Something to Think About


I heard this in Church yesterday.


“We have value because God loves us.  Not, God loves us because we have value.” 


This thought humbles me and at the same time overflows my gratitude bucket. 

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3 Comments on “Something to Think About”

  1. Archie Winningham Says:

    God = Value
    We = Value, but only through God.

    Be blessed Zzzzzzz Man!

  2. Ong Says:

    We have value is because we have “Image and likeness” create by GOD.

    GOD Blessed You!




  3. John R. Darrah Says:

    I attended the 2008 Success seminar in Kansas City Wednesday 11/12/08. The main reason was to once again be in the company and listen to Zig Ziglar. Two things happened. First for the first time I heard and was deeply moved by Khrish Dhanam. I am now a huge fan. Also I was once again in the presence of Mr. Ziglar. I was deeply saddened and moved by his appearance. Even though his recent fall has limited him in performance, his message is still greatly there.

    Zig you are the rainbow that we all attain.

    Thank you and God bless!

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