A Quote to Live By

“You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.” Zig Ziglar

This is one of my top three quotes from Dad because it has so directly impacted my life. It is Ziglar wisdom Pure and Simple! What are you putting into your mind?

Following is a list of Podcasts found on iTunes that has really impacted me. I listen to them on my iPod when I work out or when I am in my car. Just go to iTunes and check for them in the Podcast section in the Business or Religion categories.

The List:

Zig Ziglar (of course!) Inspiring Words of Encouragement

Dave Ramsey

Dan Miller – 48 Days

Internet Business Mastery

John Maxwell


Charles Stanley – In Touch

John Eldridge

Ravi Zacharias – Let My People Think

Andy Stanley – North Point

Greg Laurie – A New Beginning

James McDonald – Walk in the Word

Chuck Swindoll – Insight for Living

Matt Chandler – The Village Church

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4 Comments on “A Quote to Live By”

  1. Matt Taylor Says:

    Excellent quote!! It is definitely going up on twitter!

  2. Carl Success Says:

    Don’t you just love quotes that motivates you and you really feel deep down in your heart. Quotes that makes you just want to ACHIEVE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!! I love it!

    I have gathered some very nice success quotes in my blog also, it keeps me going day by day, striving for my own success.

  3. Pangaea Says:

    Little did I know that posting one of your Dad’s great quotes would have his son finding me on Twitter and then bring me to this great blog of yours. Wonderful. I need and want all of the positive thoughts I can get! I love the idea of the very positive names for people. My own name, which I chose for myself many years ago is “Pangaea” which essentially means ‘the whole world’.

  4. […] books and going to his seminars.  As early as second or third grade, I believe I knew every Ziglar quote from the tape series on Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and Secrets of Closing The […]

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