I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Tom Ziglar and Ziglar, Inc.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Tom Ziglar, the proud son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. You are most likely here because you found me on Twitter. I go by @tomziglar – clever, I know. If you found my blog other than through Twitter, that’s ok, you might like reading a bit about Twitter.

I thought you might enjoy and maybe even benefit from knowing why I have engaged in Twitter and how I am using Twitter to help our company, Ziglar, Inc., grow and prosper. Not only am I blessed to have the father that I do, but literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world have also been impacted by my father. That means I have lots of work to do!

My first objective is to find as many of the people who have been impacted by Dad as I can and follow them. My second objective is to convince those who have been influenced by Dad to help me continue to get Dad’s life-changing message out.

Lucky for me, Dad has made this really easy! Zig Ziglar may be about the most quoted human being in modern times! The way I find above average, intelligent, smart people (maybe how I found you) to follow is I use PeopleBrowsr to key word-search the name Zig Ziglar. If you quote Dad and give him credit, there is a good chance I will find you and follow you. Yes, Dad’s quotes are meaningful, true, and memorable all at the same time. Even his quotes have the ability to impact lives.

The second thing I do is I Tweet quotes from Dad and links to articles and free stuff that feature Dad. People love this because they get value from this and many times they will ReTweet my Tweet. This gives me more people to search out and follow, and many times people will look me up because they want to connect back with Ziglar and tell me how Dad impacted them. Nothing makes me happier than this!

Dad ‘s most famous quote is this: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

This quote really sums up my Twitter strategy, and it should be yours as well. Make your Tweets positive and supportive. Give valuable information. Build trust. Listen and respond to those in need. If you do, others will pass on your Tweets and people will find out about what you have to offer.

So, through Twitter I am hoping to reach the thousands who already know us and the millions who don’t, and I am hoping they will then link to our free podcast, blogs, newsletter, webinars, etc. It’s ok if you take advantage of all of our free stuff, we want you to have it. If you apply it and see a positive change in your life , then the day will come when there will be something of ours you will want to buy!

Please leave a comment if you have ideas on how to make the Ziglar Twitter strategy even better.

Follow this LINK to get a free Ziglar Success 2.0 webcast.

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Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar talk about Twitter and Business – Article and Video

UPDATE:  tip from @andymeadows – use http://www.budurl.com to track links on twitter.  Thanks Andy, now I do and I love it!

UPDATE: tip from @namnum suggested that I link my Twitter page to this article on my blog which I have done now.  He got the idea from ProBlogger  http://budurl.com/tweetpage .  Like Dad says, always give credit – If they are right you look really smart, if they are wrong you have someone to blame!  @namnum thanks for taking the time for the tip – I know you are right!

UPDATE:  @jawar suggested I keep my tweets less than 140 characters so that RT (retweets) would fit and be much easier.  Funny how what you know and what you actually do don’t always match up.  Thanks for the reminder @jawar and for connecting the dots for me.

UPDATE: @kris_freeberg recommends that dark text should not be on a dark background. I agree 100%!  It is such a pain to highlight the page to read it that I usually just skip it rather than follow without knowing what the person is about!

UPDATE: The Power of Social Media and Customer Service http://budurl.com/gvnb

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73 Comments on “I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Tom Ziglar and Ziglar, Inc.”

  1. Ed Matthews Says:

    Hello Tom, I have been listen to your dad for about 10 yrs. Now, I will be the first one to admit that in thoughs 10 yr they were not on a daily basis. I wish I would have, because where I could have been. Over the last yrs I try to listen to him at least

    • Tom, I read “See You at the Top” in 1992. It was my first personal development book. I came from a very blue collar background, and had never even heard of personal development, way out in The West, on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. That book changed the trajectory of my life, I am sure. This week, I release my own book, the Foreword of which is written by our mutual friend Michael Norton, called Your Ultimate Sales Force. I am very hopeful that a lot of people get what they want in life as a result of reading it.

      So this is a thank you for you to pass on to your dad, who I truly will see at the top!

  2. Ed Matthews Says:

    To continue: 10 minutes a day. He makes since and how much I appreciate him now that I am older and hopefully wiser.

  3. Jon Dale Says:

    Great post and a sound strategy.

  4. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your thoughts on Twitter – also thanks for following me there! Zig Ziglar’s thoughts and work over the years has had an impact on my life – when I find a situation difficult I often find myself reflecting on what Zig would say. He has helped keep my attitude positive when it would be far easier to focus on the negative.

    All the best,

  5. Your dad has been an excellent influence in my life for nearly 20 years. Books, tapes, cd’s. I attended a motivation day seminar here in Knoxville a year or so ago and assumed that I wouldn’t get close to your dad. I did happen to see him, shake his hand. I only wish that I had brought a book for him to sign.

    You have a sound twitter strategy. I utilize quotes from everywhere that I can find them, your dad is an AWESOME source.

  6. Cindy Says:

    I am Tom’s “big” sister, Cindy. Our sister, Suz who passed away 14 years ago always said that dad was ahead of his time. I agree and the unique way he presents his timely messages is what makes them so memorable. But when you consider that his source of information was and is the Bible, well, you just don’t get more timely than that! The foundation that he built all of this ideas and strategies on, is the reason his teachings are timeless and will apply to everyday living for an eternity. I am so proud of my dad for being the godly man that he is. Thank you, Tom, for helping to keep dad’s message alive!

    • preston Says:

      That is truth… Bible has all the answers from GOD>>> who knows everything anyway.. Why go anywhere else. I know many people have come to know Christ because of your GOD.. Can’t wait to talk to him in Heaven… I have all eternity 🙂 His seminars up there will be great as God will be listening and we will be going to God’s seminars 🙂

  7. Anna Says:

    I think that is a nice mission to keep spreading Zigs words. I do quote him from time to time on my blog also!

  8. Steve Brown Says:

    Hi Tom,
    Your Dad has had an amazing impact on my life as I have read and listened to his teachings. His ideas will go on forever and be passed down to generations. Even today I love the emails and news that you send out. Keep up the great work.
    I certainly will spread the news on http://www.twitter.com/productionguy and http://www.socialenglishman.wordpress.com

    Marketing at http://www.resourcema.com

  9. Carol Terry Says:

    Hello Tom,

    I am late to the party! I did not know about your father’s fall until I read a review of one of his most recent motivational meetings (great review!). Anyway, I wanted to tell you in one of my first jobs out of college I worked for a small television station and every Thursday our manager would play your dad’s tapes and we were invited to come and listen. I wasn’t even in sales but I loved listening to those tapes! They were great. I think my boss was brilliant to invite us all to come and listen. So I just wanted to say thanks! I am ready to listen to them again!!
    Best wishes!

  10. namnum Says:

    Tom it is fantastic to find you on twitter. I own a couple of small businesses including an Amway business and your dad’s work is inspiring and remarkably helpful to me and so many others I know.

    If I can make one suggestion to you as you grow your twitter presence; you should link your twitter profile directly to this page (http://tomziglar.com/2009/02/22/ziglar-twitter-strategy/) rather than your blog home page. It’s such a clear and direct explanation of what you’re offering other tweeps and what you’re looking for in return that it seems to me the ideal landing page for people who’ve found you thru twitter. Not my original thought btw, got it from here: http://budurl.com/tweetpage

    I hope this is helpful to you, have a great day!

  11. “Make your Tweets positive and supportive. Give valuable information. Build trust. Listen and respond to those in need. If you do, others will pass on your Tweets and people will find out about what you have to offer.”

    Tom, that is the essence of tweeting as I do it. I would only add, be real, connect and allow yourself to be helped as well. Ask questions, receive help. We are all one, we are all human and allowing others to help us makes them feel good too and deepens the bond.

    Much Love, @AndreaTannouri the @HolisticMamma

  12. Kim Murphy Says:


    I was so happy to find you one twitter. (I am very new, last week I signed up.) One of the first people I searched for was your Dad. I was delighted to find you.

    One year I was working up in northern Ontario and i had a four hour drive to the camp i stayed at for the week. Your Dad kept me company the whole time. I was almost sad to be there because I had to turn off my CD.

    I am building a coaching business and hope to forward on some of the positive lesssons I have learned from your Dad and will not continue to learn through you.

    love and light

  13. Great to find you on Twitter! Been listening and reading your father’s books for many years– let’s just say for more than 10 years!

    Have always loved his most famous quote of helping others and tried to follow it. Thanks and I look forward to your tweets!


  14. Tom,
    I’m glad to I found your site. Your Dad’s book was instrumental in leading me into the path of sales. I applied many of his principles in my career, and I’ve had great success as a result.

    It’s great to see you are carrying the torch forward. Since “the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree”, I imagine you’ll do a fine job of inspiring others to greatness.

    Have a NICE day.

    George Hearn

  15. Melinda Says:

    Tom, I love your Dad. He’s totally changed my life. I think I read my first Zig Ziglar book aged about 14, and have been reading him ever since. I’ve got old tapes, and new mps’s of him. He’s inspiring, encouraging and motivating.

    And I found you via Twitter. 🙂

    BTW, is there any chance you could add RSS feed to this blog so readers can be automatically updated?

  16. Zig Ziglar has impacted my life on a daily basis. Selling real estate in the Orlando FL market is challenging and listening to the constant negativity is one of the most challenging parts of my job.

    It is crucial to stay possitive and I look forward to the tweets of positive everyday!

  17. Tom: As you know from our past communications that I have been a follower of your fathers message for many years.
    I have had the pleasure to communicate with your father the old fashion way (by mail) and still have the letters that he wrote to me. I give thanks for the encouragement that he gave me to make some necessary changes in my life.
    I still go through my Born to Win book to help to keep me on tract.
    Kind regards,

    David Maxwell
    Fayetteville NC

  18. A Maui Blog Says:

    Hey, I found you through Twitter so I guess it’s working. Actually, you found me when you followed the tweet I did when I quoted your Dad 🙂

    A good twitpic once in a while makes your tweets interesting 🙂

  19. Peter Horn Says:

    Thanks for finding and following me! Since I look through all my follower notifications, I followed back even though I use an automated process which runs on its own schedule. I know your famous Mom as well as your Dad, having run into them at a little place called Prestonwood!

    I agreed with your Twitter followback rationale before I read it, because Zig’s famous quote is well ingrained, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

    Take care, and I look forward to RT you, as I suspect you’ll have a few more where that came from!


    PS: We can all stand to see more positive messages in the Twittersphere. Thanks, Tom!

  20. Tom, glad to be connected with you through twitter. I owe so much to your great dad. I first met Zig in the 70’s in Sioux Falls South Dakota. My father connected with Zig to have him speak to his company. What an impact he made. I remember a storey your dad told about playing golf with you when you were much much younger. From my memory, Zig had one putt to make to beat you, he made the decision to make the putt. In any case, thanks to your family for the positive influence made to my life.

    Best regards

    Ken McLachlan

  21. Steve Says:

    I am so honored and privileged to be connected with you via Twitter. I am so grateful for all the dedication and hard work that your father has poured into my life, literally taking me to the place i am today. I look forward to all the unique energy you bring to the world as his son.

  22. I was very fortunate to hear Zig Ziglar speak in Reno Nevada a few years ago. Mr.Ziglar is truly the most dynamic,positive,motivational speaker I have ever heard. He is still going very strong. I’m glad to see that you are following in your dad’s footsteps. Keep up the great work Mr. Ziglar. Please let me know if he travels to Northern Nevada for another speaking engagement. Thank you!

    Frank (marketing dept. GigglingBooks.com)

  23. Awesome! Zig Ziglar turned my life for the better 30 years ago! ZIG ROCKS! joe

  24. Tom, great post.

    I’m a newcomer to your Dad’s quotes–and hence to your blog/writings–but each of them are speaking to me quite clearly. 🙂 I don’t know your relationship with your Dad, but I think most humans would be proud to have one or two quotes from their respective parents (assuming they cared to have them), and you’ve a truckload!

    I actually think it’s great that you’re marketing (selling?) based on the commodity of quotes–that’s a great way to build a community of like-minded folks, and blogging blended with tweeting is a similarly great way to build community. Keep it up!



  25. Dale Suslick Says:

    Great insights Tom.

    It was good to find out your thoughts on why you do what you do!!

    If you do not know Tom, I met Tom briefly at EntreLeadership 2008. Smart man. Well spoken. Pleasure to meet him!

  26. My brother just recently starting sending me home with your dads books.I have read Better than Good,and Over the Top as of now,and just wanted to say I have a new outlook on all I do from the readings.I plan on reading much more.

  27. Matt Rosen Says:

    Tom, thank you for the services your organization brings to this world. Your dad is and always be a top source for some of the best sales and motivation materials I have ever read. I look forward to reading more about you and the Ziglar family.

    Aloha from Hawaii,and thanks for the twitter updates.

  28. Tom, thanks for following, been engaged in Automobile university for the last 2 months as I have between 2 & 3 hours to and from work. It has changed my thinking and my attitude. Doug Firebaugh is another I love to hear as well.
    God Bless na dhave a wonderful weekend

  29. I used Zig Ziglar’s advice to keep me writing.

    Now, I am beginning a new novel and am in need of Zig’s motivation.

    Now, my story is audio – like old time radio. All you have to do is listen. It’ll make you laff. Go to http://www.NewFiction,com

    Choose ‘Senate Parking’

    Skeeze Whitlow

  30. Looking forward to the Recession package from Krish Doug. I thought is was awesome hearing you speak to your dad. Warm felt thoughts, must be wonderful to ahve a dad like Zig. Been searching for the mentor that I need as I read running with the Giants by Dr. John Maxwell. Gives me goosebumps!! Have a wonderful week and may god shine upon your soul.

  31. Leanne Boyd Says:

    Good morning Tom… my goodness, what a surprise this was! And very special! Thank you for your follow on Twitter, and I’m following back. I first ran into the “Zig Ziglar way of life,” back in about 1990, when I entered the computer world back in my hometown, Denver. I had a business associate who had an impressive library of his works. Over the years, I’ve had many of his quotes printed out and hanging on walls around my “studio,” which now always amounts to my PC and all the peripherals… LOVE the Internet, and the micro-sized “shops” we can create at home. Your dad changed my life… and truly helped me when times were down. He helped build my little business! My email signatures over the years have volleyed back and forth from mainly Ziglar and Einstein!

    I very much look forward to tweeting with you. I’ve bookmarked this page and your Twitter site. Have a super day!


  32. Sbeehm Says:

    Hello Tom, I had the pleasure of seeing you dad in person in Baltimore about 10 years ago. I was instantly drawn to him and his teachings. I only got to see him speak one time but I have heard all of the tapes I could find. What a great man. It is very safe to say that his words actually changed the way I live. When I went to the arena to hear him I thought I was going to learn a few things about sales. I had no idea he would have such a large impact on the rest of my life. Thank him for me when you see him again. And thank you for continuing to spread the good words. Scott

  33. Tom, what a joy to find you on Twitter. 30 years ago I was drawn to ‘See You at the Top’ written by your Dad and it impacted my life (it was the 1st of all his works). I then had the joy to see your Dad in person and saw personally how he walked in his integrity, how intimate he was with the audience, even grouching down to converse on the stage. We in our seats shared between us, if ONLY we could bottle the energy in that room, wars would be ended.
    I marveled how 2000 people could obtain a CD of his testimony. 30 years later I still can bring to mind words written on the Dust Cover of the book. Zig’s words about our past forgotten, our present forgiven and our future guaranteed there is nothing to be discouraged about. Still pertains.
    Thank you and many blessings to you with your mission to carry the torch. Barb

  34. I registered with twitter recently,I wasn’t entirely sure as to how much value or use it would be to me. today it really hit home how great it is. At 4am this morning I started finding my mental health team! Zig, Tony, Jack, Louise + . I sent an email to a friend just now, he is going through some challenges, I told him to find you guys on twitter “As when you get hit by life’s double deckers this team will get you out of A&E and back rocking with life. You have taught me to live and love fully, to find my joy and to share it. With much gratitude.


  35. gerrard!~ Lim Says:

    you can linkn your blog to twitter

    that means there are sites that would scan your blog periodically automatically and upload the headlines to twitter.

    for example twitterfeed.com

  36. Sharon Says:

    Hello Tom,

    Love this blog post… you found me to follow on twitter, and that’s how I found this post…

    So great that you always give credit to who shared tips with you… I thought to share with you… if you do a hyperlink in your blog post on the @username that links to that name at http://www.twitter.com/username then when ppl see who helped you – they can instantly click right into that person’s twitter site – and follow them too!

    I’m @growinggold ~ and I look forward to seeing you in the stream!

    Thanks so much!

    Sharon Corsaro @growinggold
    blog: http://www.TidBitsofGold.com
    home: http://www.growing-gold.com

  37. Hi Tom and Zig!

    Hope u ok.
    I like the strategy.
    I will translate this into swedish
    and use it as my own strategy for building future tw relations.

    best regards from sweden!

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  39. You Inspired ME today, so I wrote you a little something. Thank you!

    “Where is the strong, majestic ambassador that sees the world with eyes of wonder, open to all the possibilities on whatever new horizon she meets? Seeing opportunity as a means to fly her own pattern and make up her own rules on this journey. She is never lost in life, never meandering, and most always never of this earth, but soaring on the ever changing winds of time. She waits upon the Strong, watching for signs, simply listening for The Divine whisper she knows only the faithful can hear. Where is she? Look up!” ~ Tonya L. Kozuch

  40. Black text on a dark blue background is too difficult to read.

  41. JaWar Says:

    Greetings Tom,

    Thank you, I’m truly humbled and grateful for the mention. That’s top notch. I would have never thought I’d get mentioned in your blog, simply because that wasn’t the goal. It has been to engage and share with others.

    I have taken to heart so much of your dad’s most famous quote about helping others get what they want and you’ll get what you want I “just do it” now.

    Thank you again. Should there be a way for me to add more value please don’t hesitate to contact me.:-)


  42. Marti Kieehbadroodie Says:

    I feel strongly that the incredibly wise quotes of your Dad which impacted me tremendously need to be preserved. I have some wonderful business ideas and would love to be able to DM you or contact you in person. I think you will LOVE my ideas and I for one would like to be a part of KEEPING ZIG ZIGLAR alive for the current generation that need access to his wisdom more than ever in history.
    Our country and our culture is slipping away from us all…..and wisdom has never been more important for us to reclaim our culture and our wealth as a nation. Not wealth thru more greed….but wealth of purpose and wealth of integrity. Please give me a contact number or address.
    Marti Kieehbadroodie

  43. Robyn Says:

    I grew up listening to your Dad. Both my parents were in sales and marketing, and the sound of your Dad’s voice through the speakers is still soothing to my soul.

    I love your approach and philosophy. It sounds like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    Tweet on Tom! 🙂

    Robyn Hatfield
    (Twitter name: robynhoops — I’m a basketball fan of course 🙂 )

  44. Hi Zig and Tom,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful words of wisdom and the standards you set for internet marketers, twitterers, leaders and so many more. You make a valuable impact on folks from all walks of life. I appreciate you very much. You follow me on RT@FollowHisLight and RT@2GreenLiving.

    I am just learning this Twitter thing and wondered at one point if it was a good thing or not. I thought. To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the question? I actually made a blog of it and added your Twitter Strategy and links. Your info was just what I needed for myself and to share with my group. Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/to-tweet

    Thank you so much for your leadership!!

    Catherine 🙂

  45. christocharles Says:

    my name is christopher charles.I’m a canadian with a haitien background and i work since a month for primerica in finance.I really really have respect for all the love and respect you show to your dad.Cuz when i see things like that it reminds me that my dad did sooo muuuchhh for me…i love him so much..and my dream is to make him drive a car that he would never drive..and that dream will come true..I want you to know that everyday i am going to follow your advices on twitter and im gon follow your dad advice either cuz i need that to understand more where i should go mentally.ok have a good day..talk to you next time

  46. Brenda Ho Says:

    Thank you for this site! I was inspired since reading Coke Zero strategy! Firm believer in Law of Attraction and recently venturing out on my own in Strategic Corporate Social Responsible branding and marketing in SEA. Tweet me at HoBrenda.

  47. Elizabeth W Says:

    1974. 8th Grade. Me and 5 other kids sitting in a classroom with “See You at the Top” as our text, listening to Zig tapes. We were the ultimate nerds… stayed in from lunch to take the “class.” I couldn’t believe that this guy was saying out loud what I had been thinking about in my head. That day I figured out that I had a gift and it was okay to be inspirational.

    At 48 I still work like tomorrow is the beginning of my vacation. Bless you and your family.

    Oh – and the 5 nerds: 1 doctor, 1 surgeon, 2 Ivy League leaders (I’m one!) and 1 kid who didn’t go to jail! A true miracle.

  48. Hi, Tom!

    Thanks for following me; I’m going to follow you back. At first, I thought you might be someone with a fake account impersonating your Dad, but I see I’m wrong (and glad to be wrong in this case!).

    I think you’ve got a great strategy here; keep up the good work!

  49. April Tucker Says:

    I work for a Hardees franchise called Diamond Hospitality. Last summer they sent us to a motivational seminar where we got to see your dad in Hunstville, AL. I was so touched and motivated by getting to see THE Zig Ziglar. I am so glad to work for a company that worries about taking care of their people and keeping us motivated to serve others. Our company owns the Hardees in Fayetteville, AR. Please stop by and eat with us while your in town. It would be an honor to have you as a guest.

    April Tucker

  50. Wendy Says:

    WOW, how special do I feel right now!! I won’t tell you how many tapes and books I have of your Father. And I certainly won’t tell you when I first started listening to him. That being said, thank you for finding me and reconnecting me with someone I found to be inspirational and well equipped to teach others.
    Be Blessed

  51. joyfulkira Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Glad to meet you! Thank you for reaching out to me. I agree with the business strategy concept you have developed. I have heard many of your dad’s inspirational quotes and find them crisp and on target! Looking forward to following you on twitter and sharing positive messages throughout this amazing vehicle of the 21st century! Hope you had a great 4th of July!
    Just started my 1st blog http://www.joyfulkira.blogspot.com this holiday weekend. Please feel free to follow me. i would love to hear your comments! It’s very clean and simple! Meant to make you smile!


  52. Great post..thanks!


  53. Sig Says:

    I found Zig’s books back around 82. It inspired me so much. I became top salesman in my district selling thousand dollar pots and pans door to door LOL The way I did it was to never prejudge people and honestly helped them make a decision that would benefit them.
    I am no longer in direct sales but we all are selling every day – even if we have no product 🙂

  54. Sandei Struebing Says:


    What an awesome family you have! My mother worked for Glen Turner in the 1970’s and being positive has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.

    Over the years when I lived in Orlando me and Lisa ( Glens daughter) would go and see your father when he had a speaking engagement. Each time I saw him he got better and better. I would say, there is no way he can be better next time, but he was.

    I wanted you to know that I have always known in my heart that I am also meant to be a motivational speaker. Your father sparked that in me a long time ago.

    I always knew I had a special purpose. I read about it. Wrote things down. Read more books your dads of course were included. Then I would write things down and nothing ever seemed to fit.

    Now the 2 have finally come together. I have a plan, a mission and I don’t know how but I feel that it is all right there within my reach. So thank you Zig for taking that leap so long ago that has helped so many people.

    God Bless you and your family, Sandei Struebing

  55. Tom –

    Keep the Positivity going through your own personality

  56. Tom

    Great article…

    What a connection – using that great australian twitter app peoplebrowsr and linking up with Zig’s fans around the world.

    I can remember listening to Zig talking about being “cooked in the squat” screaming out from my cassette player in my car 30 years ago… driving from perth to Manduarh on the other side of the world.

    I had the pleasure of promoting a seminar in Perth and Adelaide back then – 1,800 people turned up to here the message “See you at the Top..”

    Great to reconnect and I will continue to RT Zig Zingers for as long as the sun rises…

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  58. Sandie Says:

    Thanks for my best tweet yet.

    What a cool idea and wonderful legacy!

    Thank you for reaching out to those of us touched by your dad’s words.

    I look forward to reviewing the videos you so generously offered.

  59. Tom:
    Wonderful to see you embrace your father’s legacy and share your strategy & passion for inspiration and leadership with all of us via twitter.

    I look forward to listening and retweeting your inspiring words via twitter.


  60. Paula Ziglar Graf Says:

    Hi Tom:

    I have read your dads book. He is amazing. You must be so proud.

    I would also like to mention that my dad (Oliver O. Ziglar said that he and Zig Ziglar are 2nd cousins. If you want to find out more, please email me. Thanks


  61. Hey Tom,
    Have seen your dad several times over the years, met him, read his books and had
    him as a guest on my radio show several years ago. Just read about what your family has been going through in the last couple of years. So sorry to hear. When your dads new book comes out, I would love to have you (or don’t know where your dad is healthwise in all of this) on my radio show. Just started following you on twitter as well. Best wishes…. if the interview is possible, give me a shout by e-mail… and we’ll go from there.

    All my best,
    Jeff Whitaker

  62. Allen Imsong Says:

    Hi Tom!

    I am really exited to have met you on twitter. Your dad is my hero.This explains all. May God use you too to bless the nations. And yes, keep the faith. No matter what the world says, Jesus alone is the Lord and Savior of the world!

    Allen Imsong,

  63. Dana Henson Says:

    Hi Tom!

    I am the daughter of a man of integrity and I lost him in May of 2007. My dad was not famous like your dad however he still impacted people’s lives by making them feel special and he made time for them. I hold my head high when I tell people who my dad is and the greatest gift he gave his children was honoring our mother. Life is but a mist, it is fragile and it is brief, leave here today and go and serve someone because we are at our greatest when we put ourselves second and serve one another. Jesus came to serve not to be served and the greatest gift He gives to each and everyone of us is eternal life. Your dad is a shining light in this dark world. May God bless you and your family! Hug your dad because one day he will be called home to stand before the King of kings and Lord of lords to hear “Well done good and faithful servant.”

    More of Him & less of me,

    Dana Henson

  64. Tim Zager Says:

    Tom, Thanks so much for carrying on the Ziglar tradition. I met your dad back in my cookware days. Have fun every day!

  65. Judy Adler Says:

    Hi Tom, I follow you on Twitter. Your strategy is EXACTLY the strategy I have been using on @giftofmoney and @Rev_Ike. Basically, I am spreading the word about Rev. Ike’s life-changing teachings which have a great deal in common with your dad’s teaching: positive attitude, positive self image, using affirmations, etc. In other words, Mind Science! My tweets are mostly quotes from Rev. Ike’s wisdom, and links to his wonderful free audio affirmations & visualization treatments, free ebook, articles, YouTube videos and more. Would love to have you follow me and we can RT each other’s marvelous messages. Here’s a tip: I want followers who are retweeters, so I follow people like @MarvinTowler who tweets great inspiration, and then follow those who RT his tweets, who then follow me back.

  66. Cris Mattoon Says:

    Tom, I had the privilege of hearing your Dad speak around 1990, though I honestly cannot remember if it was in Denver or Dallas. I read and reread “See You At The Top” and consider it a book that changed my perspective on personal development that has benefited me to this day. Glad you’re tweeting! -Cris

  67. […] Complete article -> I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Tom Ziglar and Ziglar, Inc. « Ziglar Pure and …. […]

  68. Karen Hanson Says:

    Re your comment, “My second objective is to convince those who have been influenced by Dad to help me continue to get Dad’s life-changing message out.” and, “ideas on how to make the Ziglar Twitter strategy even better.” … I would like to share our communications system with you. Please visit my website to learn more. I would love to SEE you and HEAR you.

    Expect a great day! ~~Karen

  69. deb north Says:

    sorry I just started on twitter and not sure how to use it, you sent me a request to follow me, I took off so you may follow me, did not know how to accept you request. thanks Deb North

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