Thank You!

Wow! Over 80 comments to my post yesterday. I started to reply to each one but realized I couldn’t keep up. Please take a moment to read the comments and you will know that I am the most blessed son on the planet! Many of you asked me some great questions, so I will respond here so everyone will know.

If you want more information on Dad’s brain injury you can check out to learn about all of the details.

Dad and Julie’s new book, Embrace the Struggle, is scheduled for release in October of 2009. The book is 99% done, but it takes a long time for a book like this to go through the marketing funnel. (This drives me crazy! The world needs the book right now!)

I couldn’t help but notice that so many of you commented on how Dad’s tapes/CDs really impacted your lives. Imagine if everyone were listening to Dad! Now that would be awesome! If you would like to help make this possible just go to this page and get a free download of two of Dad’s best one-hour programs and then GIVE them away to as many people as possible. You can send people to the page and have them download them directly.

At our company we like to think of each other as Difference Makers (Dad created the term to describe what we do, and you know he just has a knack for turning an accurate phrase) and my Christmas wish for you is that you will become a Difference Maker in some one else’s life. If you do, I can guarantee you this will be the best Christmas you have ever had!

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2 Comments on “Thank You!”

  1. Cailin Yates Says:

    I like the term “Difference Maker” it is who we strive to be in our family as well. I quote Mr. Ziglar on a regular basis, as did my mother. Best Wishes, Cailin Yates

  2. And a big ole thank you to TZ! What did you think? Any Ziglar will always get good positive response, especially when you need prayer and kind words. You guys taught us well.

    The Ziglar family will always be loved!

    Merry Christmas,


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