Dad is 82 Today!


We celebrated Dad’s birthday early today by working out.  He is doing great.  Tomorrow we are headed to Southern Nazarene University in Bethany Oklahoma where we are attending the dedication of the Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership.  What an honor for Dad and our family, and what a great birthday present having your legacy recognized in such a powerful way.  Check it out at  


If you want to wish Dad Happy Birthday, just leave a comment below and I will make sure he gets it.

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24 Comments on “Dad is 82 Today!”

  1. Please send birthday wishes to your father from me. I just watched the short movie Finding Joy and loved it! He is a good man and I’ve learned so much from his writings and tapes over the years.

  2. Don Pinger Says:


    Happy Birthday I pray to god u have many many more.

    I can’t tell you how you’ve influenced not just my selling career but my life as well. You are a godsend to our world and everyone you’ve touched.

    God bless,

    Don Pinger

  3. Eric Napier Says:

    Hi Tom.
    Your father is a national treasure. Here in Mississippi, we’re glad to call him one of our own. I hope he had a fun birthday.

  4. Maz Salem Says:

    Dear Tom, the Zig Ziglar center dedication is the least humanity can do for such a great man. I am never the same person after learning all I did from your father. I still listen to his tapes twice a day (automobile university) and learn from him after these long years. Happy Birthday Mr. Ziglar.

  5. John Leddon Says:

    Happy Birthday to the most inspiring man on the planet. I have most of his books and tapes and continously listen to them for my daily dose of enthusiastic “positiveness”!

  6. Willie Says:


    I first heard you on a video in the 70’s when I was in junior high. You began my journey of self improvement and positive thinking. I am now in my fourties. Thank you for your wonderful gift.

    Happy Birthday,


  7. Joe O'Neal Says:

    Dearest Zig:

    It was so good to see you and your daughter in Nashville a few weeks ago. You have been on my mind since then and you have also been in my prayers. I have seen you many times over the years and was so looking forward to a full dose of Zig for my young sales staff to see. Although it was toned down due to your fall earlier in the year it was as charming and loving setting as I have ever witnessed. Your daughter did a wonderful job. Zig you have motivated me for years and on this special day I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I wish you continued good health and many blessings that you richly deserve. Happy Birthday!! Take care, Joe

  8. Archie Winningham Says:

    A GREAT BIG Happy Birthday to America’s (and more impotantly MY) most favorite motivator. And a Very Happy 50 more to ya Mr. Zzzzzzz!

    From: Archie, Gloria, Austin and Adam Winningham
    Cookeville, TN

  9. Happy Birthday to Mr. Zig Ziglar! I celebrate you because you are so worth celebrating. I thank God for you. Thank you for sharing your God given gifts, talents, skills, passions & anointing with me. Thank you for allowing me to share in your life. I am better because of it.
    Continue to enjoy your day, your family & your life!

    God bless you Sir!

    Wendy M. Reynolds
    East Lansing, MI

  10. Tim Burt Says:

    Happy Birthday Zig.
    My first exposure to you and your slow, unabashed Southern drawl voice and your positive Christian outlook was over the radio with Focus on the Family and Dr. Dobson. I have looked for opportunities to hear you ever since.
    May God grant you many happy, healthy years.
    Tim Burt
    Easton, PA

  11. Jonathan Says:

    Happy Birthday Zig.

    You have been such an inspiration to me. As a young salesperson, it was such a relief to come across your teachings. I first listened to you at a Get Motivated Seminar and was so inspired by your passion for life and your boldness for Christ. I have been filling my Auto University with your teachings ever since. I have listented to so many motivational speakers in my young career, but yours were different and gave me such a better definition of what real success meant. My family (wife & kids) thank you.

    Thank you for giving me a Christ-centered view of success. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday, sorry its late, but every day is some sort of special day. 🙂

  13. Catherine Branson Says:

    Many more wonderful birthdays, Mr Ziglar. I have just completed “See You At The Top.” Very inspirational, thanks. Afraid the nationalistic part at the end was rather over the top for a Brit! I do agree with you, but find it TOO much. The USA is not the only country in the world – we also have things to be proud of, though not all of our history, but “your” treatment of the Native Americans, as well as of the slaves, do not sit well with your pride in your country. Please keep things in proportion. Change is coming, and not a minute too soon. Roll on, January.

  14. Apurva Joshi Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,

    I wish you have a many more wonderful years ahead of health, prosperity and peace.

    You have changed my life !
    Although, I’m still scratchingj the surface as hve just heard goals package last week. (Already heard thrice and have started working on it)

  15. Dennis Starnes Says:

    Happy birthday Zig,
    Wishing the Lord’s blessing and good health as you celebrate 80 yrs young. I first met you and the redhead at a laymen’s retreat at the Nazarene campground in Rudiso New Mexico in the mid 80’s and attended Born to Win in 1987 and Effective Business Communication shortly there after. I have listened to your tapes and read you books many times and it has made such an impact on my life.

    You walk the talk and have been an example of what a true Christian husband, father and Bible study teacher you have been. Thank you for your consistant walk and witness, you have helped to change and shape many lives.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and give you good health.

    Dennis Starnes

  16. Greg Perry Says:

    Hello Zig…happy birthday to you!
    Right at this moment, I am listening to my first Zig Ziglar audio CD “A VIEW FROM THE TOP” . Thank you! Beyond just motivating me, those CD’s thus far have encouraged me to work harder at achieving and securing my current goals.
    I am a 48 year old man that has been chasing the money for the past 10yrs, most recently in the mortgage biz. Well you know where that has gone. I relocated to Arizona for the bank I worked for (IndyMac Bank), bought a home, and two yrs later the bank was seized by the government, and the mortgage divisions closed. Now in this market, in this region of the country no one is looking for those mortgage skills.
    So at 48yrs old, I am going back to school and getting a counseling certificate (always wanted to do this) and getting a RN degree. With those two items I will be very marketable for the rest of my working life.
    I am grateful that someone such as you made it your passion to motivate people like myself. I am encouraged once again…and happy to share and give to those who may need a boost along their way.
    Thank you. Have a great birthday week. Smile my friend. GREG PERRY

  17. Happy Belated Birthday, Zig!

    We’ve been praying for you around here as you face the health challenges head-on. Congratulations on your progress and your 82nd!

    Many more!


    David G. Johnson

  18. Joseph Says:

    Happy Be-lated birthday, Mr. Ziglar. I have been a follower of
    your programs and material since I was 17 years old.

    Self Improvement experts come and go, but none of them has
    your staying power. Why? Because they’re afraid to say that
    a person needs a relationship with Jesus to be successful.

    You, not only say that but you ascribe and PRESCRIBE others to
    do that! You have made, and continue to make, a difference in
    the lives of many people.

    You centainly have made a difference in mine. You, sir, do God’s
    work. I pray that God give you TOTAL healing throughout your
    body and grant you perfect health.

    Thank you, Mr. Ziglar, for being the blessing that you are.

  19. Dear Mr. Ziglar, Happy Belated Birthday! I was filled with tears of joy as you were introduced at the Get Motivated Seminar in Kansas City this past Wednesday. Then my tears of joy became tears of sadness as I heard your daughter tell the story of your fall and subsequent injuries. I work in the field of disabilities and my wife happens to be quadriplegic so I know a few things about the stuggles you face. But I also know that if anyone can handle a tough situation, it is you Zig. You have inspired and motivated me for many years and want to say thank you for being a friend I’ve never met. I want you to know that you are on my wall of fame right next to Carol Burnett and Og Mandino. Thank you for giving yourself fully to the world in such a remarkable and profound way. I consider myself blessed to be alive at the same time as someone such as yourself. You are a great Difference Maker! God Bless You and See You Over the Top, Michael R. Ritter

  20. Roy Brown Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ziglar, we all rejoice and celebrate your life! You’ve made a contribution few people get to make. Because you’ve helped form and refine the skills and knowledge that generations of successful people will use during the rest of their careers, you have directly affected that family’s income and lifestyle for generations to come. You’ve helped to set their feet upon the pathway to success. Untold generations of children will grow up with a better life because of your contributions and gift of knowledge. Throughout the years you have shaped peoples lives and have positively influenced thousands upon thousands of lives.

    Happy birthday Mr. Ziglar, the world is a better place because you are in it!

  21. chucks Ihearahu Says:

    Happy birthday Mr Ziglar, myself and my family rejoice with you and your family on the occation of your birth. You are such a wonderfull man by your contribution towards giving my life a new meaning with your teaching. May almighty God guid and protect you. The world is a better place becouse you are in it.

    Your admirer from London England.

  22. Barb Says:

    Really late on the birthday wishes… but hey, let’s celebrate every day! Happy Birthday! Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge. It will be taught and carried on for many generations to come. I am a program director at a YMCA and I use the information in your books and tapes to teach young people how to be better leaders for tomorrow.. beginning with a relationship with Christ. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. May God bless you and your family.

  23. Kevin Costllo Says:

    Better late than not at all
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, you have had such an impact on so many people including myself all the best to you for many years to come

  24. Happy Birthday Zig… What a treasure you are to all of us who have read your thoughts for almost our entire adult life. I can not remember when I first started reading your inspirations but it is well over 30 years. Your thoughts have helped me persevere through seemingly impossible situations. You’ve helped me in my personal and business life. God bless you always.

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