I have always struggled with the word meek. What does it mean? Jesus stated in Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (KJV). I have always heard that being meek means being weak, or passive. Not exactly a quality that gets things done!

Today I learned a little bit about what it means to be meek. I am reading a great book by Steven Fry called True Freedom that is about leadership, authority, and submission. In the book he points out that meekness goes hand in hand with humility and brokenness. Meekness means mild, gentle, and humble in the New Testament. But what really got me thinking was the connection to brokenness.

Brokenness means “the person who strives to control nothing-and no one, but himself.” So here is the AHA! moment for me. The meek person is humble and realizes that the only person he can control, and should control, is himself. So what is the opposite of meekness? Could it be arrogance? The arrogance to actually believe you can control other people?

So now the words of Christ have a whole new meaning to me. “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Now when I read that I hear, “Tom, control yourself and don’t worry about controlling others, and you will inherit the earth.”

Are you in control of yourself? It starts with a choice, and you have the power to make that choice!

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9 Comments on “Meek?”

  1. Like the little girl said that looked down that giant fuselage (Jet, in case I spelled that wrong!), “GOSH”! I guess I’ve got my hands full if I have to controll myself instead of someone else!

    Great perspective TZ.


  2. Juliet Neil Says:

    I liked the meaning of brokenness.I think also that when we realise that without Christ in us we are nothing .it is only him in our lives that we are anything at all. As we let him be in us completely and utterly and that we are only a vessel ,this helps us to lay down our arrogance and control.

  3. klemons Says:

    Don’t tell my husband about all this – I am being meek for the both of us. Get it, I am just controlling myself and him (I am helping out), ha!

  4. Kevin Miller Says:

    Great perspective Tom. So hard…especially in America…to sell the aspect of being ‘meek.’ Tragically hard to even comprehend. What you’ve outlined is really helpful. Thanks!

  5. Michelle Says:

    I live the 12 steps of AA and like what you had to say in this statement. It is all true. I know I have no control of any person, place, thing, or situation. I only can control myself. The meek will inherit the Earth. I can say today, that I know God will welcome me into his Kingdom, when he is ready. Thank you.

  6. I like your philosophy, mind-set, and outlook. As a child, I memorized those words, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” As an adult, I never thought much about the definition. Thank you so much for bringing clarity and meaning to those words by Jesus stated in Matthew 5:5.

  7. Carl Success Says:

    What a coincidence – I was thinking about how to define words and what the meaning of a certain word in my blog today. My word was “success”. That is something I think you know how to define Mr Ziglar, isn’t it? 🙂

  8. George O'Neill Says:

    stumbled on this site trying to find an old friend, to me brokeness is the inability to reach out to this friend and let them know how I feel, all the time knowing that there will never be a reconciliation and that in all probability I will never see them again.

  9. Tim,

    What a powerful description of meekness and the connection to brokenness. This was a needed reminder for me to stay focused on self-control, and not worry about other people.

    Paris Vega
    Graphic Designer

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