly, I’d like to say thanks for helping me to not have “stinkin thinkin”. Met you at a Chiropractic seminar at least 25 years ago, either in Dallas/Ft. Worth or Atlanta. Hard to remember exactly which Chiropractic seminar I was at. I’m happy to see your son is carrying on the family tradition.
    Hope you have a “terrific Tuesday”.

    Oh – and have always loved your name Zig. Very catchy.

  141. Good Afternoon Zig!

    I know you probably get emails all the time, saying you’ve inspired them, as you have me and they’re absolutely right! I have a story that will hopefully inspire others & thank you at the same time, won’t be long 🙂

    I saw you in Atlanta back in Feb 2007, I actually had walking pneumonia that day and didn’t know it until I was rushed to the hospital, another story. You were so inspiring to me that you not only left an impact on my life but allowed me to be motivated about me! I never had self esteem. My ex-husband used to beat me, I raised my 3 older children on my own because he abandoned me, and even though I went through counseling & knew I could do things on my own, I still had no self esteem. The message that day indwelled in me and 2 years later it sank in!

    I am a christian and I know you also love the Lord. In the world it is always “me first” or “who can I bump off so I can get it all!”. In my life I was raised to put God first, family, friends, and then yourself. I was starting to get arrogant and wondering why people who didn’t care about others got what they wanted and I sat on the sideline doing what I should do and got no where! I got angry, I tried it “their” way,This year has been so hard! I got laid off as an asst manager in Feb, I couldn’t find anything and my unemployment is soon running out. Then I remembered you had said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

    It clicked! I had to get back to my roots and on how I was raised! I had to ask God to forgive me for feeling that I was deserved things that other people had and I didn’t. I didn’t blame others for me not having what I used to. I had a great working past and today is today. I can look at my past and have all of you feeling sorry for me, but why would I? You have taught me to love me! “We need to have a plan, hope needs to be born”! What I send out is exactly what I will get back. As you said we have a chance to make our lives better and we’re designed for accomplishment. “If man can make penicillian out of mold then God can make something out of me”! W.I.N. What’s important now!

    So thank you, that a woman of 49 with 5 children and not a lot of money in the bank, can come back feeling like she has a million dollars because she believes she can do it, with God preparing the way and me allowing Him to do it….God Bless you Zig….He has you and me in the palm of His hand!


  142. Hi Zig:

    Just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed several of your books, as well as audio. We love your quotes and what a positive person you are. Thanks for all you do!

    Marty & Bev

  143. sandraeyoung Says:

    thank you for all the great information over the years…i was in real estate sales in the early 1990’s when i found you! thank your father for the “Linkup” and thank you again!
    have a great summer ALL!
    sincerely sandra

  144. Joanne Lang Says:

    Hi Zig,

    Just wanted you to know how much you have impacted people. Your quotes get me thru the day sometimes. You are truly a blessing.

    Thank you.

    Warmest regards,

    The Personal Assistant

  145. Mike Brown Says:

    I only wish I had found your books sooner! Within 6 months of reading your ‘Complete Book of Sales’ I got the promotion I wanted. You were right: ‘your raise will become effective when you do.’

  146. c martin Says:

    Hi Zig
    Used to listen to you on the radio years ago in Florida every day. Such great, inspirational and often comical stories from the real world you related. You made the one-liner an art form. Well done.

  147. Tracey Says:

    Dear Mr Ziglar

    I consider myself very blessed to have heard your tapes. When I first heard you speak, I was in a deep dark place, slowly I began to see the light and my self talk is now far more constructive.

    I thank you Sir for the energy you expend in an effort to help others.

    With love

  148. Frank McKibben Says:

    Dear Zig,

    Thanks for your encouragement through the years with books and tapes. I had the pleasure of being at Pittsburgh’s Get Motivated Conference on August 11th and got to listen to you there. I was sorry to hear about your fall down steps. That happened to me in the dead of winter and –ouch–! I hope for your continued good health and will see you over the top.

  149. Mr. Ziglar, I just chatted with your son, Tom, on Facebook and told him about the impact you have had on my life. Tom asked me to write on this blog and he would share with you…This is an honor to share with you the significance your teachings and your integrity has had on me and my family.

    I first saw you speak about 20 years ago in my hometown of Richmond, VA. It changed my life forever and for the better. Your energy, intensity, and powerful words inspired me to be a more positive , grateful and giving person. As I write this it is even hard to put in words the impact and respect I have for you. You are part of my life every day even though we have never met.

    I recently decided to leave corporate world after 20 years to pursue my passion in the personal development industry. It is what I love and is my purpose in life. Someone recently told me to find out what your passion and purpose are, think of people you are attracted to – you were the first person to come to my mind. Thank you for everything you have given the world and me, your soul, your products, your energy and your passion.

    You are a special person my friend.

    May God Bless You…

    Chris Tunstall
    Charlotte, NC

  150. Gerry Cordero Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar,

    Your teaching and quotations has kept me going. As an entrepreneur at heart, you have taught me to reach higher than my goals. You’ve also taught me compassion and how to treat people with kindness. I’ve learned that people will remember kindness and compassion more often than the opposite.

    As a single mother, I have risen above and beyond what anybody has ever expected. The failures in my past is not who I am. And each failure has taught me a very important lesson.

    As I’ve changed my way of thinking, my attitude became more positive. The obstacles that were and are being thrown at me didn’t scare me so as long as I kept my mind on my goals.

    As I raise my child by myself (he’s now a young man), I’ve passed on what I’d learned from you to him. He is now applying most of your teaching and I can see that my son will become more successful than me. Your influence will go on forever as each generation will be learning from your teachings.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done. You don’t know half of the great things you’d done and influenced people in a positive way. I’ve always kept God in my life as I take each step everyday, but you acknowledged and confirmed that never to forget that He is also there each and every step.

    You’ve also taught me that I am enough. I am okay the way I am. Growing up without so much of a guidance or direction from my parents, it was hard to know which path to take. But reading your books and about you have given me some direction to do good, to do better and never forget where I came from.

    Thank you again Zig. And may God continually bless you.


  151. I have known about your writings for years, but just saw you in person for the first time last year. Your life bears witness that the positive outlook which you encourage really does bear fruit.
    I never planned to be an entrepreneur, but that ended up being God’s plan for me. Whenever I feel discouraged or worried about either my store or my magazine, I remember that my attitude is what will make or break my business. I remember that when I keep Christ first and try to honor Him in all my business decisions that He will bless that. I remember that I have the power to make a real difference in people’s lives, just like you have made a difference in mine.
    Thank you so much!
    May God bless you,

    Glenni Lorick,
    President, A Nurturing Moment, Inc.
    Publisher, Valley Babies

  152. Bobby Capps Says:

    Dear Zig,

    25 years ago I was working at a nuclear plant, one of the most technically skilled guys in the country. But I always was looking for the other shoe to drop. I could see my sucess, but I didn’t believe it was me.

    A friend of mine began to share your tapes on our hour drive to the nuclear plant. He’d listen to one then me and we would do it over and over, day after day. He went on to run the nuclear plant. I came to Christ and have started two wonderful church and now a Christian charity breathing hope into the ‘least of these.”

    My son called me last week, struggling with insecurities, at the top of his class but unable to see it. His comment was, I had a great week, the only thing wrong with it was I didn’t think it was gonna be great and the stress of that thought made it much less than it could have been.

    I told him with great ease, “Son, I used to be right where you were… I’m gonna send you to a website, I want you to download every podcast and promise me you go to sleep every night listening to one.”

    He promised.

    I can’t wait to see what the Lord has for him as he “takes his imaginations captive and places them in the hands of His Savior who can show Him who he really is, as he “thinks on these things.”

    Thank you for investing in me, but much more, for now investing in my son.

  153. I have been using Zig’s pithy but profound quotes as punctuation marks for my seminar talking points for years. I just recently watched a video of Zig and found it inspiring and uplifting. It was my great privilege to finally see him live and in person at the “Be Motivated” seminar in Buffalo, NY last week. I was sorry to hear of his fall and his injuries, but even in that, I thought it absolutely wonderful that he was there – still working – still networking – with his devoted wife and children by his side. I believe that is the greatest testament to Zig’s legacy; that his wife and children not only love him and support his work, but that they are working with him and carrying on what he started.

    We often hear of motivational speakers whose marriages fall apart, even those whose area of expertise is relationships – but Zig got it right, and his is an example we can all follow. The choices I have made in my speaking career over the last few years have been because I valued the home front more than speaking success. But I also know that if we seek the right things first, success will follow.

    Thank you, Zig for teaching us about the “Home Court Advantage” and reminding us to get our priorities straight. Success is nothing if we have no one to share it with.

  154. Zig – I have been working on this thank you for a LONG time, and I hope it finds you in good health and spirits.

    You have had an enormous impact on all facets my life, more than I can share in a brief comment. Your insights into serving others shapes the way I live my life, and I look to your quotes as the inspiration I need to make my life great.

    Thanks to you for providing the toolkit I needed to write 2 books and several thousand articles in addition to deliver many public seminars, while holding a full-time job.

    You are an inspiration and a joy, and were I to ever meet you in person, I would only have 2 words to say “Thank you.”

    Thank you Zig. I’m a better person for you being on this world. Thank you!

  155. allan wilson Says:

    My life changes started to really gather speed about my 37th birthday. I became a voracious reader of Personal Development titles, Mind, Body and Spirit and Motivation, Inspiration. That was in 2001. I cannot honestly remember what book the Zig quote came from but it’s as follows “only share your goals with people you know will support them”. Quite unashamedly I very rarely see any of my old friends and as Robert Kiyosaki says “they are great people but to change my world I had to change the way I thought and subsequently the people I spent my time with”.
    In early 2009 I became The Head of Operations in Canada for the Life Coach Training Company that I had originally studied with.
    You see “it’s been easy for me, I come from Easterhouse in Scotland”

  156. Hi Mr. Ziegler!
    I had always heard about the great “Zig Ziegler”, but didn’t really encounter you until I had a complete career change into real estate sales. We had relocated to Florida and I decided to follow my dream.
    Feeling like a fish out of water, I purchased some “books on tape” of yours and would get up early every morning and walk around our neighborhood (4 miles) listening to your words of wisdom. Not only did I absorb what I learned, I also familiarized myself with my community and I have become the listing/sales leader within my community for the last 4 years. In addition, I am now partner in my real estate firm that specializes in neighborhood niche marketing!! Thanks to you, my philosophy from the start has been “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” That has been the core, and I have found in getting my agents set-up in their neighborhoods that it is very easy to sell something (or a house) in an area that you truly believe in and love… Thank you so very much!
    Tiffany McQuaid
    Naples, FL

  157. Mark Tigner Says:


    Mr. Ziglar your books changed my life.


  158. Dear Zig,

    I was so excited to see you son on Twitter. I have always admired you for your integrity and the honesty in which you deliver your presentation. I aspire to be a speaker like you soon.
    Pauline Lewinson

  159. Larry Clark Says:

    Zig, I’ve listened to your stories on cassettes, CDs and now on MP3. Just read your new book “Embrace the Struggle”. You are as fascinating now after your accident as you have ever been.

    You are a real inspiration to a lot of us. I’m proud to have you on my Dream Team. (Sorry you didn’t know you were there, but you are. LOL)


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