The Eight Things Everyone Wants – How Do You Get Them in a Tough Economy?


After years of study and working with thousands of people, Dad says that everyone wants to be or have these eight things:




Reasonably Prosperous



Peace of Mind

Good Family Relationships



So how is it that in any economy you have “rich” people who believe they don’t have any of these things, and you have “poor” people who believe they have more than enough of every one of these things?


Did you know you have a choice and you can make every one of these areas better in your life today?  What are you waiting for?

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9 Comments on “The Eight Things Everyone Wants – How Do You Get Them in a Tough Economy?”

  1. Archie Winningham Says:

    I’m first!!! Love your blogs Mr. Tom Zzzzzz!

  2. Archie Winningham Says:

    Sorry Tom. I meant to answer your question:

    By staying in the right positive mind-set, a shacky and “Tough Economy” hasn’t a chance.
    “Positive thinking won’t let you (or our economy) do anything, but, it wll let you (or our economy) do everything better than negative thinking will.” ~Daddy Zzzzzz.

  3. Sy Phu Hoang Says:

    I love your blog, and I enjoy reading it almost everyday. I just like to say, thank you for the wisdom.

  4. successforrealpeople Says:

    Staying immersed in any and all things positive and avoiding the news media! That’s my strategy!


  5. Brian Says:

    Tom, Sorry, this has nothing to do with the post but I just want to let everyone know to go see the movie Fireproof if they have not seen it yet.It is from the makers of Facing The Giants and it is about marriage. Very well done and highly recommended. Thx

  6. Cindy Says:

    Tom Zzzzzz, I think you need to do a webinar about the 8 things people want to be or have. Any change of that happening?

  7. Archie Winningham Says:

    Good idea Cindy. Me too, you three, Tom Zzzzzz?!!!

  8. Nader Al Adawi Says:


    The point is how many out of those folks take the course of action to achieve all these things. And out of those how many believe they can achieve it.
    Yes the economy is down, but that’s an external environment. What about our internal environment, do we hold enough optimism, glass half-full mind set that keep us going so we can do more, be more and have more.

    I recommend all who want to achieve the 8 goals to read C U @ Za Top, by the legendary Zig.

    Nader Al Adawi
    Training Manager,
    Janssen – Cilag
    Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gulf Countries

  9. Tom, your doing a GREAT job keeping us informed and motivated. keep it up!

    God Bless,
    Walter”U CAN” Givens

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