What makes your heart sing?

It’s pretty hard not to hear all the things that are going wrong these days. This makes me think about what really matters. I am sure you have your own list, so I will not go into a “list,” but I thought I would share with you something that is on my heart.

I have a teenage daughter who is at the top of my list. Nothing makes my heart sing more than when she just wants to spend time with me and be near me. Not too long ago (it seems like the blink of an eye), she would just come and sit in my lap. Now that she has moved from little girl to young woman, just sitting next to me while she texts her friends or talks about life in one-word sentences is what I look forward to. The fact that she just wants to be near me makes all the difference.

Of course, sometimes, especially when she was a little younger, she would crawl up into my lap with an agenda. She wanted something! (She has me figured out pretty good, so she doesn’t have to go to these extremes anymore; she just gives me “the look.”) And if I can, and if it’s in her best interest, I will do what I can to give it to her.

I am blessed in that my daughter asks me for special favors only rarely and that she wants to be near me on a regular basis. And that got me to thinking. When I go to my Heavenly Father, is it to be near Him, or to ask for something? As a father, I know what makes my heart sing, and being a father I think I know a little better what makes His heart sing.

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7 Comments on “What makes your heart sing?”

  1. semazza Says:

    I think it is to experience the wonder of His love – maybe that falls in both categories.

  2. Carl Success Says:

    Zig, a very touching post. My wife is pregnant and I’m so looking forward to be a father. I love all work you do Zig and I will definitely try to lead my son or daughter in the same path you have made for us.

  3. Madhu Ganga Says:


    This is a great post and being a mom of a teenage daughter myself, I feel every word you wrote. I enjoyed reading this and now know that when we meet our creator it is to be with him!

  4. Tom,

    I really enjoyed this… my little girl is about to turn 4, so I’m enjoying those “crawl up in your lap moments.” Nothing makes me melt as fast — other than when my wife walks in the room. πŸ™‚

    And as far as our Heavenly Father is concerned… I’m just grateful He made a way for us to get that close to Him!

    Thanks for these thoughts…

  5. Juliana Mims Says:

    I’m a traveling sales woman πŸ™‚ and I’m based across the country, far from my loved ones. I received a note in the mail from my six year old niece that read “Dear Auntie Juliana, I hope you are having a fun time in California. I hope you are making new friends. Love, Jaeyden. XOXO” Receiving her little hand written note made my heart sing. I appreciate my mom for helping her mail it πŸ™‚ I put the note in a frame and keep it on my desk to remind me to have a fun life and to make friends….In addition to my relationship with Christ, I’m proud to say that listening to the Ziglar podcast in the mornings sends me on my way each day with a smile on my face as I head out to meet with customers and prospects.

    Thank you!

  6. klemons Says:

    This is an especially good one Mr. Ziglar, kudos on the analogy!

  7. Dave Hurley Says:

    I’m so blessed to not know where I would have been or would be today had I not had my hero on cassette,Zig with me at all times through my journey from rags to reality. Thanks a ziglion Zig and Tom.I’ll see you way over the top and in Dallas on Wed.
    With Passion,Your best student,
    Dave Hurley

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