Words Worth Repeating

As many of you know, Dad had a tough fall and a head injury almost two years ago and this has impacted his short-term memory.  He still knows the stories and has all of the wisdom, he just can’t remember what he has just said (check out www.ziglar.com/zigupdate  for the full story), and the result is he will repeat himself and tell you the same thing in a short amount of time.

At first this was hard for me to get used to and was even uncomfortable, especially since many regard him as one of the greatest speakers ever to walk the stage.  It doesn’t seem right that the thing he is most famous for would be impacted the most.

This whole process has taught me an incredible lesson.  Dad may be famous for his speaking ability, but it is WHAT he said that had the life-changing impact on people.  Now, at 82 years, Dad is saying the impactful things more frequently, and if you missed it the first time you will likely get a second chance!

For me this life lesson is summed up in a simple phrase:
The mouth reveals the heart

Yes, I don’t mind at all when Dad repeats himself now.  His mouth is the window to his heart, and it is an amazing thing indeed.

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8 Comments on “Words Worth Repeating”

  1. Anita Says:

    I heard Zig speak on a webinar a couple of months ago and what I heard him repeating was, “integrity, …integrity, …integrity.” He still has a powerful and timely message.

  2. Jodie Butler Says:


    We have been listening to your father repeat himself for years. Now, we don’t have to hit the rewind button. The message is the same, as is the messenger. Know that everyone your father has touched is praying for each of you. God bless you, my friend for not only embracing the struggle, but sharing your experience with the world. The Lord is using this to encourage people in need.

    Most Grateful,

  3. David Says:

    Some messages truly cannot be repeated enough. I had to listen to Zigs “Goals” for probably 10-12times until the material finally sunk in.

  4. john stevens Says:

    Let me be the million and one person to say thank you.For the impact your Dads tapes,videos,and books have made on my life.Do I still pull them out every so often and read,listen or watch them? YOU-BETCHA.

  5. You know Tom, it may seem tragic that your Dad repeats himself. But maybe the things he repeats are the things that God wants us all to hear repeditivly.

    Myself, I have to hear things several times to be able to throughly “get it”! And Zig himself said to listen to good motivation recordings, I believe it was 15 or 16 times, so it will become a part of me.

    I know it’s difficult for the family, and I certainly don’t mean this in a bad way, but I could listen to Dad say the same thing all day long! He’s just an awesomely amazing person!



  6. First, thank you for following me on Twitter. I was glag to read about your last tweet ob how you’re getting ready to hear Greg Laurie preach and watch the Lost Boy. Greg is close to my heart because when I first became a Christiaon, his radio program A New Beginning was what I considered “my church”. Any, back to you… I was also excited to find out that you are actually Zig Zigler’s son! Oh my gosh! read your Dad’s books and listened to his CD’s. I absolutely love him and learna lot from him.

    When I read this post, I was touched. You know, my moms is the same way. She repeats herself. She didn’t have any head injury but her family has a history of Alzhiemer’s and I know that she’s got it now. At first my kids were curious why she repeats herself so many times, but they got used to it.

    OK, I didn’t mean to make this comment too long. I am just glad I found your blog. Isn’t twitter such an amazing “connecting” tool? God bless you and your family.

    Liza’s Eyeview
    A Maui Blog

  7. Prayers are with your dad and your family. If he repeats a story or two (or three), that’s just another opportunity for the message to reach someone else.

  8. Mike Henry Says:

    Tom, thanks for the insight. My father is repeating himself a lot now too. Your thoughts are helpful for my attitude. Thanks.

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