“Your Dad is Pretty Dope”

Last week Dad and Julie were in Hawaii doing two big Get Motivated Seminars. (I am still trying to figure out how I got left at home!). I was very interested in how the people on Twitter were enjoying the seminar so I started following the event on Twitter by key word searching the name Zig Ziglar.

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a real-time micro blog where people post their comments in 140 characters or less and it instantly notifies everyone who is following them. You can check out my Twitter account at www.twitter.com/tomziglar (and my Twitter name is @tomziglar) to get a firsthand look at it.

Through my searching I found a young Hawaiian guy who was Tweeting updates from the event every 30 minutes or so; I decided to follow him. Later that night I got a direct message from him that simply said:

“Your dad is pretty dope.”

My first thought? “What in the world does that mean!?” So I Googled it. I discovered that in the online urban slang dictionary, “dope” means cool or awesome.

I have to agree, Dad is pretty dope! I bet Dad never dreamed as a young boy he would speak to thousands of people in Hawaii when he was 82 years old and be called “dope” by a twenty-something kid on a thing called Twitter. Time are charging right now. What are you doing today to prepare yourself for the opportunities these changes will bring?

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5 Comments on ““Your Dad is Pretty Dope””

  1. Hey that’s nice you’re on Twitter. I’ve been on there for a while and have managed to have some fun with it(geek fun that is–not like a roller coaster ride or anything). Never knew you were on Twitter or I would have followed you a long time ago.

    I think your dad is pretty cool also. It’s funny that you’ve never heard of the word “dope”, as in cool. Haha, I suppose it could be an insult otherwise. But it’s amazing how many people your Zig Ziglar has touched through his teaching and speaking. I only just heard of him a few months ago when I was reading inspiring quotes on success. Now I’m trying to get literature and find his books and videos.

    Anyways, I just wanted to drop a note.

  2. I owe your dad so much! Twenty years ago I was in sales trying to make it driving around Chicago all day. Needless to say I needed some motivation. Your dad got me through some tough times and I attribute listening to his tapes (and my own solid upbringing) to helping me build the kind of life I am proud and happy to live.

    At the same time, I was starting in sales, my husband was going through grad school and not always very happy about what he was doing. Since I listed to Zig out loud (no ipods back then)he ended up picking up on the philosophy and really turning his outlook around.

    In the end he finished grad school but decided to become a full time dad. A very good one in my opinion. Now he quotes the “can of tomatoes” story to our kids.

    All the best to you and your family!


  3. Anna Says:

    Yeah, your dad IS pretty dope!

  4. wow I sent you a twitter telling you but I just want to say thanks to you and your family for the legacy that is Zig Ziglar. I had the honour of hearing him speak in New Zealand in the early 90’s. I have heard some very famous speakers in person including John Maxwell and some other incredible orators. But I have to say I looked at my watch and he had been speaking for 4 hours and it was like 40 minutes had gone by. It was life affirming and along with his books and tapes has enriched my life beyond words. Thanks Mr. Ziglar for coming such a long way to see us in person we all appreciate you so very much.

  5. Hello Tom (& Zig)

    For more than twenty years I have used (giving credit due to Zig Ziglar!) the following phrase:
    When anybody asks me how I’m doing my reply is always:
    “Outstanding but I’m improving!”

    I have heard Zig Ziglar speak publicly several times and read See you at the Top and listened to his inspiring words of hope, encouragement, and positive mindset.

    The other favorite quote I use from Zig Ziglar is:
    “Get around the Good, the Pure, the Powerful, and the Positive and your life will travel in the same direction!”

    Thanks Zig Ziglar for keeping it real & making a very profound difference in my life as well as the lives of countless others!
    Respectfully, Jay Bergers III, San Francisco

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