Zig Ziglar Health Update – And Other Great News!

There is much to be thankful for during this Christmas season for the Ziglar family and Ziglar, Inc. Dad had another checkup yesterday with his neurologist Zig Ziglar Health Update – Embrace the Struggle! and he is doing fine. He doesn’t need to go back in for another checkup for six months! I am still working out with Dad four to five times a week, and he continues to improve in his strength, balance, and stamina. Angie Katz www.metabolicwellness.net, his trainer, is amazed that even doing weight training and 30 minutes on the bike his heart rate peaks at about 120 beats per minute. Of course, we all know Dad has a big and strong heart! When your heart is filed with hope and gratitude every beat takes you further and allows you to get more out of life.

Dad’s short- term memory is still short, but that is not slowing him down or keeping him from reaching people in new ways. Just in the last six weeks, Dad and Julie have done three Get Motivated Seminars and have spoken to 14,500 people in Nashville, 20,000 people in Kansas City, and 18,000 people in Austin. Not bad for an 82-year-old guy recovering from a brain injury! (This pretty much means I won’t be able to use ANY excuse for not doing something I am supposed to until I am at least 90!). I have to tell you, I am extremely blessed to have him as my role model. When I was younger I used to think people loved Dad for his talent; now I realize they love and respect him for his character. No matter what your physical limitations, they can never limit your character…unless you let them.

Dad has had some pretty amazing honors in the last few months as well. The Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership (www.ziglarcenter.com) at Southern Nazarene University was dedicated last month. If you are considering an MBA you need to check out The Ziglar Center where you can earn one in ethical leadership based on Dad’s body of work. How cool is that! In addition to this, the Prestonwood Foundation named an award after Dad called the Zig Ziglar Servant Leadership Award (www.zigziglaraward.com) to help support Kingdom education. Next March the first recipient of the award will be Mike Huckabee. If you are looking for great things to support the future of our country, you might want to consider contributing to either or both of these programs. Imagine if the next generation of leaders all lived the principles and values that Dad teaches! I bet we wouldn’t need a bailout!

One last piece of big news. We just moved into a new office location and there is a great story behind it. In the move process we reviewed over 30 different potential sites and visited about 10 of them. All in all, I have to tell you it was very discouraging that we were not finding the perfect fit and I was very concerned that we were going to have to make a decision that just didn’t feel right. Then, about six weeks ago, I was at church with Mom and Dad. (Now when you are at church with Mom and Dad you get to talk to about 100 people between the front door and the pew!) As we were making our way down front to the second row where Mom and Dad always sit, we ran into someone I had not seen for several years. Dale Dodson is a great guy (he invited me to play golf once, so that qualifies him), and as we caught up on things a voice in my head kept telling me I needed to call him. Two weeks later, after a very disappointing day of looking at potential office space, the same thing popped into my head: “call Dale.” So I did.

As Dale and I talked on the phone, he asked me about our business and I told him we were looking for a new office space for about 15 people. Dale then said we should be able to find a good deal with the market being slow and I said there were certainly good “deals,” but we had not found one just right for us yet. Dale then said, “You know, maybe you should look at my space. I sold some of my business units off not too long ago and we have three people sitting in almost 6,000 square feet. Of course, our lease is up in about 30 months, so you may not be interested.” Dale didn’t know that our goal was a two to three year sublease. When he told me where his office was I couldn’t believe it. Less than one mile from Mom and Dad’s house and the exact office buildings that Mom had been telling me for over 10 years we should check out! Dale didn’t know it then, but I knew we had found our new home. We moved in last Friday and we are sharing the space with Dale and his team! And, of course, we didn’t need to do one bit of construction – the space is PERFECT for us and even has the ideal set-up for our studio requirements. As Dad says, “Coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous.” The moral of this story: “When you go to church with Dad, good things happen!” You can go to church with Dad, too – just plug a CD of Dad in your car when you are on your way to church!

Embrace the Struggle and Merry Christmas!

Tom Ziglar

Proud Son of Zig Ziglar


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125 Comments on “Zig Ziglar Health Update – And Other Great News!”

  1. Michael Norton Says:

    I remember the answer you gave me the first time I asked you what it was like growing up with Zig as your dad. Your eyes filled up and you said just three words “It was awesome”

    Any reader can feel your emotion and love for your dad when they read this blog. I am glad for Zig and I am convinced that God still has a message he needs Zig to be sending! God bless you both!

  2. i would be very interested in the leadership education. I am building my business and am not yet overflowing with money. Alice

  3. Bob Biss Says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am so happy to hear how Zig is doing and I’m excited to hear about the success of your office move and the perfect location you have found.

    All my best to you and the entire Ziglar family and best wishes for a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

    God bless,
    Bob Biss

  4. Karen Says:

    Tom, You know it makes me proud and tearful at the same time to read an article like this and see what an impact your Dad has made, not only in the lives of others, but in yours and your sister Julie’s lives. I am writing to you because that is my dream is to have my sons and daughters look up to me some day and feel just like you do! However, My son is now 18 and is duly in a troubled time in his life. He is addicted to many things harmful and he is angry and even violent. I hate to even write these words. I am in the process of looking for a drug treatment center for him (and we are your neghbors by the way…my secretary lives right across the street from your offices on Chennault and I pick her up sometimes.) and I was wondering if you have any referals for a place that you and your dad may have in your “rolodex” that you could give. I hope that this is not inappropriate for this site but I have personally met your dad in July at Southfork Ranch and I was able to speak to him personally. It was an honor to speak to him and it was an honor to meet you and Julie as well although, I’m sure you would not remember meeting me and that’s understandably fine. If you know, thank you! If you don’t then thank you for all you and your family give! Sincerely, KD

  5. Mary Lichlyter Says:

    Great news is always great! Merry Christmas to all the Ziglars and all their friends and associates!

  6. Valerie Powell Says:

    Thank you for the update on your dad. My best wishes from our family to yours for the holiday season.

  7. Jim Morrison Says:

    Glad to hear your dad is improving.

    He turned my life to the positive, March 1985.

    I still have the books and tapes I purchased when I visited the Dallas office.

    Tell him Thanks

    God Works Wonders even when you are not looking

  8. Bert Suarez Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar:
    Thank for sharing with us the recovery of your father. I have been a huge Zig Ziglar fan for nearly 20 years. I have read his books, seen him speak live, and hung on every recorded word. When I first was introduced to your Dad’s work I was going through a very tough time in my life and through his words I got through it. I wrote him a letter thanking him for his inspiration never expecting to hear back, but a few weeks later I received a wonderful hand signed note. Talk about inspirational!!!

    Well I hope he continues his miraculous recovery and blesses us with his wisdom. Happy Holidays and may God bless you all.

    Bert Suarez

  9. Teri Morales Says:

    I wanted to thank you for your update on your Dad. I became a big fan of his from the first time I saw him in the mid 90’s in Pontiac, MI at a Power Event and he was one of the many key note speakers. He touched me in a way non of the others did especially when he spoke about everyone needs to start with a spiritual core center to be able to be successful. I know take his teachings and newletters and help use them for training and motivation for my sales team. Happy Holidays

  10. Terri King Says:


    Thanks for the updates on your dad. It is wonderful to hear how he is progressing and getting stronger each day. He is truly an inspiration to us all.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,
    Terri King

  11. Jim Penny Says:


    All GREAT news and multiple learning messages to boot. I saw the Foundation video at Prestonwood on Grandparents Day – it’s a nice compliment to one of our true national treasures, and a great legacy!

    You are on to something with the character observation. The world has plenty of people with talent, but not nearly as many with character.

    Congratulations and best wishes,

    Jim Penny

  12. Jim Thurman Says:

    Tom…..I attended Born to Win in 1994 and the experience changed my Life. We started with a get together at your Mom & Dad’s house and then 3 great days. I lissened to your Dad’s tapes for the next 6 years and I use a lot of the material in speeches today. I was able to take my company public in 1998 and started to smell the roses in 2001. Semi retired at age 47 my wife and I travel and invest in the Country. I share the experience of listening to your Dad over the past years with all that will listen to me. I still enjoy driving and dropping in a Zig Zigar tape in the cassette. I have lost track of your Dad but I see that he is recovering from what appears to be an accidentl, can you tell me what happened and will he make a full recovery? Your Dad inspired me so much about life and the unlimited possiblities we have within ourselves. He also shared the story of his walk with Christ at our Born to Win Weekend. I am proud to say that I have but I hero in life and that is a Jewish Carpenter. God Bless Jim Thurman

  13. Pastor Ralph Gerard Says:


    What terrific news about your awesome dad! At a time when “characters” abound while true character is minimized, thank God for a man who is still raising the standard for personal integrity and moral clarity in both family and business arenas. That thousands more would meet Zig “at the top!”


    Ralph Gerard
    Pastor/Phoenix, AZ

    PS: These scriptures came to mind while reading your report on Zig: Be blessed – Psalm 89:20-24 (Just substitute Zig for David)

  14. Lore Says:

    Glad your father is doing well! Words cannot describe how Grateful I am for his words of inspiration and advice over the past 25 years, which changed my life forever. Our family wishes you many blessings this Christmas season and into the future!

  15. Chris Knople Says:

    Thank you for the update on your dad. I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Get Motivated Seminar in Columbus, OH last year. He has indeed chosen to embrace the struggle. The man is so much more than a motivational speaker, he is a hero to many. I (like you) can no longer have any excuse for not completing something. I’m looking at going back to school (college) in the coming years. I’m also going to make myself that WALL OF GRATITUDE and put your father’s picture on it.

    Thank you again.

    Have a Wonderful, Safe, and Blessed Holiday Season.

    Merry Christmas!

    Chris Knople

  16. Zack Mitchell Says:

    Tom & Ziglar family,

    Thanks so much for the encouraging update. What a GREAT Christmas present!!! Love the quote about coincidence……will be using that one, too. Congrats on your new office space.

    Stay in touch and have a Great Christmas,


  17. Jan Ott Says:

    Just wanted you to know. Some how I got zig Ziglar e-mails and have been enjoying and learlning so much about your family. How blessed you are to have such a roll model as your father. It has been such a blessing and learning reading all the e-mails. Character is so important and very hard to find…..

    Merry Christmas to your family.

  18. Madge Broz Says:

    It is so great to read your updates, Tom on your Dad’s progress.

    I have several of Zig’s books and daily hear about or hear him on many radio shows.
    It seems like the world has overvalued Talent, but left out that word called Character.

    So thanks for the Story.

    Madge Broz

  19. Bob Mazza Says:

    What an inspiration you Father has been to me. I use one of his quotes on every email I send. God Bless your father and you and your sister as well.

  20. Emma Says:


    Zig has been an important part of our life ‘forever’.

    Where can we read to find out why Zig got brain injury? We too have had brain injury in our family and can appreciate the path you are on.

    Blessings to your whole family,


  21. Dalin A Says:

    A fellow Yazooan,now living in Canada.
    I was a freind of Emily,his neice in Yazoo City years ago.
    I got clean from drugs in 94.I ended up having a stroke in 1999.
    Your father has impressed me alot.
    I am on Social Security from the U.S.
    My hands were just about paralysed in the stroke,and one side is stronger
    than the other.Havent been able to work since the stroke.
    I am a recovering addict,and I use alot of the techniques that
    I have learned from him online in my practis of sponsoring other addicts in
    the NA program.Still to poor to buy any of his books
    due to my finances,but the things from his youtube videos
    help me alot.
    I am so glad he is doing better.
    I think his sister use to live behind Black and Whites clothing store
    of 15th street.My grandparents that I lived with were the Mozingo’s.
    Wish him well from another brain injury survivor
    I am

  22. Melissa Forte Says:

    Thank you Tom for sharing the great news about your dad!! Our prayers have been raised continually for your dad and all of you, through these times. Your “embrace of the struggle” has encouraged the rest of us to hang in there and I can’t wait for the book to be published! Your familiy’s guidance and especially your father’s witness and teachings, have encouraged, motivated, enlightened and blessed me greatly over the past four years, since my first Get Motivated Seminar in Pensacola, FL. I was so excited to see him again this year in Mobile, AL as a gift from a co-worker. Your father was able to sign a few programs that day and mine was one of them. I have it up in my office and see it every day. Julie was patient, gracious and proficient at interviewing the incredible man who you are all blessed to call “dad”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Laurie Magers has been great at responding to my emails and as I told her, if any of you are in the Destin-Ft Walton Beach area, please feel free to call or stop by the Emerald Coast Conference Center, I’d be honored to meet you in person and if I can assist with anything I’d be delighted to. She came this way for a visit with her daughter and grand children, and we didn’t get to meet this time.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless all of you!!!
    Melissa Forte

  23. John Thompson Says:

    Saw you dad for the first time at the Get Motivated Seminar in Austin. It was great seeing him but sad to see that he was having health issues. Even so he was great and the audience loves him maybe even more. My wife saw him several years ago and brought home the CD on his Christian Journey and listen to it all the time as well as give a copy to as many people as possible. Thank you for keeping us updated on your dad’s progress.
    Merry Christmas to the family and a great New Year in you new location.
    Faith is not believing that God can
    It is knowing that He will
    God Bless

  24. Rick Says:

    Thanks for the update on your dad. We’re glad he’s doing well. What’s the latest on his new book, “Embrace the Struggle”?

    Merry Christmas to the Ziglars.

  25. Troy Pate Says:

    So great to hear of your Dad’s recovery. He impacts my life everyday through my cassette player. Congratulations on your new offices. God bless your family and the work you do.

    Character counts!


  26. Dalin A Says:

    So glad that you can have an awesome Chistmas with your family.
    Be good to you,and tell your father that I wish your
    whole family an awesome holiday

  27. Phyllis McDowall Says:

    I would like to wish your father and the family a wonderful Christmas together and thanks for all the emails as they are so helpful.
    God bless you all

  28. John Westling Jr. Says:

    I am so delighted to hear the great news about your Dad. I was thinking about him just the other day and was ready to drop a note to see if I could get an update on his health. After nearly 20 years of listening to Zig’s training on tapes and CD’s and after the year and a half I spent living in Dallas and attending Prestonwood and getting to know your Dad personally, I really feel blessed by the many lessons he has taught me over the years. I was always cherish the one to one time I had with your Dad and the small prayer groups that he led at Prestonwood while I was living in Dallas. Your Dad is God’s ambassador and I know that God has plenty of work for your Dad to accomplish. Thanks for the update and may God continue to bless all of your families and have very wonderful and safe Christmas season and a blessed New Year!

  29. Buzz Barron Says:

    Just so you’ll know. I retired from the Boy Scouts after thirty years, and after five years of retirement I went to work for the Red Cross and have been doing that for the last three years. For the past ten years or so I’ve had a friend that was in your Dad’s Sunday School Class, so I was always excited to talk to her each week about what Zig had to say. You see I had attended one of your Dad’s seminars way back in 1976 or so in San Antonio as a young Scout Professional. Of course I bought the book, “See you at the Top”. Still have it somewhere I think. I’ve always respected your Dad as he is truly an inspiration, just in how he lives his life, and still lives his life. I’m always interested in hearing about him and that “Red Head” that lives with him. Frankly, I’ve been pretty successful in my lifetime, and I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of people. Interestingly, your Dad gets some of the credit for that too. I’m glad ZIG lives.

  30. Phyllis McDowall Says:


  31. fran kitcko Says:

    Dear Tom, thank you for sharing your dad’s progress. I wish him all the best. I am a fan of your dad past 3o years ago as a real estate agent inspired by his caring and knowledge.also lifted me up to help me through the loss of my son inspired by his book about the loss of your sister. and his daughter. He is a great man and dad.so blessed to have him on this planet. god love him and a speedy recovery
    Northridge ,Ca.

  32. Ken Says:

    Thank the Lord for His Grace and Goodness. I appreciated your telling of the Lord’s leading in finding new office space. God Bless!

  33. Pansy K Says:


    Glad Dad Ziglar is doing well. I go to that wonderful church he attends. I can attest to the fact that GOOD things happen! What a blessing! I understand about God’s work in moving. My move to a new apartment in August was in perfect timing and rhythm.

    The Great Physician worked another miracle this week. My good news is that my soon-to-be-87-year-old grandpa endured surgery today in Shreveport. A hernia was removed from his small intestine. He is in ICU and doing well. He should be back to normal in a couple of days. He had been quite ill for the last two months. (He and Dad Ziglar’s generation is a tough one!)

    I was at peace about it all in DFW. Guess you could say I “embraced the struggle” by leaving it in the Father’s hands.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  34. martins ejiofor Says:

    It is great to hear that papa Ziglar is doing fine. my drive is identifying with the Ziglars.
    Happy Xmass in advance.

  35. Ben Hoffman Says:

    Dear Zig and Tom,

    Thanks so much for sharing you lose relationship to God and your family. I began listening to Mister Ziglar at the age of 28. I am now 43, and have an outstanding prespective on life. Zig – You laid the ground work for the vision I now have. I want to thank by raising two sons that are close to God as you have.


    Ben Hoffman
    Bentonville, Arkansas

  36. Ben Hoffman Says:

    Dear Zig and Tom,

    Thanks so much for sharing you lose relationship to God and your family. I began listening to Mr. Ziglar at the age of 28. I am now 43, and have an outstanding prespective on life. Zig – You laid the ground work for the vision I now have. I want to thank you by raising two sons that are close to God as you have.


    Ben Hoffman
    Bentonville, Arkansas

  37. Lois Dunlap Says:

    I went with a friend to hear your Dad speak in Kansas City, MO years ago, probably 1977.  I know he has been able to help so many people.I was glad to hear that Mike Huckabee is getting an award.  I was so in hopes he would win the nomination for president.  I purchased his book entitled “Character makes the Difference’ (I think that is correct)and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thanks for this email.

  38. Thomas D. Le Roy Says:

    I am pleased that Mr. Ziglar is doing so well. It sounds like it is business,as usual!
    Happy holidays to everyone.


  39. Stuart Parnell Says:

    Zig is and will continue to be an inspiration to everyone that knows him. Please pass on my goodwill and best wishes.

    Stuart Parnell
    United Kingdom

  40. Tina Downey Says:

    Dear Tom,

    What a beautiful and heartfelt letter you wrote! Your whole family is so blessed and so is everyone who has the pleasure and honor of knowing you all. Thank you for being such an incredible role model. Your dad has created such a life-changing legacy!!

    Thank you for sharing that awesome story about your company move!! Boy, if that wasn’t a “God-thing,” then I don’t know what is. I loved it!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Super Fine 2009!!!!!

  41. Tom, it’s great to hear Zig is doing so well. You know, that generation is something else. I wish our country still had the character that that generation was made of. My in-laws are 89 and 82 and can accomplish more any day than my husband and I can in a week or month! My Father-in-law was a Marine (and still is mentally). He and my Mother-in-law together are so thin and frail. They remind me a lot of the stories I hear of your parents. I truly believe he is still alive because he can’t stand to leave her behind. My husband and I have agreed that when one goes to meet the Maker, the other probably won’t be far behind.
    Wouldn’t our Country, Our World Be a Much Better Place if people had the convictions, respect and honor of that Generation!
    Merry Christmas to You and Your Family and God Bless!

  42. Rena Says:


    My heart skipped a beat I was so thrilled to hear of Zig’s progress! What an amazing story about finding the perfect space for your new offices. Speaks to the truth that when we get out of the way, the Divine can work His magic!

    God Bless you all for the light you share with us all!

    All the best!

    Rena Reese
    Founder, Soul Salon International

  43. Jose & Maribel Garcia Says:

    WOW! Great to read an awesome report full of praise, hope and encouragement. Maribel and I just finished reading the amazing things that our Lord had done with the Ziglar family in 2008…and know that the best and most bless for you guys in 2009 is yet to come! Funny how things work…at the end of the day MOM is always right but at times it take us 10 years to recognize it. We just know that the Lord was reserving the place just for you for such a time as this! Remember that you are highly favorite, empowered to prosper, anointed to win, and impossible to be cursed…after all you were born 2 win! Ps 45:2 NIV.

    Still spelling L.O.V.E. as T.I.M.e.!

    Jose & Maribel

  44. Bobbie C Says:


    Hallelujah on Zig’s health report. I’m impressed with his results. He’s in better shape than I am, and I’m a good 32 years younger. I guess I have no more excuses!

    God bless all of you, and congratulations on the new office space. Maybe some day I can come by for a tour.

    Merry Christmas! Love you guys and gals! Keep up the good work!

  45. Bridget Says:

    Iam happy at the progress Daddy Ziglar is making, indeed, he is a blessing and a living legend, may God continue to keep him for more years as we all tap from the gifts/talent, God has placed in him,Moses in the bible at 120, was strong and had perfect visions, so we are sure, Daddy Ziglar will surpass this in Jesus name amen!
    Thank God for the new office space, indeed, what we are looking for far away is just around us, we need God to help us locate it!Thanks for sharing

  46. Bobbie C Says:

    Actually, I’m 52 years younger… stinkin typos

  47. Jose & Maribel Garcia Says:

    WOW! Great to read an awesome report full of praise, hope and encouragement. Maribel and I just finished reading the amazing things that our Lord had done with the Ziglar family in 2008…and know that the best and most bless for you guys in 2009 is yet to come! Funny how things work…at the end of the day MOM is always right but at times it take us 10 years to recognize it. We just know that the Lord was reserving the place just for you for such a time as this! Remember that you are highly favorite, empowered to prosper, anointed to win, and impossible to be cursed…after all you were born 2 win! Ps 45:2 NIV. Feliz Navidad!

    Still spelling L.O.V.E. as T.I.M.e.!

    Jose & Maribel

  48. BobPollock Says:


    Your dad is an inspiration to us all. I’ve read his books and recently began purchasing his CDs. I never drive to work without a “dose of Zig!” God Bless him.


  49. Thank you for the update on Mr. Ziglar. I have been listening to him for years and years and years and consider him to be part of my family. I think I discovered a cassette tape program of his in the public library. That tape led me to becoming an entrepreneur and a real estate investor. Later, I had the pleasure of hearing him at a Get Motivated Series and at a Curves Convention in Las Vegas (and even got to talk to him one on one then – why did I not think to get a photo of us?!). I (along with a number of my friends) are so looking forward to seeing him in January in Huntsville, AL. Please give him a huge HUG from me and have a Merry Christmas!


  50. michael pugliese Says:

    Thank you for sharing your Dad’s progress–good to hear! God Bless Zig and continuing super natural healing and recovery. Merry Christmas.

    Michael Pugliese

  51. Barbara Says:

    So glad your dad is doing well…..he is a special angel…..and so are you!

  52. Stephen Bond Says:

    Greetings from Australia to the Ziglar family, their friends and supporters and I wish everyone All Good Things for Christmas and 2009…That was a very interesting read Tom: nicely understated and it left a warm glow.

    Your Dad is certainly a role model and his vitality is inspirational: can I therefore say, with the greatest respect, “see you at the top, Down Under” ?

    All the best!

  53. Hey again TZ,
    You know what? I’ll bet dad is just as proud of his boy as you are of him.
    Always carry on your dad’s tradition of spreading God’s hope to everyone you possibly can. Do that, and you’ll continue to be successful.
    I just love the Ziglar family!

  54. Don Bowen Says:

    Just a coment…you did not say in your recent email why you were moving. Just wondered. Also, you mentioned a week or so ago that your dad was selling his home. As I remember him speaking of his home, he loved it there. What brought about that sell?

    Just wondering!

    Don Bowen

  55. Thank you for providing the update. I met Zig in 1975 at a meeting in Oklahoma City. He autographed “See You At The Top” and his teachings helped to give my life a positive direction. I am proud to still have the book as well as “Raising Positive Kids…”. I would prefer now to have the kids series on CD; maybe one day. With God’s help in using people like Zig, we can do anything better than we could without it. I am proud to have met him. Have a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year! I hope to come by and see the new office some day since I am in Paris Texas, not too far away.

  56. Gill Fell Says:

    Thanks for the update. I am glad Zig is doing so well. Please come to England we would love to see you all.
    I look forward every day to the thought and the Friday Story. You are a fantastic group of people and an inspiration to us all.
    My son (19) is now an avid fan too.
    Take care all of you and have a restful, peaceful, healthy Christmas
    God Bless
    Merseyside (Home of the Beatles) …. Cant buy me love…….. etc.

  57. Robert Galloway Says:

    “You’ve got quite a legacy there my boy!”
    Enjoy every day.
    Robert Galloway

  58. John Steger Says:

    Thank you for the update on Zig. Without knowing it (as I am certain happens more than you hear about) your Dad has had a HUGE impace on my life. I started reading Zig Ziglar over 20 years ago when my Sister gave me a book for Christmas “See you at the Top.” SInce that time I have purchased every tape or book I can find authored by Zig because I knew no matter what title he puts on a book, it will be filled with good, positive, Christian teachings.

    Please thank Zig and let him know that I am simply one of many of God’s children praying for him and his family. Tom, you are truly blessed to have a role model and mentor such as your Dad and thank you for sharing him with the world!

    God bless and Merry Christmas,

    John Steger

  59. Barbara Duncan Says:

    I’ve just recently started listening to Better Than Good in my car after reading it about a year ago. It is heart warming, inspirational and just plain great! I am constantly amazed by what a great man Zig Ziglar is. In fact, on my Myspace page he is listed as one of the people I would love to meet along with Jesus. So he’s in good company! Anyway, I hadn’t heard about his brain injury. And I’m glad he’s recovering well. I’m a PT assistant in home health so I know it doesn’t always turn out that way. Apparantly he still has work to do here on earth. I’m glad!

    I was just thinking today as I was listening to the cd’s that my journey to self-improvemnt started with a book of his, See You At the Top, back in the late 80’s. And then my Christian journey was strengthened by his book, Cofessions of a Happy Christian. I owe a lot to him. So I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, and let him know that he is in my prayers and will forever be on my “wall of fame” if only in my heart! God bless all of you.

  60. Hi Tom!
    What a blessing to hear the great news about your fathers health!!!!!!!!! Head injuries are very difficult, however the Lord has much more work for your Dad!!!

    Glad to hear the Update about Southern Nazarene University’s Zig Ziglar Institute in Christian Business Ethics!!!!I was blessed to be at your fathers eighteth birthday party, where we had the privilege to donate to the Institute.
    Tom, you do have a lot to live up to!!!! How blessed you are to have such awesome parents!!!
    My website is listed here, and your beautifuk daughter told me that the Best Lip Gloss in the world Is Mary Kay Cosmetics Pink Diampnds Lip Gloss!!!!!
    May the Lord richly bless all of your family in the NEw Year!
    Mary Ann Schroeder
    Mary Kay Cosmetics
    Dayton, Ohio

  61. Nathan L. Emminizer Sr Says:

    Thank you for helping me to see God’s hand at work I NEED to see that now more than ever. Praying for you all and thanking God for you,
    God Bless you all!

  62. Radcliff Owen Says:

    Tom, I love your dad. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. His character and approach to life are what I aspire to achieve. Your weekly emails remind me to refocus when my life seems to hectic to do what I think I need to do, and enable me to do what I truly want to do, which is making the cest use of my time right now to achieve my goals. Truly an inspirational man. The group of dedicated people working with you and the thousands of inspired people will ensure the messages continues to spread.

    I do not always agree with everything Zig says, at least not at that particular moment in my life. However, Zig has a consistency of character that is clear and inspirational in everything he says and does.

    Yes, I truly love your dad and am so glad to hear that he is improving.

    Best wishes to you all for the festive season.

    Radcliff (in Australia)

  63. Oliver Asaah Says:

    I go not just to church with Uncle Ziglar whom I call my “Idol” ( Role Model) but I also go to work and just everywhere whether I am driving or flying in an airplane. There is nothing like the “Changing the Picture” cd.
    I just ordered Ispiration and Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World. Listening to Uncle’s CDs is a continuous source of insiration to me; thanks to him, I am already writing my own book. Tom, if you have not yet started your own book, you are probably behind!

    One last thing. It is my fervent wish and hope to meet Uncle Ziglar face tot face before long. Could you please, advise me on his schedule and what I need to do to meet him?
    Oliver Asaah, in Maryland
    301 537 2068

  64. deepak kumar Says:

    mr tom

    i am very happy mr zig is doing fine . thanks for giving us information about his health . wish you and dad have a merrry christmas

    deepak kumar
    shivi kumar

  65. Tom,

    What a thrill to hear all the good news about your Dad! Echoing what others have said here… it’s a delight to read such glowing yet authentic words from a proud son. It’s evident to me from encountering you and your team that not only does Zig himself stand for character and the principles he has espoused publicly for so long, but the entire company does too!

    Thanks for furthering the work of your Dad’s life!



  66. Kathleen Says:

    Tom, Thanks for the update- Isn’t God amazing? I so needed to hear “Embrace the struggle” – it has given me new strength and hope.

    Thanks for your dedication to positive thinking!
    God’s blessings always and enjoy every day with your dad.

  67. Dave Jensen Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Congrats on Zig’s progress, the new office space, and a booming 09.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    See you soon,
    Dave Jensen

  68. Milton Cordero Says:

    Hello Tom,

    I have been honored to have heard your father do his motivational meetings. I am a Quixtar IBO and had 2 of his books. I had a couple of his tapes but since they were great tapes, I let someone borrow them and they never came back and the same things with the books. Now I have one book left. In spanish of course. I love his motivational speeches. I am really glad to hear he is doing well and specially after having a wedding anniversary. I will look for some more of his material to replace (SEE YOU AT THE TOP AND ABOVE THE TOP)which I lost or I guess what I let some one else borrow.

    Have a great Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.

  69. Susan Robinson Says:

    I am a consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and have been to two of the motivational seminars as a “book seller”, Toledo, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. What a thrill to have been invited to be a part of this…….listening to Colin Powel, Babbe Mason,etc. and of course Zig. When I read about what is going on in your family’s life, I feel as if I know all of you. I am blessed to read the devotionals also. Please keep them coming………

  70. George Vernon Says:

    Good news about Zig, Tom!
    My only comment iabout Zig is, ‘The bigger the heart, the more talent’. Being a fan of Zig for many years, I am convinced of the enormity of his heart!
    All the best for continued recovery, Zig, and Merry Christmas to the whole Ziglar family.
    George Vernon

  71. john pratt Says:

    Tom, Your Dad is amazing….I first saw him in Jackson Ms and he was so full of vim and vigor.
    Young and restless to teach and lead a nation of sales people to do better be more and give back more of themselves….Thanks for having a Dad Like Zig

  72. Hey Tom!

    Awesome news! And just like God to do things like that! So cool. We appreciate all you guys do. Just today I was passing out CD packages and books to our referral sources for Christmas.

    Thank you for all that the Ziglars do and all that you stand for.

    Howard Partridge

  73. D Wills Says:

    It’s great news of the continued progress that Zig is having. God still has some work for Zig to do. To all a Merry Christmas and may God Bless your new year to come.

    Your friend in Christ,
    Donnie Wills
    East Tennessee

  74. Mr. Tom Ziglar,

    A quick note to say I am delighted to hear that your Dad is doing so much better. He has blessed me with his wisdom and guidance and he is in my prayer. Happy Holidays!

  75. Jeff Stifnell Says:

    It’s great to here that your Dad is doing so well! He truly is an inspiration to be doing motivational speeches for thousands of people at age 82. I hope and pray that I will have his drive and ambition at that age! Zig’s books and C.D.’s have helped me to grow and become a better husband and father. May God bless you and your family.

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Stifnell

  76. Jennifer J Robertson Says:

    Tom, It is great to hear about your father. I have been motivated and encouraged since I heard him speak in New Orleans LA in early 2000. Thanks for keeping us updated on Dad’s progress. I will continue to pray for his progress. Have a blessed and safe Holiday Season. J. Robertson

  77. Maartin Strydom (South Africa) Says:

    Warm wishes for a total recovery! Thanks Tom for the update – may you all experience a wonderful festive season.

  78. Deidre Jackson Says:


    I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you being candid about your relationship with your Dad! I love it! It’s inspiring and I feel like I know you personally. You write as if you are writing a letter to a friend. Thanks for sharing and for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to others. Keep living the dream……..

    In His Service,


  79. Vanya Says:

    That was the most heart felt – compelling letter I have ever read ! I love your dad so much from years back at Success Seminars…books…tapes…

    There is no man so right down there with everyone, but with the best sparkle of life in his soul 🙂 and you sound just like him in your wonderful letter !

    May the Ziglar sparkle pass around to all this Christmas and in to the New Year so that not a single family worries about their tomorrows, but lives in faith with fulfillment on their faces 🙂


  80. Tim Strawn Says:

    Tom –

    So glad to hear a great report on Dad! How lucky you are to have him for a Dad…and friend….not to mention mentor and example!!! I’ll continue to pray for all of you, especially Zig!!

    Merry Christmas to you, your family and Dad. Keep smilin’ and takin’ good care of that guy who means so much to so many of us!!

    A long time Zig admirer and fan!!

    Tim Strawn
    New Albany, OH

  81. Richard P- Norfolk, VA Says:

    I’m delighted to hear that your dad’ health is improving!

    20 or more years ago, I had several cassette albums of his work- I listened to them all the time!

    He always used biblical examples to illustrate his points, and those examples always stuck with me.

    Your father’s encouragement through those tapes, combined with the prayerful encouragement by my older sister, and too many other witnesses to remember, were instrumental in my coming to Christ. I will always be grateful for the part he played in my salvation.

    Please thank him for me, and let him know that you are all in my prayers!


    Will leave long because of his largeness of heart towards people. Long life is his heritage in Christ. A child shall die at hundred that’s what the Holy Bible said. I believe God for him.The good Lord will strengthen him in Jesus Name.

    I can’t do without insight of the day. God has used him for me. So i will continue praying for him.

    Stay Blessed Tom.






  84. R. Wayne Cobb Says:

    I have been following your Dad’s principles for 30 years. I met him in Jackson, Ms. I was in pharmaceutical sales for almost 20 years. I am now in insurance sales and the same principles apply. Thank God for his teaching and motivation. And “Thank You” for keeping the Zig Ziglar Spirit alive in the lives of others, like me!!!

    Saved To Serve,

    Brother R. Wayne Cobb
    Montgomery, AL.

  85. Derick Says:

    I survived a severe motorbike-accident 22 years ago that left me in a coma for 7-months. Tell your dad that I still have a short-term memory problem, but there’s nothing wrong with my long-term memory. The only ‘problem’ is getting new information through the short-term memory into the long-term memory! But tell him from someone who’s experienced brain damage that IF SOMETHING DOESN’T KILL YOU, IT MAKES YOU A BETTER PERSON!

  86. Nathan Hewitt Says:

    I’m only 18 years of age.

    I was introduced to your father at age 15 and I listen to his cd’s everyday.
    Your dad truly is inspiration to me.

    I wish him all the best.



  87. Michael Says:

    Dear Zig,

    We love you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm with us and making us better persons.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your loving family!

  88. Maria Smith Says:

    You have a wonderful family and your father and mother and your father’s cd’s have brought much inspiration to me and my husband Jim. Have a very blessed Christmas and God bless you all.

  89. Brian Frailey Says:

    Tom, this is Brian Frailey. We met at the WCR event for Dede. Is there anything that my company can do to help with the set up out at the new place. Ask Heather to forward my email to you please.

  90. Cyndi Jones Says:


    It was wonderful to hear that Zig is doing well. I definitely understand what you are saying about your dad and church. I started attending his Sunday school class when the church was at the school off of Hillcrest and continued to attend when our class moved into the Choir Room at the new facility. Although your mom and he always had people around them they always took the time to say hi and give me hug. Of course your mom would give me a hard time, especially if I had missed a couple of Sundays.

    Now, I’m in South Dakota and getting ready to move to North Pole, AK so your parents are greatly missed; however, it is always nice to get the newsletters and to hear how they are doing.
    Please give them my best and wish them a very Merry Christmas for me.

    Cyndi Jones

  91. ART BAKER Says:

    Dear Tom: Thank you for your updates regarding your father. He
    is a national treasure. Our prayers are with you and your family
    during this chalenging time. May God bless and keep all of safe.

  92. Marty House Says:

    Tom, Thank You for the update on your Dad. I lost my Dad (my hero) this summer. I have thought to call your Dad several times, but know he is so busy, and didn’t want to be a bother. I became aquainted with you mom and dad when I was managing Luby’s Cafeterias in Dallas during the last 80’s and early 90’s,they where very good customers and better people. Tell them both that I think of them often and they and your family are always in my prayers. Please make sure you tell them hello from Kim and I. At one time I had there home address and we would always at least keep in touch through a yearly Christmas card, but I’ve misplaced it somehow. God Bless you and the work you do.

  93. Bryan Paisley Says:

    Tom, Glad to hear Zig is doing well. Your family will continue to be in my thoughts. Have a Merry Christmas.

  94. Dear Tom,
    I have seen your dad speak and have listened to his tapes for hundreds of hours. I owe my success to Jesus Christ and Zig Ziglar. Although I have never met him face to face, I just love your dad. He can never be replaced. he has surely changed the world for the better. God Bless him and your family. It is my wish to get to meet your father personally some day.
    Matthew Harrigan

  95. Owen Banton Says:

    My prayers are with you and your family at this time. I would like to say your dad is amazing the first time i heard him was a month ago. What a message. Live long and live strong!

  96. Jon Day Says:

    This is great news about Zig and wonderful news about your office space!!!

  97. phil west Says:

    Tom, your Dad is a fine fellow and I have read most of his books and listened to most of his CD’s! Please know I will keep him and your family in my prayers and I know Zig will recover just fine and I look forward to some more books & new CD’s.

    Zig is an inspiration to all of us! Merry Christmas to you all.

    Best regards,

    Phil A. West

  98. Victor Colaianni Says:

    Tom, praise God for your dad’s progress! His life and testimony have been very inspring to me over the past 5 years as I became a new dad (by adoption), and also had to switch careers due to a downsizing from a previous job.

    Thanks for keeping all of us updated!

  99. Jim Donovan Says:


    Great new about Zig and I enjoyed your story. Storytelling must be in the genes:-)

    Please give our best to your parents and keep writing.


  100. Jack Alia Says:

    Dear Tom,
    I want to thank you for keeping us informed. You father means a lot to us. If it weren’t for Zig’s words of encouragement, I’m not sure I would have made a career change and started working for Floyd Wickman. I always wanted to make the move, but was afraid of change. Now I’m happier and more fulfilled now than I ever was. As you know, Floyd loves Zig, and so do I. Please thank him for me. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.
    Warm Regards,

  101. Cheri Perry Says:

    Tom, your father has touched our life in such amazing ways- our marriage is thriving and everyone around can see the love! Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family as our favorite speaker tackles this challenge and overcomes!! Dean & Cheri Perry (Vancouver, WA)

  102. Hi Tom,
    Your story is heart felt. I love you Dad too. Through the years he has been a very strong leader in my eyes. I have never had the chance to meet him face to face, but many times in seminars at a distance . After I gave my heart to the Lord, Zig really settled in as a person to admire and respect. Last year for Christmas I was blessed with his book, (my favorite) See You At The Top, personally signed. What a blessing that was for me.

    Men like Ziggler are uncommon in business today, the work he has done is nothing short of Gods extended hands creating miracles in everything he touches. I love his stories; they leave you wanting to follow and find out more. I could go on. You would have to sit a spell to hear my heart regarding your parents love for Christ and people like me who had very low self esteem. Well…………I better quit!

    I will certainly keep Zig lifted in prayer on my morning watch. Please don’t ever feel you have to fill his shoes. He gave you your very own pair to walk in and I’m sure he has trained you well.

    Blessings in the new place………….God knew just what you needed all along…………. funny eh.

    Blessings this Christmas and always

  103. Mike Benton Says:

    Hello Tom, As I read your update on your dad, I felt the need to telll you and your DAD thanks. I listen to your DAD daily and I read his newsletter as quick as I get them and thanks for starting the newsletter. I have gone to a couple of your dads seminars and that was just too few. Though I have never met your DAD, I consider him my mentor and I hope that as I begin my life in coaching I can be half the man your father is. You and family are in my prayers and if your every in the DC area please call and I would love to meet you and your family.

    So lets scratch some more scratch.
    Mike Benton

  104. Sonya Says:

    What a great story. I like the phrase of “Coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous”. If I take a step back every day and review events, I will see where God has stepped in and taken care of things that I couldn’t do on my own.

    Congratulations on the new space and hope you and your family have an awesome holiday.

  105. Hey Tom, Thanks for the wonderful update & amazing news. Continue to let your Dad know tha he has a whole bunch of folks praying for him.

    I loved reading the comments left by the others as it stands as a wonderful testiment of how the Ziglar family has made & continues to make a difference in the lives of others. I thank God that you all accepted the call of God that is so clearly on your lives. Thanks for setting a great example of awesome character, resilience, graciousness & love!

    I will continue to pray the Word of God over your Dad & family. Stay encouraged. I look forward to working with you soon.

    My best to your family!

    Wendy M. Reynolds

  106. I’m 43 yoa and thanks to Mr. Zig Ziglar no longer will I be the same person, It is expected much more of me in the way of a productive life.
    and let me tell you that it is a “Fantastic way of life” I have designed my happiness and the only reason is because I do deserve it, for the rest of my life, because of Mr.Ziglar’s literature and audios no longer problems exist, only opportunities to succeed.

    Our prayers are with you and your family.
    The Lord Blesses you every day, all day.

    Thank you

    Faustino Zamarripa

  107. Ravi Says:

    God bless Zig, he made such a positive difference to my life. I wish I heard about him 15 years earlir, I would have bee a much better person, citizen and professional

  108. Tina D. Says:

    Dear Tom ~
    I just want you to know that your dad is awesome & means a great deal to me.
    He so inspires me to do & say things that ordinary people would hesitate to try. He is truly one that will leave this world a better place once it’s his time. I pray that is’s not anytime soon though. May God continue to keep his loving arms around your precious daddy. He is our thoughts & prayers. May God be with you & your family~
    Tina D. Mabank,Tx.

  109. S.V.Ramani Says:

    Dear Zig & Tom, Your newsletters are greatly inspiring and many a times when I am in doubt or when I am wavering, I chance to open the newsletter and I find a solution waiting. Talk about coincidences! But Zig, I disagree with you on one point. god is certainly not anonymous. We Hindus believe that when you pray to God for something or some help, he manifests himself in all sorts of ways to answer our prayer.

    I wish Zig, Jean, Tom and Julie (and other family members) a merry Christmas and a happy, fruitful and satisfying 2009. I pray to God to help Zig recover completely.

  110. Aida M Says:

    Thank you for the update. I will be sure to mention to my children the two facilities you mention. The Ziglar family is worthy to emulate just so we learn to work doing what we love around those we love. The fact Ziglar has done it motivates many of us to strive to achieve similar benefits. We thank the Most Gracious for all blessings.

  111. Rae-Jean Johnson Says:

    Zig & Tom-

    True leaders.

    Zig, Tom is correct; your talent brought you to millions, but your character keeps you and your words in their hearts.

    Thank you for being such a positive influence. May your recovery be rapid and complete.

    God Bless.

    Rae-Jean Johnson

  112. Special thanks to you and the Ziglar Corp.
    God has used Zig Ziglar to transform my thinking and subsequently my life over the past 20 years. As a result, God has allowed me pass along my learning and that has impacted many lives. Thank you!
    Keep encouraged and keep going! God Bless!

  113. Jim T. Says:

    Good to hear how well Zig is doing. Best wishes for full recovery down the road. Peddling that bike will surely get him down that road a lot easier too! Merry Christmas to you and the Ziglar family, and have a fantastic ’09!

  114. Colleen Saison Says:

    Dear Tom, – Thank you for updating us on your dad – he is an incredible man and our whole family loves him. He has warmed our hearts, given us hope and inspired us many times. Please thank him for all he has given us. Even my 11 year old boy has been impacted by his recordings!
    I pray he will continue to improve health wise and that he and your Mom will have many more rich and beautiful days together.
    Thank you Tom for showing such honor to your parents as a proud son. Wow, what a heart warming and powerful statement.
    God bless you and Merry Christmas to the whole Ziglar clan.
    Colleen Saison
    Portland, Oregon

  115. Hi Tom and family, I truly wish your dad continues to do well . How is the red head doing ? My wife and I have embraced our struggle ,but after 20 years its hard not miss our son Matthew who went missing in the himalayas at this time of the year . We are going to vacation in Rockford Texas in February 09 . Please let us know if we can visit on our way home . I use the Ziglar techniques everyday ,and thank God for every day I am alive.
    Your committed believer,Bless all of you .
    Ivan & Rosalyn Schneider . Toronto, Ontario Canada

  116. Kelli Says:

    What AWESOME news!!!! I’ve been listening to Zig CDs all day today and can only dream of meeting such a wonderful human being. Mr. Ziglar has come into my life during the most difficult year of my life. I wish I knew about the courtship in marriage book about 2 years. The content may have saved my marriage, but that would have required my husband to read the book as well and it seemed that my husband didn’t feel he needed any help – he thought all of my issues were about me and he couldn’t be a better husband. I guess it does take two to want to make it work.

    My prayers and well-wishes go out to your Father and your entire family. Please tell Mr. Z that he has a new and eager student learning more and more from him everyday for the past 5 months. Although I’ve been faced with numerous obstacles since my divorce has began, I am now living with my two sons in a nice house in Lancaster California – free from an emotionally abusive father and husband. Times are tough right now but the wisdom I gain each time I listen to one of Zig’s CDs, I watch Joel O’Steen on Sunday morning and attend my church’s 12:00pm mass – I feel that my life has no other choice than to make and see everyone at the top!!!
    Blessings to all of you,
    Kelli (Lancaster, CA)

  117. Jack English Says:

    Tom glad to here all is well. Zig is a great guy……….Jack

  118. HONOR BELL Says:



    It has been a long time my friend…

    Thank you for sharing the GREAT news about my Dear Friend Zig!!!!! He has been an inspiration to me since the late 1970’s. Thank you so much for a very warm and engaging letter to all of us. It was very nice and touching to see you speak of your Dad, Tom. It is more than obvious that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree at all. By the way, please pass on my warm regards to both your Mom and Dad for me. I had a chance to speak to Zig a week or so before Christmas. What a gift for me to enjoy his unbelievable love and friendship!!! He sound very good over the phone, as all we talked about was getting together again, perhaps this coming summer. He also insisted on me finishing my book so he could endorse it. Last year when I was there visiting him and your Mom, I had the pleasure of going to church with them. Yep, you’re right, it takes a while to get from the front door to that second row… 🙂 Zig is SO LOVED by SO MANY, especially me!!!!!!!!!

    Tom, I am wishing you and your family a VERY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!!! I am praying for continued good health for your Dad!! I look forward to seeing that new office when I come over next summer, okay?? 🙂

    Take Care My Friend, and MGB!!!!!!!!!!!

    honor bell
    Pensacola, Florida

  119. Yusuf Says:

    Glad to hear Zig condition… he is a Strong Man…
    God Bless You and Your Family…Happy New Year 2009…

  120. Thanks be to God he’s doing better!!!
    He’s been an inspiration to be for the past 15 years.
    God continue to strenthen him!!

  121. Tex Says:


    I’m glad your Dad is doing better, he was born the same year as my Dad!

    I heard your Dad speak at an Amway event several years ago and read several of his books, all great.

    However, did you know most of the money the Amway “leadership” makes is NOT from Amway, as advertised, but from the tools (meetings, books, tapes, voice mail, web sites, etc.)? Not only that, but the high prices and other practices keep most IBO’s from making a net profit?

    I don’t have any issue with part of my ticket price going to people like your Dad, but to mislead millions of people over the past several decades is appalling.

    What is “The Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership” position on this situation?

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