Do They Care…Continued


Earlier I wrote about a new study that shows promiscuity in young girls increases directly in proportion to the amount of adult themed sexually oriented TV that they watch, and I posed the question to those who put out this type of TV and star in the shows, “Do they care about the influence they are having?”  We know that promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted diseases and to unwanted pregnancy, and both of these lead to many issues in young girls, the most severe of which is suicide.


I had the opportunity to talk with Rabbi Daniel Lapin about this issue.  He spends a great deal of time on the public stage debating and discussing these issues and points out how a faulty point of view leads to dire consequences in our society.  For example, he explained to me that there is massive statistical evidence that when sex education is taught in schools promiscuity goes up, and along with it sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  Of course, when you mention this in a debate format the defense is always, “They are going to have sex anyway, so we need to teach them to do it safely.”


Rabbi Lapin then went on to explain to me why the teaching of sex education in schools is not about what is best for our kids, but rather it is about indoctrinating them into a secular world view.  He poses this question: “If it is true that sex education will help prevent kids from getting sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant, then we should also teach gun safety in the schools.  After all, kids are going to find a gun anyway, and then a tragedy will happen.”


We have had some great comments on the Do they care? post.  I agree with Drew that much of what is on TV is a result of greed.  I did some research on liberal and conservative and the definitions of each and I have to disagree with Drew on his assessment of my use of the term, but in the end that is not really important.  What is important is: Do We Care?


Do we care enough to prevent unwanted consequences?  After all, if you believe in gun control because the unwanted consequence is that a child will find a gun and a horrible tragedy will take place, then you should absolutely want to stand up and fight the trash that is on TV because the scale of tragedy is a thousand times greater in terms of destroyed lives.  Saying “parents have the ability to put a parental lock on the TV is enough defense” makes the case for those who believe gun owners are responsible enough to secure their own guns.

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4 Comments on “Do They Care…Continued”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Hooray for you. Good post. Worst thing is young folks today that are over educated are denied the discovery process and mystery that was an important part of reaching maturity a little later in those tough teenage years. Visit my blog at,

  2. Joel Zehring Says:

    Arizona state standards fortunately don’t include any mention of safe sex. They do mention the promotion of abstinence as the only 100% method for avoiding STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Abstinence “from sexual intercourse until they are mature adults,” but abstinence none the less.

  3. El Barto Says:

    Quite a bit of bad logic here. Promiscuity increasing with the watching of sexually oriented television is just as likely the result of promiscuous teenagers preferring sexually oriented television. I like sex a lot more than I like purple dinosaurs. Don’t watch much Barney here. Relationships do not necessarily mean causality. Furthermore, any increase in said programming is likely the result of changing values in society. A more sexually focused society is going to generate more sexually themed TV. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Which brings up the next point. Promiscuity doesn’t result in pregnancy, disease or suicide. Irresponsibility leads to STDs and pregnancy. Suicide is much more complicated, but suffice it to say, promiscuity is not a cause, but possibly a symptom of the many other causes. Again, this infers that sleeping around is automatically a bad thing. I don’t think it is. Sex is fun. Enjoy it. Just use your head.

    As for the gun analogy, most kids don’t just find a gun. All kids will eventually discover sex. The common denominator is that responsibility should be taught for both instances. But since one is a certainty and one is a rare occurrence, it makes sense to place more emphasis on safe sex than gun safety.

    The crux of the post was do we care. I think almost universally people care. That isn’t really the issue. People who care can easily concentrate on the wrong aspect. Mr. Ziglar cares and he’s completely out of touch with reality. Be concerned, but be practical. Use common sense. Logic is our friend. The post implies that being pragmatic and teaching sex education secularizes society. That should be insulting to everybody; the religious and the secular.

  4. Tom
    I am wondering what they said? As a mother of two teenage daughters I can tell you that it is directly relevent. Not only in TV but music, books, movies and magazines. It is a constant battle in our home for holiness.

    God’s Speed
    Laurie Masterson

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