The Magic Pill

It seems that when it comes to improvement, almost everyone is searching for the Magic Pill.  Give me something I can take, something that I don’t have to think about or even believe in, that will work.  And it better be a “one and done” Magic Pill, because if you are talking about commitment or work, don’t even talk to me.


The truth is, the Magic Pill does exist, but unfortunately it is not a pill.  It’s called Accountability.  Crazy as it sounds, being held accountable to what you have committed to do actually works!  The problem is, if you agree to being held Accountable, that means you have agreed to Personal Responsibility.  Yikes!  Now that is completely out of the question!  How can you actually suggest that people should take Personal Responsibility for what they have agreed to do?


We actually have an automated Accountability system that we use with our corporate clients called Ziglar VIP.  It gets amazing results and requires an incredible 10 minutes per week to use for each participant.  Still, we have many customers who have access to this system who don’t get results.  Why?  Because Accountability is a two-way street.  Management has no problem paying thousands of dollars for training, but then asking management to actually spend 10 minutes a week to check on their team members and hold them Accountable, this is where the system breaks down. 


Want to improve your performance?  Try out Accountability and Personal Responsibility, and then dedicate 10 minutes a week to it.  

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4 Comments on “The Magic Pill”

  1. Archie Winningham Says:

    Hi T Z,

    Ahh, personal accountability… Seems like just something folks use to practice years ago. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if our gvernment used a bit of that these days? But then, here I go, laying the “blame” on someone else again.

    Speaking of personal accountability; I have a good friend that travels the country teachng the stuff. He’s is awesome at it too!
    I have often wondered how it would turn out if Zig, Tom, Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller and John Miller joined forces and connected all the valuable resources and wisdom together in one book. Now that would be a “Super Power” to be reckoned with!

    Check John’s web-site out at He is an awesome man. You know, much like the Ziglar Team!

    “Personal Accountability”, bet we could market that these days. Seems folks don’t know a lot of about that any more…

    Great blog post Tom Zzzzzz


  2. Stan Barnes Says:

    Great article Tom. I have been doing management and sales consulting since I first met your dad in person in Grand Rapids Michigan in June of 1983 (I started my business in January of that year). It was an all day seminar that changed my life forever and while he did not use the phrase Magic Pill that day, he certainly stressed personal accountability. Having worked now with over a thousand businesses one on one and tens of thousand of people directly and indirectly, I still find this “Personal Accountability” thing in a severe stage of non existence for the most part. The blame game is so much easier.

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Hi Tom,
    Sounds scary haha, accountability. Though it seems none of us would get anywhere in life without it. In school, in family life and beyond. I heard an interesting quote the other day that rang a bell when I read your post:

    “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” by Jim Rohn

    It seems that accountability on the job site isn’t just improving your job performance but it’s also about self-improvement and creating a better you.

    It’s also true, and even more so, in business and from an entrepreneurial point of view. Entrepreneurs often find that they have to create a capacity to win before they really can, through facing fears, hard work and changing the way one thinks(a so called paradigm shift). There’s a lot of people who think they can handle success when they don’t have the capacity to handle it. It would be like giving a million dollars to a person who is addicted to gambling, he has the money but his capacity to handle his new found riches would reveal itself in two weeks when he once again doesn’t have a dime to his name.

    The “magic pill” mentality is prime on the web as well. That’s why there are so many scammers and spammers. Everyone thinks it’s a new “gold strike” and they’re out to get some of the gold(which is kinda of funny considering the web craze already crashed).

    The root of the problem is the idea that someone can make something for nothing, and even when it is possible, these same people have a hard time KEEPING what they “earned.” The problem is the outside-in approach, the mentality that attitude doesn’t matter. The attitude of “this is a waste of time, I’ve been in it for a week and it’s not making me anything, I’m going back to my job…” This attitude is very demoting and manifests its self in the lives of people who have it.

    The true entrepreneur understands the inside-out approach is crucial to his/her success. The inside-out paradigm is the paradigm of “I have to work on myself before I can work outside of myself” and “In order to be wealthy outside I must first be wealthy inside.” The difference is the person’s attitude.

    It’s not a mistake that the most successful people in the world looked stupid or where looked down upon before they came successful. This is why I believe so little people ever become successful, is because they only know how to conform and are taught that the best way to live is to go after emotions and pleasures which yield nothing. And the sad part is, as soon as things get tough they don’t know how to handle it, they don’t know how to respond in an effective way. People who base their lives on the wrong things end up missing success because the constant “practice” of seeking emotional pleasure and the like, are of no real use. Facing fears feels bad, going upstream is too humiliating, going against the compass of emotions means loosing course and feeling lost.

    When it comes down to it, there are two kinds of people. The one’s who spend time looking for the magic pill and the ones who are value based and don’t need or want a magic pill.

    Great post Tom:)


  4. Thanks for your insight. In scripture it says that 2 are stronger than one because iron sharpens iron. It also says an honest answer is like a kiss. We are designed to be accountable to one another. It’s good to have someone to answer to, because without the partner or coach we can lose momentum, lose direction, lose the vision when the times get rough. And anyone who has any successes in life will tell you that there’s always one crisis after another… it’s never smooth sailing. It’s how we respond to these challenges that make the difference. Therefore, chose carefully who you’re friends with. There’s always hope.

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