You Must Be Smoking Something!

We are moving our offices today. Life will be interesting for the next week, for sure. One of the things we are excited about is our new internet VOIP phone system. It will allow much easier remote officing, and it is going to save us close to $1000 a month with better service.

 Of course, in order to make this happen, we needed to invest in new phone hardware, $19K worth, to be exact. It’s a no-brainer business decision, but $19K is a lot of money! The folks selling us the phone said not to worry, they could hook us up with a leasing company that would make it pain-free. Well, I have to tell you, any time I hear the word “lease” I think of Dave Ramsey and how he pronounces it: “Fleece.”

 We decided to listen to their proposal. Their pain-free proposal was simple, we just needed to pay them $1050 a month for 24 months and we could get our phones! I am not great at math, but 24 X $1050 is more than $24,000 which is $5000 more than the cost of the phones! I thought to myself, “YOU MUST BE SMOKING SOMETHING!”

 Bottom line is a 22% interest rate is crazy, and borrowing money for most things makes very little sense at all. So we sucked it up and paid cash. We have been saving for months for just these kinds of things and it is amazing how discipline and a time of need pair up and save you five grand!

 But here is the best part of the story. Yesterday, the same day all of this got finalized, we got an unexpected check in the mail. Over six months ago we requested an audit on an account that we pay into every month. It turns out we had overpaid (by a lot, in fact, way more than we would ever have thought). You guessed it, the check we got in the mail was for $19K! Dad says, “Coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous.” Thank you Lord!


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5 Comments on “You Must Be Smoking Something!”

  1. Way to go Tom, Dave. And most of all God!

    Folks, always remember this little word of wisdom:
    “Welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show, where debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the staus symbol of choice!”

    How’s that TZ ? 🙂

  2. Jonathan Milligan Says:

    Wow, great story! Thanks for sharing. God let’s us know all the time…hey..I’m still here and watching over you.


  3. Jeff Hopeck Says:

    AMAZING story- Where there is Zig, there is hope…. and where there is hope you can promise Zig is there to watch it all unfold. His teachings have reached every household in some way or another. Some don’t even know it yet- Congrats for you all! Nobody deserves it more.

  4. Webly Says:

    Way to go Tom. Dave’s principles are simple and he is always right about “Fleecing”. My hubby and I are doing his debt snowball and I am telling you the “Recession” feels more like a bargain galore season to us because we got in the habbit 3 years ago to do everything cash.
    Great story

  5. Bridget Says:

    Great testimony!where i come from, in Nigeria, its cash all the way, they have just started introducing mortgage and credit and people are still not comfortable with the idea as they would rather do a debit card than a credit card!Indeed God is a prayer answering God who moves with our faith and faith is ACTION!Your taking the decision to pay cash was the wise thing to do and now you can enjoy your new phone and enjoy your sleep too, without fear of debt!

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