How Pure is Pure Enough?

My good friend James Howard of Honinteg Consulting asked me this question: “If a hospital delivers 10,000 babies a year, what is an acceptable number of them to drop?”


Percentage-wise, dropping just one baby would be a very good success rate, unless you happen to be that baby (or its parent)!  So, obviously, the goal is to drop none.


What about purity?  Let’s say you are making a giant five gallon pot of the world’s best homemade chili.  How much dog poop could you put in it before it impacted your desire for the chili?


What about your mind?  How much profanity and negative garbage is okay to allow into your mind?  And since you can’t live life without being exposed to some negative input, shouldn’t you have pretty good “filters” to make sure the negatives get cleaned away before they get to the vital parts?


If you run engines in a dirty and dusty environment you had better clean or change that air filter on a regular basis.  If you watch a lot of TV, or surf the Internet haphazardly, you had better plan on spending extra time putting the good stuff into your mind.


The best way to keep an engine running smoothly is to make sure you give it pure fuel, run it in a clean environment, and change the filters on schedule.  Our bodies and our minds work the same way.  Our minds need pure and positive input, our bodies need pure food, and we must develop filters that trap and discard that impure stuff that we are exposed to.


Think about the miserable people you know – they let the bad stuff in, and they don’t have any filters to keep the bad stuff from gumming up their engines. 

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3 Comments on “How Pure is Pure Enough?”

  1. Linda Says:

    Putting the good stuff in your body and mind sure makes you feel a whole lot better! And this is something that must be done on an ongoing basis, not just occasionally. When you fill your mind with the good stuff your whole outlook becomes more positive, and in turn your actions are more positive, creating a far more positive environment to live and work in. Sometimes the bad stuff and negativity is very close. When this happens, I believe it is even more important to offset this negative input with the good stuff that fills your soul and makes your spirit soar. You can find inspirational websites like the Ziglar newsletter and podcasts. There are many other sites to be discovered if you are looking for it. It is up to you to find the information that will nourish your body, mind and spirit.

  2. Mike Says:

    Thanks Tom for all of your wonderful blog entries. They are truly inspirational. I have been a student of your Dad’s teachings for many years and had the pleasure of actually meeting him. Your whole family is a tremendous blessing to many people.

    Also, Thanks for being so transparent with your weight loss journey. I too have been on a similar path and have lost 35 pounds, the pure and simple way. My goal is to lose another 15 pounds so that my BMI will be in the “good” range and not “obese”. Keep up the great work that you do for so many of us.

  3. Mark Waddington Says:

    When I entered college in 1971, one of the first teachers i had was explaining his grading system to us. Then he explained the real world. I think about this quote often. “Would you go to a Pharmacist that got 80% of filled prescriptions correct. That is is a C. How about a pharmacist that gets 90% correct. That is an A. In the real world everythin is pass/fail.”

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