Do they care?


A new study, and supposedly a “first time” real proof type of study, shows that watching “adult” themed sex-oriented TV shows leads to promiscuity in young girls.  I say, “DUH!”


Researchers “discovered” that girls who watched Sex and the City and Friends and shows like that were more likely to engage in promiscuous activity.  I am sure next they will “discover” that promiscuous activity leads to sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy.


So, do they care?  If you were Sarah Jessica Parker and you discovered that you influenced a young girl to engage in promiscuous activity and that young girl got a disease or got pregnant, would you care? 


It seems to me liberally minded people always seem to try and win the argument by claiming they “care” more than the conservatives do.  Now that you know that what you do on TV leads to promiscuity and that leads to ruined lives, how much do you care?


Check out the study:…


How it links to online behavior: 

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5 Comments on “Do they care?”

  1. Archie Winningham Says:

    This stuff just irritates me to no end! But then, the people (liberals) that done these recent studies probably ARE so blind that they never have known these things. They are so caught up in the “me,me” sydrome, they will have to hit rock bottom in their lives before they will ever realize that true “reality” really exist.

    The worse thing of liberal thinking is; it seems our whole country is comforming to that same way of thinking. Go figure since most Americans have their head stuck in the “trashevision” 24/7!


  2. Archie Says:

    Does TV influence people? Lol – ask anyone with children and they can tell you “Oh yes” in very clear terms. There is a reason my son likes to wear his jacket by putting the hood on his head, stretching his arms out and running around the room…superman!

    With regards to the more negative shows I suspect that the people involved in such shows would argue that they also show the negatives of a hedonistic lifestyle.

    Also few actors or actresses would take accountability for directly ‘corrupting’ a person’s moral code. They would argue that there are many other factors at play.

    The shows you watch certainly have an impact. The off switch also lies within reach of every view and they must bear the brunt of the responsibility. Them and their parents and elders who need to educate about the entertainment world and medium.

    If people want to enrich their lives they should click the off button more often. I’d love to hear that point put forward more often.

  3. Drew Says:

    I’ve got a question…why the slam on “liberal minded people?” What has liberal got to do with it? How about greedy television executives who want ratings at any cost? Is it easier to write a script centered around sex than a complex interpersonal drama..probably so. How about movies like “Saw” that are centered around violence? That has nothing to do with liberal, it has to do with being demented. As Archie number two says above there are generally, “other factors at play” when some becomes promiscuous or acts out in violent behavior. But trying to blame societies ills on “liberals” is like trying to blame fish for all the water in the ocean.

    “Liberal” is a relative term that means different things to different people. Too often it is used to build a wall of seperation between people. It may surprise some that I agree with most of the comments in the initial article. I am financially conservative and agree wtih Dave Ramsey on a lot of things as well. As a Christian I consider Jesus himself as a liberal. How can you understand the concept of “Grace” and even suggest that is a “conservative” doctirne?

    The bottom line is we need to be careful when throwing around labels like this. What is our goal? Is it to gain a better understanding of the issue or to bring people together? I don’t hink so. Let’s be better than that and work together to make this world a better place for all of our families.

  4. Chuck Sink Says:

    Good for you, Tom, for taking a stand and calling a spade a spade. The term “liberally-minded is fine and accurate. We all hear of people who proudly describe themselves as “fiscally conservative but socially liberal.” They are the same people who think whatever I do privately has no effect on anyone else. Character doesn’t matter as long as you do your job. That is so much hogwash and, Drew, WAKE UP!

    Hollywood is liberal and promiscuous and you darn well know it.

  5. […] have had some great comments on the Do they care? post.  I agree with Drew that much of what is on TV is a result of greed.  I did some research on […]

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