What’s In a Name?

Dad has nicknamed all of his kids and grandkids. These names have special meanings that are both loving and positive. I think you will enjoy this e-mail that we got this week and how a name can really have an impact.


My name is Keeper B. Stewart .

I am here to ask if this question could be passed on to Tom Ziglar or Zig Ziglar himself.

I am 19 years old and I was born on March 4, 1989.

Before I was born my parents read one of your father’s books (Raising Positive Kids In A Negative World) .On page 190, paragraph three in the section “Excitement and Love.” he quotes, “Good Morning, this is Keeper’s proud granddaddy!” My name was chosen from that book and I love my name. I was just wondering if I was named after a real one of his granddaughters…so if you could contact me this would be greatly appreciated.

 Thank you for your time…

 Keeper Stewart


Following is Laurie Magers’ reply. Laurie is Dad’s Executive Assistant.

Good morning, Keeper,

 You were named for one of Mr. Ziglar’s real-life granddaughters, although “Keeper” is a nickname for her.  Her real name is Katherine and Mr. Ziglar still calls her “Keeper.”  He has nicknames for all of his children and grandchildren.

 It looks like you may have another similarity to the Ziglar family, inasmuch as one of Mr. Ziglar’s daughters is a lover of horses – actually, Julie loves all animals.  Interesting.

 Let me know if I can answer more questions for you, Keeper.  Thank you for contacting us – I think your name is terrific!


Laurie Magers


Of course, I had to add my two cents’ worth! Here is my reply to Keeper:

Keeper – what an awesome letter to get from you!  You do have a beautiful and blessed name.  When my daughter Alexandra was born, Dad gave her the nickname of Promise.  Latter on Katherine (Keeper) babysat Alexandra (Promise) – she was the Promise Keeper!  How about that!

 Keeper, would it be ok with you if I used your email in one of my blogs?  Just let me know. 

 Embrace the Struggle!

 Tom Ziglar


Here is a thought for you. Names are powerful. If you don’t have loving and meaningful nicknames for your loved ones, why don’t you come up with some right now?

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7 Comments on “What’s In a Name?”

  1. echelonpress Says:

    I love the line about Promise Keeper. I think it is totally awesome that Keeper’s parent’s were so moved by Zig’s words that they brought it into their lives in such a positive and meaningful way.


  2. HeatherO Says:

    Who was “sunshine”? 🙂

  3. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Sunshine is my niece Amey. You can learn more about Amey who is a missionary in Mexico by clicking on the link on my blog home page called Our Guadalahara Journey

  4. The nicknames are wonderful names. My husband and I both grew up in families that did not bestow nicknames, preferring to use the children’s proper names. I wish that I had known about this when my children were born; I don’t think they would take to nicknames now.

  5. Keeper Stewart Says:

    This is Keeper I thought I might add that my parents also gave my three sister postive names as well. My sisters names are Cherish Marie(17),Belle Amie(15)(Means Beautiful Friend), and Paisley Violet(13). Thanks again!

  6. You have a nickname as well T.Zeeeee Man.

    My two keepers names are “Aus-fly” (Austin) and “Adam Beeeee” (You guessed it, Adam).
    Great post, however I need to get my two “Keepers” out of bed and ready for school!
    I’m off work on Fridays now and look forward to taking them to school and picking them up afterwards. That’s more quality time I get to spend with them. Thank you Lord.

    A great day to all, and Tom, please tell that super secretary Laurie I said hi,


  7. Keeper Thompson Says:


    My name is Keeper Thompson, I was born Sept. 7, 1988 in Wichita, Ks but raised in Mulvane Ks. When my mother was pregnant with me she attended one of Mr. Zig Ziglar speeches and heard about his granddaughters nickname and she fell in love. She named me Keeper Baylee. I love my name, she always told me it fit me perfectly because I was a keeper! I feel honored to be named after one of his granddaughters!

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