Zig Ziglar Health Update – Embrace the Struggle!

Since it has been awhile since our last update I thought I would bring you up to speed on Dad’s health and his busy schedule.


First, Dad is doing great.  The shunt surgery in April has really helped his balance and his energy level.  The short-term memory is still short, but we have seen some small signs of improvement and he still remains the happiest man alive!


Yesterday we had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Richard Jackson. 


That is Dad’s neurosurgeon in the picture!  Rated best in Dallas by his peers.  He even made the cover of D Magazine!


Doctor Jackson adjusted Dad’s shunt yesterday to allow more fluid to be released from the brain.  Please pray that this adjustment will have a positive impact in Dad’s short-term memory.  It was cool watching Doctor Jackson do this procedure – it was like a Star Trek science fiction movie.  He used a large magnet hooked up to a computer to move the dial on the shunt that is in Dad’s skull.  All he did was put it on the skin and push a button.  Fast and painless!


After the new setting was placed we had to go downstairs to get an X-ray to make sure everything was in the right place.  Mom had to fill out the customary paperwork and when she finished, she asked Dad in her “Mom parent’s voice” to sign the paperwork.  Dad replied, “Should I sign right here where it says ‘parent’s permission’?”  The lady next to Mom cracked up!


Next Dad had to go in and get his X-ray.  They said it would take only a few minutes, but because they had to take a second X-ray (the first one didn’t have the right angle), it took about 45 minutes.  As we were leaving the hospital I told Dad I was surprised it took two X-rays to find his brain.  He looked at me and said, “Actually they had to take two X-rays because my brain was too big to fit on one!”  Life is good in the Ziglar family.


 Because Dad has embraced these struggles they have not slowed him down at all.  Mom, Julie, and Dad are still traveling across the U.S. to do their interviews on the big Get Motivated Seminars.  In fact, on Monday Julie and Dad spoke to over 15,000 people in Tulsa.



 Here is a list of the other cities in which they have appeared since the surgery: Madison and Green Bay, Wisconsin; Seattle, Washington; Asheville, North Carolina; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Not bad for an 81-year-old stair diver!


Dad and I also had the pleasure of playing golf a few weeks ago with Gil Stricklin of Marketplace Chaplains (www.mchapusa.com).  It was Dad’s first round in almost a year.  He was definitely a little rusty and he did get a little frustrated, but he had the lowest score of any person in our foursome with a brain shunt!


We also have come to an agreement with a publisher for the book Embrace the Struggle.  Howard is going to publish it and we are very excited.  They are part of Simon and Schuster out of New York, which means they have a huge sales force and marketing engine behind them.  We are looking for great things with this relationship and are hoping the book will be released by the middle of 2009.


This about wraps up the latest update on Dad.  Your continued prayers are certainly appreciated.  It would be awesome if you wanted to send him a note.  The best way to do this to leave a comment below.  I will print it for Dad, and the world will get to see what you have to say.  Dad especially loves to hear about how his message has helped you.   


As always you can go to www.ziglar.com/zigupdate to keep posted on Dad.









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232 Comments on “Zig Ziglar Health Update – Embrace the Struggle!”

  1. Chris Dewart Says:

    Although I have not directly been touched, I have been in sales and sales management since 1977 and your name is like Kleenex, Ski Doo or even ( hate to admit it ) Xerox, when it comes to the most recognizable and widely acclaimed man in your game.

    Get well and keep your positive message flowing, Lord knows we need it now!!

    Chris Dewart

  2. Zig & Family

    My prayers are with you all. You made such a change in my life and I continue t o recommend your books and tapes and CD’s to others. I got to meet you once several years ago and I was a few pounds from 500. I have since dropped 219 with out any surgery and a big part of that is your writings and your motivational talks.

    Thanks You and May God Bless You…..

    Michael Cozzi

  3. Pat Newman Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting you 3 or 4 years ago at the Cove when Marketplace Chaplains hosted a leadership conference there. We’ve all been praying for you, and are glad to hear things are improving. We will keep you in our prayers. We all know that nothing can trip you up!
    Blessings to you.

  4. I’m not sure who’s more blessed…Zig…or the “red head”! Zig, you’ve been an inspiration to me for years especially with your firm stance on faith and family. When success, fame, fortune, etc come into play there’s still nothing greater than faith & family. Thank you, sir, for hammering that point home to me over the years. My wife and newborn son have a lot to be thankful for in the words I’ve devoured from your books, lectures, newsletters, etc. You and your family continue to be in our prayers. May God continue to bless you over and over and over.

    Thank you and God Bless!
    Shane Eubanks

  5. Steve Szenay Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar We are all praying for your safe and healthy recovery. I have and still enjoy reading and re-reading many of your books. And listing to your Audio’s while I am attendence in Automobile University. For the last Two Years my new Career is in Sales and Traveling I do enjoy it. I fly a little over 50,000 miles a year and Drive 25,000 miles a year. While Reading one of your books while I was sitting in the Air Port waiting for my next Flight. I was reading how when you where at an Air Port one time and they announced that the flight is delayed to fix the plane, and you where ok with that because it is easier to fix a plane while it is on the ground. Shortly after reading that. (while on the same trip)The Air Port announced that are flight was delayed due to Plane needing some repair. Now the people around where up set and some where quite mad. (I could only laugh to myself and think what Zig would do, and enjoy sitting on the ground while they fixed the plane properly). I really enjoy listening to your voice and the words of Wisdom that you share with many of us. Steve Szenay Ferrari Textiles Corp.

  6. Gary Wortham Says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to hearing your messages and how they have helped me in my business and personal life.
    Because of your messages, I am finally able to thrive and not just get by and I’m having so much fun doing so.

    My wife and kids and I are also enjoying a much better relationship as well.

    I wish you the best and pray for your health so that I can selfishly enjoy more of Zig!

    Thank you and God Bless You!

    Gary Wortham

  7. Christen Says:

    My sister always tells me I should book a second plane ticket for my big head. Hopefully that won’t happen to Zig. But I’m glad that there’s always a funny story to go with every difficulty if you look for it. My prayers continue to be with your family.

  8. Lora Harvey Says:


    I am such a fan of yours, so much so that I wrote you about 18 years ago and went into great detail about how your book, See You at the Top, changed my life. You then proceeded to send me free tickets to hear you in person for, I believe, the first time ever. Trouble was, I had just given birth to my second child about five days before the day I was to see you. I wasn’t going to miss it for the world! I was still very sore and had to sit on a pillow and my husband took my book to you to have it signed. I didn’t get to shake your hand until the next time you came to town. And then, I was pretty much speechless. You are such an incredible inspiration to me.

    I also very much enjoyed Confessions of a Happy Christian and Grieving Christian. I recommend the Grieiving Christian to people who have lost loved ones.

    You, Sir, are a wonderful person,and, the fact that you’re my brother, means that someday soon, I WILL see YOU at the TOP.


  9. Zig,. You are an inspiration to us all and I am praying for you that you will be well soon and everything will be back to normal.
    I have been following your positive message in my business and it has helped. I am not quite where I want to be yet but continuing the journey.

    I have been fortunate to see you twice here in the Kansas City area and it was great both times. Have a fantastic fall .

    All the best for you and your family !!!!!

  10. Rob Stenberg Says:


    I am so happy to hear that Zig is doing well and I appreciated the update. The stories and insights that your Dad has provided have been a lesson in life for thousands of people. That is a rare gift to give. Some people don’t know how many lives they touch and even though Zig has been heard by millions of people, sometimes I don’t know if the affect can truly be realized.

    I read a story that other day about an 80 year old lady who got an unexpected hug and a big “thank you” from a person passing by her in a mall food court. When she asked why this person was thanking her and giving her a hug, the passerby explained that this lady had smiled at her and it made her feel special. A smile! Sometimes that is all it takes.

    Here is one big smile being sent to you, Zig and your family. God Bless.

  11. jerry hogan Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,

    i first purchased your goal setting tapes in the early 1990’s. setting my goals literally, and financially, changed my life’s direction. although i’m working again becasue it’s in my nature, i retired (because i could) at the age of 41 & spent lots of time with my two boys, moved my family to our dream location, planned and am now building our dream house – largely becasue of your teachings.

    thank you so much for all your work.

  12. Valerie Molbeck Says:

    Keep up the speedy recovery!

    You’ve been a huge part of my life since I received my first “Round Toit” with my original journal order back in the early 90’s. I have had custom wooden plaques made for my house with your wisdom, I have some of my favorite “Zig” quotes all over my planner pages, my scrapbooks, and of course in all of my email correspondence as part of my email signature. Everyone who knows me knows that I am your biggest fan in the Midwest!

    I think about your positive attitude all day long and it keep me strong and motivated day in and day out.

    Thanks Zig! for everything you are, do and share with me and the rest of the world. You truly are a wonderful inspiration!

  13. Mark Morgan Says:

    Thanks for continuing to embrace the struggle, although I’m not certain what other choice we really have! Though I’m facing one of my own right now, listening to your recordings and keeping it all in perspective certainly helps. By the way, you have an open invitation to play golf we me at our club here in the Sacramento area (www.serranocountryclub.com) Come see us!
    All the best,
    Mark Morgan
    Director-Wealth Management
    Smith Barney

  14. Phyllis Ormsby Says:

    Dear Zig, you continue to be such a huge inspiration! I just made a decision to expand my business, increasing my expenses but greatly expanding my potential for revenue. I had someone ask me if I wasn’t nervous about doing that in these economic times and I replied a little, but Zig Ziglar says the economic health of your business is determined less by what is going on “out there” and more by what is going on between your own two ears! Thank you for changing so many lives, including mine.

  15. Hi Zig!
    I just read an email from your son Tom. I am so happy to hear that you and your family are doing better than good! Also, I just want you to know that you continue to encourage me everyday with your messages that are embedded in my head from years of being a Ziglarite! I continue to listen to your wisdom for countless hours in my car and home. I just love you and your family so much. It’s true, the world is a much better place because of Zig Ziglar!
    Sincerely, Sharon Hinton Smith

  16. Teresa Says:

    So glad to hear that you are taking this situation and making it positive! Recently my family was told that my 54 yr old father needs a kidney transplant. We thought the most difficult part would be finding a compatible donor. Turns out, I am a great match. We did our testing and thought we were on our way when we suffered a major setback. Dad has tested positive for TB so now we must wait 6 months for the transplant. The last few days have been difficult BUT reading about you reminds me that we still have much to be grateful for and even more to look forward to in the future. God Bless you and your family and thank you for reminding the rest of us how good positive energy can feel!!

  17. Matina Says:


    You and your family are an inspiration on how to live. I will keep you in my prayers and good luck in the rest of your journey.

  18. Matt Gilbert Says:

    Mr. Zig,

    I want to express my appreciation for making this 31year old smile every time I hear your voice, or read your words. Listening to your podcast, or Secrets, is an uplifting way to start the day. I hope all is well with you, that you perfect your stair-diving, and that you stay healthy. You are much appreciated!

    Matt Gilbert

  19. Linda Abelson Says:

    A couple of years ago my Daughter had the priveledge to see your Dad in Omaha Nebraska and that has inspired her to excell in her career. Thank you for being her inspiration on her way to greatness. She was so hooked that she also got me hooked on his tapes and books, and it has help in many aspects of my life.

  20. Mary Theresa Bellino Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the whole Ziglar family. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to meet Zig while working as a volunteer at the “Get Motivated Seminar” in Pittsburgh, PA. He came in to speek to our Mary Kay Inc. group and I won his whole collection of “Zigets”, CD’s and Autobiography – I answered the question, “What Zig calls his wife” and I knew it was “The Red Head”. I have always enjoyed your books! Looking forward to hearing you speak again soon!
    Mary Theresa Bellino
    Boardman, Ohio

  21. Marilyn Carnes Says:

    What good news about you, Zig. You have been my motivator, model, inspiration, and hope. Because of your positive attitude which has remained in my mind (and I have read your messages to many of my professional women in the area) and because of your inspiration, I have just received my doctorate in education at the age of 72! Never give up, you say.

    God healed me of cancer, a true miracle at the age of 29, when we did not have all of the benefits that medicine has given us today, and He is certainly still in the healing business. I have been praying for you since I saw you the last time, last year, in Columbus, Ohio, with your daughter, and I believe that a total complete healing has your name on it especially because through you God will reveal to others what He wants to do in their lives, and through your new book, we will have hope to continue on. God bless you, Zig.

    Dr. Marilyn J. Carnes

  22. Brian K. Chapman Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar:

    Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the world! I have been a serious student of yours for many years and you have always helped me a great deal. I constantly repeat to myself and friends: “business is not good or bad out there, it is good or bad between our own two ears!”.
    I have seen you speak in person several times, most recently in Asheville, NC a few weeks ago. God bless you and your family!

  23. Bob Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,

    Top of the world to you. I must admit that I’ve only been to one conference and that was back when you visited Indianapolis with former mayor Guliani, Payton Manning and others. It definitely inspired me and I have been following you ever since through e-mails and internet mainly. I feel the same way after a revivals. Refreshed, Rejuvinated and ready to tackle the world. I hope and pray your health continues to improve so you can continue to serve your high purpose / calling in life.

  24. Claribel Malfavon Says:

    Hi Zig,

    I am so glad that your doing GREAT! I thank God that your getting better on a continues basis. It’s exciting to hear about your resent visits to Dr., etc. See you at the Top is by far my favorite CD’s in my car…I have learned not just to be a better sister, dauther because of you but also how to look past your adverseties to survive in our world today. I wanted to THANK YOU for your dedication and time you have put into your teaching many of us out there…that we can become better and get what we want if we just help enough others get what they want….your a GREAT leader, hero, and a STUD and anyone that has crossed your path weather be by books, cd’s or have had the pleassure to meet you in person are not just LUCKY but HONORED to have….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU STUD!


    Claribel Malfavon-Lake Forest, CA

  25. Paul H Waller Says:

    Dear Tom:
    Thank you for the updates on your dad. I have followed him for a long while, I’m 74, and his books, tapes and one seminar have been a great inspiration to me over the years. I send your newsletter to my 2 oldest grandchildren since they are just getting started with their college educations. I won’t them to know and appreciate Zig as I have. We will keep him in our prayers.

  26. Dan Gehlhausen Says:

    Hello Zig! I am so happy to hear you are doing so well. I can’t think of anyone in this world that deserves to do what you do best for as long as you possibly can! It fills my heart with joy to think of all the peoples lives you are changing on your get motivated seminars. I went to my first one here in Atlanta back in 1996. I have not been the same since and the people around me haven’t either since I have most of your tapes and have listened to them countless times. I have shared your stories with many others including my wife who has probably listened to your tapes as much as I have up to this point. If I ever need an up moment all I have to do is pull out my tapes and it reminds me that “Life is good…no matter what”. I’m sure you have many people telling you how you have made an impact in their life and I just wanted to tell you that you can add another tick mark or maybe even two for me.
    Thanks for all you do and I hope to see you again some day!


  27. Brian Dees Says:

    It’s inspiring to see Zig maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor during this struggle. Of course, that is what all of us who have been touched by Zig’s philosphy would expect from him.

    Keep with with Zig. You have many people praying and rooting for you.

    Brian Dees
    Amite, LA

  28. Robert William James Says:

    God Bless Zig Ziglar. He has been an inspiration to me for years. I memorized Zig’s Christian prayer of confession and adopted it for my own. I have shared it with many. I remember listening to the tape (I am pretty old) where Zig said to stop what ever I was doing and giving my heart to Christ in my car at the side of a road.
    Thank you doesn’t seen to be enough.
    Christian love and prayers to you and yours.
    Bob James
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  29. Jeff Hopeck Says:

    Zig- Your words and inspiring writings have become the cornerstone of the way I live my life. I am pushing for you sooooo hard right now, and wish you the happiest, healthiest, and safest recovery…. and make it speedy! Best of luck to you and your family.

  30. Elaine Stewman Says:

    I was so glad to get the e-mail about your health update. I have been wanting to write a letter to you since I attended the Get Motivated event. I wanted you to know how much hearing you speak has inspired me. 3 years ago, I attended the Get Motivated seminar with my entire office, and I thoroughly enjoyed your session. I had been struggling with my job, not happy where I was but not motivated enough to do anything about it. After hearing you speak, and a subsequent meeting at the office (I learned during that meeting that NO ONE there believed in God – I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did there!), I finally had my answer and was ready to move on. The following Monday, when returning to work, I received an e-mail that the office manager of the clinic I take my children to was leaving and they were looking for another manager. I immediately called them, submitted my resume, went through the nerve racking interview process, and am now happily employed in a position I thoroughly enjoy and plan on retiring at! I have listened to Zig Ziglar tapes for many many years – but it didn’t compare to actually seeing you live! I appreciate you and your wonderful messages of inspiration. I love Zig Ziglar!!!! Thank you for the inspiration and God Bless you and your family!

  31. Zig, my thoughts are with you and hope you have a speedy recovery. I have seen you speak a few times and you are very inspirational. I have been in sales 20 years and have always been a big fan of yours. I have some of your CDs and when I need encourgment, I still listen to them. Take care and good luck!

    Mary E. Phares
    Parts Manager
    A-Z Bus Sales, Inc.

  32. Paul Aston Says:

    Hi Zig and Family

    I’m a 34yr old family man from Shropshire, England. I came across your website only 2 weeks ago whilst looking for some inspiration to change my career..I’ve since subscribed to your podcasts and I’m truly overwhelmed by your words of wisdom, encouragement and the passion with which your deliver your speeches..Please get well soon

  33. Karen Fisher Says:

    Dear Zig & Family,

    I am praying for you from Tucson Arizona.

    Please continue to be the Champion that you are for the American family.

    I am honored to have met you in person many years ago and to hear you speak often in Automobile University.

    Tom, thanks for sharing!

    Karen Fisher

  34. Dan Says:

    Thanks for being you. I have listen to your books so many times that I feel like you are my next door neighbor. Someone I can go drink an ice tea with after a weekend of yard work. I have so internalized what you say in your books that I often am surprised at my colleges approach to life but then I remember that I had you as a coach. When I find myself at a challenging point in my career or life I usually ask myself what would Zig say. My kids and I are always on the lookout for stinken thinken and root it out wherever possible. Thank you for helping me to change my life.
    Your Friend,
    Dan McDevitt

  35. Adrian Vazquez Says:

    Dear Zig,

    I am sure that, over the years, you have heard many stories from people that have been impacted by you. Even though I first picked up “See You at the Top” some 8 years ago, it was until very recently that I began applying your teachings to my live. Is a real shame I didn’t start earlier. I really do feel happier, have greater peace of mind, my relationships with my loved ones are indeed better. I hope to have the honor and pleasure of shaking your hand and thank you.

    I wish you a speedy recovery. May our Lord bless you, the Redhead, and all your family.



  36. John Blaes Says:

    I am so happy that Zig is doing better… he has brought a lot of change in my life… all for the better. My 8 year old son loves to listen and laughs at his stories. Good luck and best wishes from the Blaes family!!!

  37. Sarah Fare Says:

    Thank you for sharing an update on Mr. Ziglar. It’s great to here of his rapid recovery and his continued commitment to spreading happiness and joy.
    I can remember being a teenager and my dad would get Zig Ziglar VCR tapes and we would watch them as a family. I know we have every book of Zig’s in our family study as well. I want to thank you for making such an incredible impact in people’s lives, especially my family!

    I know this time may be challenging for you and your family but I hope the knowledge of the legacy you have created and continue to perpetuate will help to keep you all strong.

    God bless,

  38. Zig, I just read your health update and wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for all of your years of service in the Encouragers class at Prestonwood Baptist Church. My wife and I were members and regular attenders in your class until we decided to give back just a little of what you had given to us through your encouraging messages every week. We moved to work as table group leaders in the High School ministry where we served for 2 years. Now we are looking for other opportunities to grow and serve in Christ family at Prestonwood.

    So Thank You for your leadership and love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and please know we, and I am sure MANY others like us, are praying for your full recovery.


  39. Barri Mallin Says:

    I sat in your Sunday School class when you were at First Baptist church in the early 1980s. You would always find good news in the newspaper then, even during those challenging financial years. I took copious notes and still refer back to those lessons, especially when you said to be careful where you sign your name!

    Your testimony for Jesus is what I remember the most about you, dear Zig, well, that, and your wonderful wife. May the LORD bless you, Sending you shalom from Atlanta,
    you are loved,
    Barri Mallin

  40. Brinda White Says:

    Tom, what a wonderful son you are. Thank you for posting the updates on Mr. Zig. He truly is an inspiration to so many. It is wonderful in these times that one can realize the effects one has had on others’ lives while still effecting so many more people who struggle daily to find something worth living for.
    Mr. Ziglar;
    I pray for your continued health and thank God for your God-given talents as well as those you chose to cultivate within yourself while inspiring so many thousands of readers.
    I am always looking for good inspiration and find it in your books and on your web site.
    God bless you and your entire family as you embrace your new normal.

  41. Rick Albert Says:

    I met you by accident over ten years ago and still re-read the signed copy of “Over The Top”. I don’t always read the entire book but I always glance at the signature and the scriptural inscription.

    Of course I know that meeting you was no accident. I will always be appreciative of the encouragement that you gave me during that “chance” encounter and the concepts that I continue to learn from your past writings, recordings and the example that you continue to set.

    Thanks Zig. Get well and please keep me in mind for the guest list at your 100th birthday party.

  42. Carolyn Kay Says:

    Dear Zig + Family,
    I have never had the pleasure of meeting you personally. However, I daily use your quotes on my e-mail signatures. They ‘speak the truth in love.’ Your courage to stand for good has been a model for me.
    Get well quicker! Hope the shunt adjustment is the only thing you need for the next 100,000 miles or however long it takes.
    Kind regards,
    Kay Morris

  43. Fran Gumpher Says:

    So great to hear you are doing FANTASTIC! Your books and newsletters are such an inspiration. During my many years as a Mary Kay consultant, whenever I get down and need to “pump up my tires” I pick up one of your books and I’m on my way up again! God Bless you and your family BIG TIME!

  44. Linda Says:

    Dear Zig,

    A quick note to let you know during both my pregnancies I continually sang “born to win” to both my children — they are now 20 and 17 and truly are “born to win”. I have listened to your tapes, read your books, for years and years. You’ve given me an uplifting message during up and down times — and I wanted to let you know how much you’ve touched my life and the life of my family. God bless you.

  45. Denise Odom Says:

    Thanks for you and your family’s inspirational messages. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you, but feel like I know you just as well. I’ve heard your name for more years than I care to admit. Just to show how small this world is I’ll tell you my daughter has a friend she was very close to as a child whose grand parents taught you in college (Hinds Jr. College – Mississippi). (Harris’s) Haven’t seen them in years, but each time I get my “Zig Letter” I remember them mentioning your name. You’ll never know how much those letters mean to me. I’m not in sales, however, your inspirational messages apply to everyone in any business. I pray God will continue to bless you and your family.

  46. MICHAEL O.KOKU Says:


  47. Peggy Ross Says:

    Mr. Zig and Family,

    You are probably one of the most amazing families that there is. Your positive attitude is such a wonderful blessing. I am always excited when I get an email and it has Zig Ziglar. My day might not have been going the way I thought it should, but when I see your name come across my monitor screen, I can’t help but smile.

    Thank you all for many years of support and get positive advice. You have all been in our prayers for many years and will continue to be in them.

    Thank you Mr. Zig for everything that you do for all of us.

    God Bless You All!!!

    Peggy Ross
    BodyBilt Chairs

  48. Dear Zig:

    You have influenced my life in so many ways. When things are hard, I reflect on your story of how you gave yourself “to the end of the block and if you didn’t make a sale, you were going to quit the business.” You did make the sale and you and Jean celebrated with a quart of ice cream. Stories you tell like this one are an inspiration to me to keep on fighting and to do the right thing. There are so many things you have said that motivate and inspire me. The most heart-felt story you told was about your idea to have Jean and your son learn the game of golf. Everyone was interested and excited except for Jean and your son. By the end of the game you spoke of a “cheap victory”; how you had to play the best you could even though it may have well meant winning the game over your son. On the last shot when you bent down to pick up the ball, you looked at your son and asked, “Son, let me ask you this, were you rooting for me?” Your son looked at you and stated, “Dad, I’m always on your side”. What a wonderful story! I wish you and your family the best. I will keep you in my prayers.

  49. Robert Jones Says:


    I had the pleasure of having you as a Sunday school teacher at Prestonwood Baptist Church some years ago and I’ve read most of your books and followed your speaking engagments from time to time. You are truly a blessing to the world, as well as an inspiration to all you touch. I wish you God speed in your recovery. Gifts like you are a treasure and hard to find.

  50. Brenda Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar and Julie,
    I was privileged to be at the Motivational Seminar in Tulsa, OK this week. Although short term memory has been a problem, it so reiterated to me how highly esteemed your wife/mom is to Mr. Ziglar….thus mentioning her several times during his part there. To me that just
    shows what a huge part of him Mrs. Ziglar is…and how fitting for a Christian man that has given his life to help others. What a great new format to inspire others to live life all our days.
    Brenda in OK

  51. Ed Reis Says:

    Hey Zig,

    How do I say THANKS!! to someone who changed my life. I was given a copy of “See You At The Top” (June 1980 printing) by my father. I had just started my career in sales. I’m now sixty and retired after a very successful career in insurance sales, recruiting, and training. I could not have done it without you. You were my sales trainer.

    My son, my wife, my brother, and everyone I have ever trained have heard, and used your tapes. Thanks to you many sales have been made, many people helped, and many lives changed for the better.

    I have never seen you in person. I would truely love to meet you, shake your hand, and say THANKS in person. When will you be in California??

    Ed Reis

  52. Purita Burris Says:

    How wonderful to hear that you are doing well! I continue to hold you and your family in my prayers. I would like to thank you for the “Faith Daily”. It has helped and inpsired me tremendously over the last several months. I share the messages and will continue to do so with family and friends. I thank God every day for wonderful, inspiring people like you who love to share with others. Thank you.

  53. Thank you for inspiring so many people. I know you’ve helped enough people to get what they want to get what you want and will have a speedy recovery! I am such a fan they call me “Zig” at work (hope you don’t mind). Sending lots of warm wishes your way!

  54. Jack Hager Says:

    My introduction to you came from my non-Christian brother in 1977 as I was paroled from prison and headed to Bible school. He was a Radio Shack executive and made all his employees listen to your tapes, and told me, as he handed me a set along with a tape player, “I think this guy is into the God-thing, too.”
    Since then I’ve been blessed to be in vocational ministry for almost three decades, primarily with youth and inmates; and it is always a joy to hear some of you coming out of my mouth…and to recommend your books.
    I’m grateful to the Lord for your influence in my life, and for the opportunity to pass-it-on.
    And, of course, I’m grateful the Lord is restoring health!

  55. Judith Says:

    Zig, Not many people leave footprints in your heart; you do for many, and I thank you for that. Your words of wisdom are an inspiration. Your life is an inspiration. How satisfying for you to still have this time on earth and know that you have managed to touch so many lives all around the world in such a positive manner . May the Lord’s Blessings continue to surround you and your wonderful loving family. Enjoy that good health.

  56. Mark Chamberlain Says:

    Zig has been an inspiration to our entire family for years. I am now 42 and was introduced to Zig’s motivational tapes when I was in my teens after my mother had attended one of his seminars. I also had the privildge of hearing Zig speak several times while in college at Liberty University in Lynchburg , VA in the mid to late 80’s. Now in a professional sales career of my own I have been blessed to hear many differant motivational speakers on tape as well as in person and, in my mind, none hold a candle to Zig. Being a christian it is refreshing to hear someone incorporate the spiritual side of things the way that Zig does!! Zig we love you and wish you a full and complete recovery. You will be in our prayers.

    In Chritian Love,
    Mark Chamberlain

  57. Erik Premont Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar,

    It has been more than 3 years since my last Monday Morning Devotional attendance; however you have been a constant source of motivation for us ever since.

    Your personal insight on mental retardation profoundly moved me. I have been blessed to share spiritual, long-distance conversations with your son-in-law, Chad Witmeyer while he lived in Georgia. Our 11-yeard-old son Erik Christian, who has Down syndrome, has turned out to be the greatest blessing in our lives. He even inspired us to undertake an incredible journey when we decided to adopt Tatiana, a two-year old angel with Down syndrome from Siberia.

    If you have a few minutes, I would like to invite you to share our journey by clicking on this link:

    Thank you for all that you have done for the world and for who you are. I pray that I can always love my wife Gina as you love your precious “Red Head”. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family on earth as He has always been and will always do in heaven.


    Erik J. Premont
    (214) 280-7017

  58. Jay Says:

    God’s richest blessings to you and “The Redhead”! You are an amazing man who has inspired countless people. Thank you, and keep up the outstanding work!

  59. Thank you Mr. Ziglar for all the laughs and tears over the years. I have been listening to you for years and I listen to your podcasts every week. I just started using your self talk card the past month…and I am already starting to see changes in my thinking and my regular thought patterns. I thank God for the way that he has used you to impact the lives of so many people…including me! May the God of peace be with you day by day as you embrace the struggles of life and hold fast to Romans 8:28. In Christ everyday is good!

  60. Mr. Ziglar,

    Never have I had the opportunity of shaking your hand; however, I have seen you speak on a couple of occasions, bought every book in print as well as on CD for my on-going education while in my car. God is my hero and I very fortunate to have him in my life. However, you come in second on my hero list. Your message of staying positive and keeping integrity in ones life has helped me in my lowest times and pushed me harder when I was already running real fast. Thank You for caring enough and believing enough to share yourself with the world. I am so glad someone introduced me to Zig. I will be attending your seminar Oct. 27 in Nashville TN and I can’t wait. I have a 14 year old son, Skylier, that I hope will be able to attend as well. He already carries God in his heart. My plans are to let you get inside him through your words of positive encouragement and he will be armed with God and Zig for the rest of his life. I figure this will have him set for the rest of his life. May God wrap his arms around you and bless your heart for all you have the love and passion you have inspired so many with through out your life. Our prayers are with you and look forward to hearing you speak in Oct. Keep up the good work………..we need it.

    Take Care,

    Carolyn Smith

  61. Tiffany Christiansen Says:

    Thanks for the update. We are so thankful that God is continuing to bless us with your father. Keep going strong Zig! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. God Bless. Tiffany Christiansen

  62. “…by His stripes you were healed” 1 Peter 2:24

    I thank God for the blessing on your life! I’m glad to hear you are playing golf and still raising the bar. It’s good to see so many people you have poured into over the years pouring back into you. You are loved by many you have never met. Just like Christ you have built temples in the hearts of many around the world for God to dwell. I thank you for being an example for me to follow as a speaker, encourager, and believer in the Word Of God. May God continue to bless you and the entire Ziglar family.

    Make It A Great Day!

    Chris Gloss “The Possibilitarian”

  63. Zig,

    I have been a fan of yours for many years, and it is a result of my father giving me one of your books 17 years ago. It changed my life! I quickly became a meaningful specific, and now own my own company!

    My mother, last year at the age of 69, had a shunt put in her head. She is doing great at 70, and is a firm believer in the principles you teach, and live by. We just celebrated her one year anniversary from her aneurysm and our new family friend Freddie (this is the name of her shunt).

    Without the positive attitude from her internal being, prayers, and family, I am not sure where she would have ended up…she is 100% recovered, and I pray this blessing is passed to you.

    God, positive attitude, and family…you have it all, and thank you for sharing it with all of us…

    Terry Swanson

  64. David Steele Says:

    I just want to say that I am glad he is doing so well and hopefully I will be half as active when I am his age. I have been listining to (zig) your dad for quite a few years and I have to reorder a couple of his cd’s because I have worn them out from playing them so much. Taking them out then putting them in over and over and over.

  65. Carolyn Lane Says:

    Zig, I have been reading your weekly Newsletters and daily Inspirational quotes for many years. I must say they help to inspire me and help me with attitude adjustments, as I need them daily. So thank you for sharing with me daily your words of wisdom. I also was fortunate to see and hear you speak in Greensboro many years ago. I just wanted to go back home and re-create the world. That is the inspiration that you give to so many!

    Your testimony for Jesus is awesome! I know this has reached many people that you will never even know of. So keep your testimonies in front for all to see, what God has done for you, he will do for others.

    I am happy to hear that you are doing better Zig. They say you can’t keep a good man down, and you are living proof of that! I want you to know that you have been and will continue to be in my prayers. God holds a special place for people like you that give so much to so many. May God continue to bless you and your family. There are so many that will not send a comment, but still hold you near and dear to their hearts!

    Forever grateful for all you have done for me over the years!

    Carolyn Lane

  66. C. Keith Hawkes Says:

    I’ve been following your progress from day one, and am very pleased with how well you are doing. Keep up the good work!

    Embrace the Struggle

    C. Keith Hawkes

  67. eloise phillips Says:

    I have been to your seminars in Atlanta and been to your sunday school class at Prestonwood. I came to your sunday school class a few sundays ago but did not get to hear you. I hope I can visit again and you can have at least a little to say as an inspiration to all. I have several of your books and enjoy receiving your newsletter. I am so glad that God still needs you here…. because he knows we need you and your continuing influence. I read the updates on you and you are indeed an inspiration to me and others. May God richly continue to heal and bless you and Jean. Eloise Phillips

  68. Cary Tate Says:


    Thanks so much for being you! My dad drug me to Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City over 20 odd years ago to see you. I hated it then and would not listen to anything you had to say. Now my father is two years passed and but he saw me grow to embrace what God has to say through you. I am writing to you to tell you what an inspiration you have been to me all these years. I may never get to meet you in person but if so would consider a huge honor. You are the definative role model for me and my family. I pray your speedy recovery. Your brother in Christ Jesus,

    Cary Tate

  69. Missy Says:

    Zig –

    Well wishes to you and your family! I took the “I Can” Course in High School and haven’t been the same since. I also saw you in Denver, CO several years later! I read your books over and over and what an impact you have had on my life!
    God Bless,

  70. Drake Saylors Says:

    Greetings Zig, and the Ziglar family. I’ve listened to your voice since 1978, when one of my soul-mate mentors introduced me to you through one of your audio cassette tapes…it was love at the first moment. I’m grateful for your messages of solid truth, hope, practicality, inspiration, faith, and integrity have certainly shaped my life and as I’m in sales, I apply your techniques and questioning training EVERY day. How can one possibly thank someone for such a gift? I don’t know, but I’ve come to love you as the Christian brother you are to me, and I pray for your continued improvement, recuperation, and rehabilitation. My family is used to my quotes about “Zig says this, or Zig would do so-and-so”; and I’ve introduced several others to Ziglarism. Thanks for your incredible and steadfast example of how we really can “have it all” (the physical, the mental, and the spiritual)…it’s true. Onward & upward. God bless you.

  71. Marcy Stout Says:

    You are genuinely funny! Haha! I love your sense of humor in relaying your dad’s health condition to us. Always keep smilin’.

    I also enjoy your articles about eating healthy/organic foods and living debt free! That has made a huge difference in my lifestyle, as I started a program 4 years ago! Living debt free is the biggest STRESS RELIEVER out there on the market! 🙂 Thanks for always being positive! I enjoy your articles alot!

    Thanks from IL, Marcy Stout

  72. Shannon Says:

    Zig, I just had to let you know that I first heard about you through “See You At The Top” back in the ’90’s when I was working at Wal-Mart’s home office. You’ve inpired me for well over a decade, and I now share your teachings with my daughter (age 9). Wishing you all the best from Oregon! ~Shannon


  74. Neil Wilton (UK) Says:

    I have been following your training Zig for about 18 years and I have read most of what you have published. I live in the UK and have never had the chance to meet you or see you live. But somehow I feel I know you as a friend – as if we have met.
    I try to follow your key principles and remain positive about my future and my goals.
    I really just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your guidance, advice and example. My life and my families would be poorer but for the opportunity I had to read your stuff & listen to your tapes. Thanks and get well!
    p.s. I don’t get updates very often so please keep the updates coming.

  75. Dave Wyatt Says:

    Dear Zig,

    I want to join voices with the many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who are praying for you, and let you know you have touched my life in a special way. Yes, being in sales for nearly 30 years, your message of inspiration and faith not only in my ability but more importantly the God who gave it to me, but your remarkable and consistent witness of how a “real” Christian should approach even the most difficult circumstance. A year ago I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, an enlarging of the heart that left untreated has a 2-5 year morbidity rate. I’m under wonderful care at Creighton University Med Center and continuing to try to “let the string all the way out” in my career as well as display of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    In those moments that I begin to have a pity party and let fear creep in regarding the possiblity of leaving my wife and children behind, I always come back to the words Jesus spoke; “I will always be with you”.

    Thanks for your example and HANG IN THERE!!!!

    Blessings to you and your entire family and I’ll see ya.


  76. Gaurav Says:

    HI Zig,
    I had never seen a person like you, you are really a true inspiring person, i never meet you personally, but let me tell you one thing that what ever i have in my life ( joy , love, happiness, success, relationship) everything, its because of you.I also had lots of challenges and struggle but i always find a way its because of your thought on honesty , truth, inspiration, commitment and best is take action. thank you

  77. Michelle Says:

    I have been aware of Mr. Ziglar’s unique talents since I was in 7th grade in Victoria, TX when our curriculum included a copy of his first book and a ’round tuit’. I found him extremely inspiring even then at 11 years old. Fast forward more than two decades I had an opportunity to take a group of coworkers and see him in person at a motivational seminar in Corpus Christi. We all agreed he is even more inspirational in person! Since that seminar nearly eight years ago I have been receiving his daily inspirational messages. I get them on my blackberry and it starts my day off on the right foot. The Friday stories are especially good and occassionally move me to tears. The way you and your family have handled your accident and healing has impressed me to no end and has truly inspired me to handle my bumps and bruises with much more grace. Mr. Ziglar – you are a truly extraordinary human being who has brought so much positive into this world. I know there is a special place for you in heaven and if you get there before me . . . I’ll see you at the top!

  78. Bob Hess Says:

    Hey Zig Your A Great Man God Loves You and So do Many You have Blessed and Encouraged. REMEMBER

    You Don’t Stop Laughing Cause You Grow Old
    You Grow Old Cause you Stop Laughing!!!Keep your Sense Of Humour

    God’s Blessings On You and Yours All The best May You Have Many Good Years Ahead. Love and Prayers For God’s Best
    Bob and Marles Hess

  79. Dear Zig-

    I’ve been a fan of yours for many years. Although I’m not in sales, I have read many of your books and listened to many of your tape series. I’ve heard you speak in person several times. Once you signed a book for me and included the Ephesians 2 passage about being saved by grace. You spoke at this particular luncheon about the importance of fathers.

    I worked as a cardiovascular nurse for more than 20 years. I used to listen to your tapes on the way to work and you motivated me to help many heart patients begin to make changes in how they cared for themselves. I now have a personal blog called Heart Choices and I write about how our day to day choices determine what our tomorrows will become. I have to credit you in many ways for part of this inspiration.

    I am thrilled that you are pressing on and not giving in to a very challenging medical situation. You’re practicing what you’ve been preaching for so many years. I will continue praying for you and your family. And may the Lord strengthen you to complete the tasks He’s given you to do this side of eternity.

    God bless you,

  80. Zig,

    I am glad to hear you are doing well thanx to the update to all of us from your son. It was funny to get the note today since I was just talking about how much you have positively impacted my life. I was asked what I did to have such good children and family. I came right out with it. I said well I have read and listened to several books and tapes many times by Zig Ziglar. The first was “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World.” It taught me to be a good finder and to limit the amount of television my children are aloud to watch. I have 2 daughters Jacquelyn & Jillyan, 15 & 13 years of age. they have never been able to play video games. We have never had any in our house. No Nintendo, no PlayStation and no XBox period. They are not allowed to watch any television Monday-Thursday nights. They are to do their homework soon after arriving home from school before any play. They read a lot and my wife Gina and I spend a tremendous amount of time with them doing family things. This has been the case for almost 6 years. They are so well behaved and a joy to have around. Even their friends parents love to have them over. The book ‘Courtship After Marriage’ has taught me how to focus on the blessing of marriage. Unfortunately I had been married twice before, but now I got it. I told the story the other day when someone said they would take me to a topless bar as an appreciation for something I had done for him. I said no thanks my wife would not approve. I also told him the story from your book on how my wife would feel if I came home and told her I was out at such a place. I feel great not going. There are so many areas that you have touched my life from my children to my wife (of 16 years tomorrow), to sales training and motivation for me and my slaes team. you are truly one of my favorite people. You have no idea how much your example and leadership have guided me over the last 20 years. I use and give you credit all the time for the saying that guides me in all of my businesses and that is “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough people get what they want”

    I want to extend a sincere thank you to you for all you have done for me. I wish you many more happy years.

    You Rock!


    Dean MacMorris

  81. Tausif Says:

    Zig, You are perfectly healthiest man on this glob and best has yet to come in your life.
    God bless you.

  82. Kevin Costllo Says:

    I First heard of you when I came into the world of sales about 25 years ago, and my sales manager told me about you. I have read most of your books and have had the honer to see you in person several times in Pittsburgh Pa. You signed secrets of closing the sale. You are without a doubt my mentor whom I have tried to model my sales career after. I feel like I know you and your wonderful family personally. My continued prayers are with you and your family. I am looking forward to you coming again to the Pittsburgh or Cleveland area to hear you again. When people ask how I am doing I always say Super good but I’ll get better, and I sign all my work emails see you at the top
    God Bless you
    Kevin Costello

  83. Candy Says:

    Dear Zig,
    I guess Iv’e been out of the loop for a while (I am currently an out of work trainer here in Fort Worth)….did not know about your accident/surgery.

    We have met several times in person at your seminars…and I told you how one of your books got me to move to Texas….and you welcomed me so graciously…at that seminar in Dallas. You even invited me to your church!

    I’ve been thinking about you alot in the last few weeks now I know why!
    Prayers and blessings for your continued good health and inspiration to others…It is amazing the blessings you have brought to this planet!

    Peace and Blessings!
    Candy Clifton

  84. Barb Goff Says:

    Good Evening Mr. Ziglar,
    I had the pleasure of seeing you in Baltimore, MD two years ago. I listen to you in my car and on my ipod! I pray that you get stronger every day just as you help so many others become stronger in their lives. You can’t hit a target you can’t see!
    God Bless

  85. Mark Coltman Says:

    Zig, I will always remember hearing a crackly old audio tape in the late 80’s with some American guy telling me about the ooh and aah close and going on about some plates! Well I tell you, I thought this was the oddest guy I’d ever heard and left it at that.
    20 something years later I am a born again Ziglar (if such a thing exists) I am continually plugged into you through my ipod – how technology has advanced!!
    How inspiring you always are. (Tom, you are truly blessed to have such a dad).
    Be good, and if you can’t be good – be careful.

    Best wishes, Mark.

  86. Savanna Hawkins Says:

    Dear Mr.Ziglar,
    This is Savanna Hawkins the one who hugs you almost every weekend at church my mom just let me see this so I wanted to send something so I am. I wish you well in this time of need. And I’m always looking forword to the weekend. see you this weekend.

    Note from Mom. Savanna is 9 years old and adores you. Thank you Zig for touching her heart, she will forever love you. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  87. Dear Zig,
    I have been a fan for years. My Dad was one of your biggest fans too. He raised my on PMA, you know, positive mental attitude. He quoted you often as do I. We are raising five young adults and I bought and used your Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World. I am praying for your memory recovery and am so happy your spirits are high. Thank you for all you have shared. You are an inspiration to us all. I just turned 51 and I know you didn’t start your career path as an inspirational speaker until you were 50, so I am praying that I can follow in your footsteps! A dream job come true for me would be to work for Zig Ziglar!
    Blessings Ten-fold,
    Cindy Herr-Pino

  88. Renee Foster Says:

    Dear Mr. Zig Ziglar,

    I have been a fan of yours since I was a young girl and my dad introduced me to “See You At the Top”. I have read all of your other books as well. I was saddened to hear about your trip down the stairs but am very glad that you are doing as well as you are. Thanks to your son for keeping the world updated on your recovery.

    I tried to get to see you when you were in Green Bay but my other commitments wouldn’t allow for it; maybe next time.

    Take care and thank you for the blessing of your knowledge and wonderful attitude.



  89. Tracey Kreiling Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar,
    I have to credit my husband for introducing you to me. After 15 or more years of listening to you on tape and CD, I feel I know you. I couldn’t be more thankful to both of you.

    It was the book Positive Kids in a Negative World that started it all. I read it through and then purchased it on “Cassettes”! I regularly travelled 3 hours back and forth with small children to our cabin in Utah. Each time you accompanied me. I am a wonderful mother, you get some credit for that also. Your words echoed in my ears regularly while raising my 3 daughters, who’ve become amazing young women. In addition, when asked by friends, neighbors, strangers, how I could be so solid and confident in my parenting, I always credited the years of listening to that set over and over.

    In addition, I was fortunate enough to see you in person. I believe it was in Arizona in the late 80’s early 90’s. I use the wisdom daily in my business and personal relationships with adults as well as little ones.

    This Red Head will pray for your continued improvement. Your words will continue to echo as I open my first business and share the many CD sets with my team members, my daughters go through college, bring home possible husbands and visit with Grand Babies!

    My best to you and your family, Thank you for a lifetime of Positive!
    Tracey Kreiing, Glen Ellyn Illinois

  90. Deb Dusseault Says:

    Dear Zig, I graduated from college in August of this year and I want to thank you for inspiring me to finish. I am 56 years old and many people thought it was impossible for me to finish. Very little money and raising three children as a single parent were a few challenges I faced. I started college when I was 18 and just kept going of and on till it got done. Somewhere along the way I came across your books, tapes and newsletter and you reminded me that I could do it as long as I believed I could. Thank you for all that you have done for so many people.

  91. Christy Madrid Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar,
    You leave a daily legacy of how to lead a life of positive gratitude which leads others to the desire to know Christ. What a great recruiter you are for Christ!

    Thank you for your wisdom, continuous encouragement and strength in showing the world that ‘stuff happens’ and when it happens it is your response to it that really makes the difference.

    Best wishes for continued health and happiness. See you at the top!

  92. Dear Mr. Ziglar,
    You leave a daily legacy of how to lead a life of positive gratitude which in turn leads others to the desire to know Christ. What a great recruiter you are for Christ!

    Thank you for your wisdom, continuous encouragement and strength in showing the world that ‘stuff happens’ and when it happens it is your response to it that really makes the difference.

    Best wishes for continued health and happiness. See you at the top!

  93. Christopher Paine Says:


    I appreciate all you’ve done over the years and have listened and put into practice your excellent advice on more than one occasion. I especially enjoy listening to you talk about imagination and using it to reach your dreams and goals.

    Great to hear you’re doing well and keep improving!


  94. Dave Jensen Says:

    Hi Zig and family,

    Greeting from LA (NOT Lower Alabama), California.

    We keep our prayers going for the whole Ziglar clan. Glad to hear Zig continues the healing process… and Tom’s e-mails are almost as funny as Zig’s writing!

    All is well here. Working on my next book (on leadership), flying around teaching (and at Emory University), and coaching executives…

    Zig, thanks for making such a HUGE difference in my life as a friend and mentor.

    Peace, blessings, and love
    Dave Jensen

  95. Chad Says:


    Thank you for being YOU! I have listened and read your wisdom for 12 years. You are outstanding and I can’t imagine who I would be without you. You honor and integrity have been an inspiration to me over the years. I know that you know that the good Lord has a reason for your fall. Wishing you continued improvement and all the best in the world.

    Peace be with you my trusted advisor,

  96. Troy Huggett Says:

    Dear Mr. Ziglar:

    I was very fortunate to be directed to your teachings as a very young man and your books & tapes/cd’s had an immeasurable impact on my life. I would absolutely not be the person I am today without your inspiration, motivation, guidance and incredible teaching! I was fortunate to get a personal letter from you in response to a letter I sent you and I still have that to this day – who would have thought someone at your ‘level’ would personally respond to someone at mine? That’s just one of the things that sets you apart and that we all love and appreciate about you. Thanks for everything you’ve done – you are in my prayers.

  97. Iritte stears Says:

    Hey dad!

    All this is just another struggle to embrace, and another chance to praise God. I love you, but you know Gods love surpasses it all. And at the end of the day, God is happy to see that you have tried to reflect him everyday. That is why he keeps you safe, because he knows that he can trust his son Zig to be a prime example of what a man of god is.

    Thank you for continuing to be my role model.

    Your other daughter,
    Iritte Stears

  98. Tom Hennessey Says:

    Dear Zig,

    You have left us all such a rich legacy, and your message of hope, faith, integrity, and positive attitude is needed today more than ever .

    You still have lots to contribute, but take care of yourself also, smell the roses, and know that you have raised a wonderful family, and that your recordings and writings will be helping people for the next several hundred years .


    Tom Hennessey

  99. Divine Grace Segunla Says:

    Hi Zig, I’m Divine from the Philippines. I couldn’t thank you more for inspiring me big time. I love your books. My favorite of all time is Better Than Good. I just graduated from college and I know in my heart that I am destined for something more and your book is one of the reasons that I keep on keeping on. I hope I can meet you in person very soon. You guided me with your wisdom and your optimism.

    I pray for only the best for you.

  100. Rod Wesley Says:

    Hi Zig,

    I have been in sales for like 100 years and you have been my inspiration for ALL of that time. I am 49 years young and hope and pray that when I am the same as your tender age I will be as inspiring as you are. You and my Dad are the same age and I know that you both will one day hear those words, well done, good and faithful servant. You have been an inspiration to many generations and hopefully many more. God bless and I do remember you and your family in my prayers.

  101. Rod Wesley Says:

    PS If your hearth allows – when are you going down under? We would love to have you!

  102. Adrian Says:

    Zig is my hero! I have his whole 18 tape set, plus the planner and several of his books. I alternate them with tapes and books from other motivational speakers, so I am getting frequent doses of positive motivation. Since I’m usually hauling my children around, they have had a good dose of them too. Many of your father’s sayings have stuck in my mind and they pop up at the appropriate times with that famous southern accent – You can’t make a good deal with a bad guy and you can have anything you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want and so on. My kids have heard your grandmother’s saying – “Once a job is first begun…” so many times. They groan and roll their eyes, but they hop to it just the same. I hope we have many more wonderful years to enjoy his unique brand of inspiration!

    Adrian – Salt Lake City

  103. Ray Yenkana Says:

    Hi Zig,
    You have been an inspiration and mentor to me since 1988. I think i own most all your audio and some video. Many of my favorite quotes are yours, like”anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it better. You have helped me earn a fortune and have guided my thoughts and path. Your words have shed a lot of light on my path, and though many miles seperate us i feel i know you well.
    I hope we can meet sometime.
    God speed and many more years be yours.
    Ray and Patsy Yenkana and family

  104. Zig,
    So glad to hear you are doing well and keeping your spirits up! My Dad introduced you to me at “automobile university” many years ago and then I got to meet you personally at Born to Win in 2006!! I am expecting a baby in January and the doctors have found some abnormalities on her ultrasound, but I am staying positive! I know that being positive will help me be a better mother!! Thanks for all your help, inspiration, and encouragement!! I am praying for you!

  105. Carole Zarb Says:

    Mr. Ziglar, you are an inspiration and I pray for your continued recovery. I have known a fightening illness and I have a wonderful husband and 5 adult kids so I relate to much that you talk about. As a younger salesmanager I read your books and listened to your tapes for motivation for business success – still in business, I’ve lived long enough to know that a loving family and generous friendships are the true blessings. Thanks for your mentorship to so many, including me. I look forward to seeing you at the top!

  106. "Mister Ed" Banovatz Says:

    Zig and Family,

    Wish you a speedy recovery. You’ve inspired so many of us over the years. I first heard you in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1978. And at least 4 more times, the most recent, last year, in Atlanta, Georgia. And you were still stirring us up for action.

    God Bless and get well soon,

    Lynne and Ed Banovatz

  107. jorge garcia Says:

    To all the ziglar family, we send love and health from friends in mexico.

  108. Aniruddha Says:

    Your writings are not only motivational for sales but for living life to the fullest. Keep the flag flying high! God bless you.

  109. Chao Moua Says:

    Tom, thanks for the update. Mr. Ziglar was my most listen to speaker during my tough year after dropping out of college. Your dad sent me a sign protrait too. Thanks to him. God bless him and hope he gets better. I am still working hard and hoping to make some money to take my wife and me to come one of his celebrate birthday.

  110. K.BHARATHAN Says:

    I love ziglar’s profound wisdom and inspiring words all the time. One I quote often is the TV’s effect on subliminal injection of unseen influences altering your behaviour without your knowing it. This is a truth of great value to many an eastern minds, thoroughly orthodox in many ways.

    Let me continue to pray for his health and long life and let his contribution to Humanity continue forever.


  111. D Wills Says:

    Dear Zig, Seems like you are headed in the right direction with your health. Zig, I get so energized when I listen to your messages. Told a friend yesterday about his list on the day before vacation. Bet you can imagine he got a lot done. He said he did. The rascal is on Hilton Head Island taking it easy fo a few days. I thank God for the most life changing thing I listened to you talk about. Our relationship with God. I got saved shortly after listenig to “How to be a Winner”. I never want to get over this life changing event. God used you to plant the seed, and he sure did grow it. Zig I pray for you and your family and I need to ask for your prayers. Please pray for my brother-in -law, he found out he has a form of pre-leukemia, and he has to come to Houston to MD Anderson for treatment. His and my sister’s world has been turned upside down . I know all is God’s hands and may his will be done. I again am glad to hear of your progress and know God keeps you here to spread the message of his saving grace. Sincerely, D Wills – East Tennessee

  112. Jeff Weese Says:


    Thank you so much for everything you do! You have had more influence on me than any other human being on earth outside of my family. Your work has helped me to become a better father, spouse, leader, employee, and citizen. In my career, I have earned more money each year then the previous since I first started listening to your message in 2001. I have doubled my income again and again and again. You helped me to go from a struggling salesman to becoming a sales leader and now I am one of the top sales managers in my company, I thank you. Most rewarding is that you have inspired and equipped me to be a positive influence on the lives of those around me. The most important and beneficial lessons I have learned are that its not what happens its whether you respond or react to what happens that make the difference and you truly can get everything in you want if you just help enough other people get what they want. What really excites me is that you have been kind enough to record so much material and I have so much yet to learn from you. You continue to set the example as you refuse to let up, shut up or give up and you’re just getting warmed up.

    God bless you and thank you. You will see me at the top!

  113. Ardy Roberto Says:

    Hi Zig,
    Just wanted to let you know, Mr Ziglar, that your appearance on the 700 Club many years ago ministered to me when I was struggling with the health situation of my wife. We met you in the Philippines many years back and you and the Redhead gave me and my wife the biggest bear hug ever. I have a new book out called The Heart of Healing, and I wrote about how you inspired us. I’d like to send you a copy through your son, Tom. (We’re now your partners in the Philippines and we’re spreading the Ziglar philosophy here.) 🙂
    God bless you and the whole family!
    Ardy Roberto

  114. In 1989 my son, then 14 years old, and I were privileged to participate in your SEE YOU AT THE TOP series offered through the Interfaith Job Search Council. Your tapes and messages clearly made a difference in my life at that time while going through a job search. Your tapes helped me keep my head on straight. For that I thank God that he saw fit for you to be a part of my life and my son’s. Zig, you will always have a special place in my heart and I pray daily to our Father that he restore you to full health. I think it was Winston Churchill who said, “Never give up, never give up, never give up!” May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Bill Harrison

  115. Pat Schmidt Says:

    Dear Zig, I have been privileged to meet you and “your redhead” on several occasions at NSA. Your strong faith and positive attitude have always been an inspiration to me and, I’m sure, to many others within the speaking industry. Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with these latest struggles. God bless you and your family.

    In Christ,


  116. Ronald Hall Says:

    It is a blessing to hear that your doing well. Although I have not obtained many goals in life yet, you are a main reason I have them. There are few that have the powerful message that you deliver, and even fewer that have the class that you have. Through God you have changed more lives than you will ever know, your legacy will live on forever.
    Thanks for everything!

  117. Fred Nordt Says:


    It is great to see such a special person doing so well. You’ve showed to everyone that with “Positive Thinking” you can heal yourself. I have been a follower of yours since 1988 when I read your book “See You at The Top” in 12th grade. I also saw you that year at the theatre at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Thank you for being you and spreading the wealth of your thinking. God Bless You and Your family.

  118. Rick Delisle Says:

    Dear Zig:

    I continue to hope and pray for your complete recovery and health.
    I delight in the progress you are making in the updates written by Tom.
    You have no doubt changed and improved my life and I shall remain ever grateful!
    “You can get anything you want IF you help enough other people get what they want”
    What many of us want is your complete recovery!
    Good luck and get well.

  119. A.Mohamed Ali Says:

    Dear Tom,

    Please convey my personal wishes and regards to your dad. I pray to the Almighty God to bless our beloved Zig Ziglar a long life with good health. The world of emerging young sales people needs Mr.Ziglar’s motivation for some more decades, atleast.

    Many people like me, in this world Learned to Win by the powerfull and motivating words of your dad

    May God the Almighty give your dad a very long life with excellent health.

    Best regards

    A.Mohamed Ali,
    Sales Trainer and Motivational Coach,
    Chennai, India

  120. Unyimeobong Okon Udoeyop Says:

    Hello Sir,
    Greetings to you all in Jesus name. Since i came in contact with Papa’s books in 2000,after my High School,i never stopped till date.
    His books have shaped my life in thinking, perspective, and better living.
    This will be a good opportunity to pray for my mentor and coach. I’ll be part of it. I really appreciate this update on daddy’s health which will get better.
    On his note, i leave the peace and presence of God with your family this day and asked in Jesus name his health be better. Amen.
    Thank you sir.

  121. Phan Hai Says:

    Seem like I am the only one Vietnamese here ^^
    No problem, it just show that you are encouraging people all over the world.
    I’m 18 years old so that I think I’m lukier than many people to watch your video and read your blog at this early age ^__^
    Thank you, Zig. Get stronger! I will meet you in America ^_______^

  122. Bryan Dunlop Says:

    I am always quoting you and “if you help people get what they want, you will get what you want” – a key belief in this world.

    My dear Dad died a little while ago, and while we focus on the positives of his amazing life, we are all bereft.

    You must keep well, to continue to inspire your many fans but most importantly to allow those that love you to be with you.

    With the best possible wishes from Ireland

  123. Kessa Baker Says:

    Hello Zig and Family,
    Like so many others you have made my life better just by being you. I have used your “Cooked in the squat” story many times thoughout my life. I quote others, but that one is my favorite!
    I can hear your voice and a great big smile breaks out on my face.
    Yep, A big goofy grin. Someday I might get to give you a big ole’ hug in person but until then I will be hugging you with my heart. xo
    Serving Him,

  124. Subhash Karmarkar Says:

    Hello Tom and “Ziglar family” across the world!

    I am delighted to read Zig’s doing just fine… There are so many things that millions of folks around the world have learnt from his fantastic words…

    Wishing him the very best of health from all of us…. and awaiting to his visit to India with his sparkling zeal soon in near future 😀

    Cheers and God bless!

    Subhaash Karmarkar
    Pune – Maharashtra : Bharat (India)

  125. Pat McDonald Says:

    Get well Zig. You are the motivational speaker who motives me.

  126. Jim Servis Says:

    Dear Zig,
    I continue to stand with you for complete restoration and wholeness in your brain and that your short term memory is completely restored. I am praying for a minimum of fifteen more years strong in Lord if you want them. We need your wisdom and encouragement. We don’t need the Lord’s general’s weak and leaving us when they have just learned enough to help the rest of us succeed in life. Moses had 120 years where his strenght was not abated nor his eye sight dim. Keep walking by faith. Thanks again for all your encouragement to us.

  127. elaine gilbert Says:

    knowing you have the best neurosurgeons in the country is vital. shared with the love you (zig zigler) have for your God, your country and your family, has shown me that the commandment to LOVE is the greatest commandment and your life and legacy proves that for ever end ever. God bless you and your family

  128. Paul Conlon Says:


    I am 32 years old and have been listening to your tapes and reading your books for the past 10 years. I have been so inspired by the things you have said that I have been able to run 3 London Marathons and a number of half marathons in this time, and this is something I would never have envisaged before I had heard your messages – I’m sure I will never forget them, and will continue to be inspired by them for as long as I live.
    Wishing you the best possible health and happiness.

    Paul Conlon
    Manchester, England (UK)

  129. Jim Lewis Says:

    My Dear Ziglar family . . .
    There is nothing that comes into our lives except that it pases through our Heavenly Father’s hands first . . . And the purpose of this is to prove to us and the world, that there is ‘overwhelming victory . . . through Christ who loves us enough to die for us’. Through His death and resurrection power, God grants us moment by moment grace for every struggle and ‘overwhelming vicotry’ for every obstacle!

    Thank you Zig and Tom and family for being excellent examples of that ‘overwhelming victory team!
    Thank you for being true servants of the Most High!
    God Bless you richly, remember –
    In Him we live and move and have our being,
    Your friend, Jim

  130. Aida Majesi Says:

    Ello Ziglar,
    You are such a bedrock for me, my family and many friends i have introduced your most motivations and inspirations. Please visionalise yourself many more years with us. I listened to you saying your mum planted seeds of good health in you which have seen you through thick and thin. Just to make absolutely sure you ‘dont miss anything’ if tiens products are not part of your regular health regime, please check them out on http://www.tiens.com they are natural supplements and we want to make absoluteley certain may grandchildren get to meet you twenty years from now.

  131. Jim LeGrand-Arizona Says:

    At first I was amazed at how many comments were on here and then I realized how many people’s lives you have touched. This is just a fraction of those whose lives you have changed with your work. It may be hard for you to realize how personally we feel about our individual experiences with you and your material and how much they have impacted our lives. To us it is so personal. I have always thought of you as a really neat Dad or good friend because that is how I see you. You have made a huge impact on my life spiritualy and professionally. I am so thankful that God allowed me to know you and learn what He gave you to pass on to the rest of us. You have been blessed and in turn blessed many. Thank you Zig!

  132. Dan Mitolo Says:

    I just love you guys!! I’ve been a Zig follower for 16 years and I think of Zig every day. That’s not a fib either. Zig is truly an inspiration to me and he’s in my daily prayers. It’s an honor to receive your newsletter and updates. I’m amazed at the love and admiration that’s out there for Zig…by the way, I Love You too!!

  133. I’ve been with Brother Zig on many occassions. I was born in Meridian, MS., just to be close to my Mama, and worked Yazoo City, MS. in the pharmacuetical business. Zig has been my Mentor for 30 years. I’ve got every tape, cassett and book he has written or recorded. I’m anxiously awaiting the new one. I’m still in the “selling” business. I’d rather “sell than eat” (and I love to eat). I’m now in the insurance business. The sales information from Zig is still relevant regardless of the selling field or career we chose. May God continue to bless ya’ll in a very special way, today and everyday in everyway. I’m now in Montgomery, AL., “living a dream in the field of selling” and so much of the dream is due to Zig Ziglar. God Bless…..Brother R. Wayne Cobb

  134. Deb Thurman Says:

    Dear Ziglar family,

    And the love goes on…. Since the 1990 National Speakers Bureau convention in Atlanta, Georgia, I have been a huge Zig Ziglar fan. Mr. Ziglar during that short period of time made a huge impact on my life. Just this past month I quoted Zig in saying that maybe it was time for a “checkup from the neck up.”

    This Monday, in Tulsa, my daughter experienced Zig Ziglar for the first time live. She said she sat and cried, truly realizing that you can be a faithful Christian, loving spouse and a successful business person in one package.

    Thank you again Mr. Ziglar for walking the talk. We love you in Oklahoma and pray that God grants you many more years to demonstrate his love and power.

  135. LuAnn Renner, Indianapolis, IN Says:

    My father shared your tapes with me as I drove back and forth each day to nursing school 25 years ago. He was in sales and used Positive Mental Attitude tapes to keep him going. I will always remember those tapes as they encouraged me that I could do whatever I set my mind to do, if it was in the Lords will.
    I recently came across this website as I was looking for a reflection to use before a meeting. I have forwarded it to my son, who is in college now, to keep him motivated.
    Such truths as you share are not taught in schools. People don’t realize how important it is to put positives in your mind. The world certainly doesn’t do this on a daily basis.
    So, Thank you, Zig, for your impact on my family’s lives. It has been passed down through the genereations.
    May God continue to Bless, watch over, and heal you!

  136. As a young entrepreneur in the ’70’s I was impacted with See You At the Top. Then I met Zig in 1980 at the International AMSOIL Convention and was greatly inspired and impacted again. I still have those tapes which are pretty well worn out – but his message remains fresh and alive.

    I still use Zig’s materials in our AMSOIL Business Training Exchange Library. He is like the Energizer Bunny and his message keeps going and going and going to generations.

    Thank you so much, Zig, for being the “real deal” when it comes to a Christian testimony during hardships and adjustments in life. You are admired and loved deeply.

    Fight the good fight, keep the faith and finish the course – with a remarkable leap over the finish line! You are loved and appreciated very much.

  137. willcely Says:

    God is Good All the Time!

    How happy am I to know that the man who influenced my life through his books gaining fast recovery and kicking! The world still needs a person like him to keep us motivated and bless with the right attitude when during the times of our struggles. It keeps me going and makes me smile when i did something which reminds me of Zig Ziglar, his very reassuring smile, pointing at me with his words “Kkeep doing that and I’ll see you at the top!”
    God bless you more and your family!

  138. Lane Benson Says:

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have been exposed to you and your teachings for about 20 years now. At 21 I began and was hesitant to listen to anything but loud music but after the 1st tape, I was hooked. I would listen everyday on my drives to and from work for years. I’ve read the books, attended the seminars (sadly only once-but I was 2nd row Center which was an amazing experience) quoted the quotes. I believe the lessons I’ve learned have dramatically formed who I am today as a husband, father, leader, follower, friend and any other hat that we all ultimately wear. Some jokingly call me Lane Ziglar or respond to my comments with “Is that from Ziglar?” and although it might not have been, I know who had some major influence. I can definitely go on and on but I think the best way to let you know that you are being thought of is that; to this day; whenever I read, listen, talk about you, I feel so strongly about the way that you’ve influenced me that I get a lump in my throat. You are an amazing inspiration, thank you.

  139. Sam Blevins Says:

    As a young salesperson, I have always found myself looking for better ways. I stumbled into Zig’s message about a year ago, and I have been a big believer ever since. I had the pleasure of seeing Zig in Asheville at the first of the month. Despite all his health challenges since the fall, I was delighted to see he is still the same old Zig Ziglar I have come to know and love through his books. I was almost moved to tears as he continued to speak of his love of his wife, God, and family. I was amazed that his core values have resisted all the challenges thrown at him. I wish him the best, and he will be in my prayers. Let him know he has turned out a great understudy in Krish Dhanam as well. May God Bless and enjoy life at the top.

  140. I’ve never met you yet have been a Ziglar student for years. Just a brief note to wish you health and happiness! Enjoy the process of the recovery, the love from family, the support from friends and the blessings He gives us everyday! My prayers are with you (all of you)!

  141. Wow! What an inspiration you are now, as you have always been! In many ways your seminars, videos, CD’s, and books have directed and encouraged me in all areas of my life.

    Our music school, The Talent Developing Studio, has touched over 1,000 lives in the last 10 years.
    As Nikken wellness consultants, my husband and I have helped many people to find a new lease on life. We’ve seen success in these businesses and in promotion of my husband’s software “A tempo” largely because of the education and motivation that your life and your ideas give us.

    Your openness about your Christian faith is so inspiring. Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with others.

  142. Tom O'Connor Says:

    One of the best days of my life ,was meeting Mr Zig Ziglar,I picked him up at Detroit Metro Airport and had the privilage transporting him to and from his speaking engagement.I met him at the gate we jumped into my limo and drove to the Troy Marriot.That night he left me a ticket at the door ,I attended the workshop and told him I would pick him up in morning to return him to the airport.The next morning I didn’t have a driver to drive my limo so I picked him my self in it and instead of riding in the back he got in the front with me and we talked all the way to the air port .I know he was writing Ziglar on selling at the time and could have climbed in back and kept to himself.He didn’t and I have been forever grateful for the time he spent with me ,we talked about god and family and sales and golf.He taught me lot both in person and through his materials. ZIG Thank you !

  143. Matt S. Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,

    I am so pleased to learn of your continued recovery and improvement. I appreciate the updates that your son has sent to keep us, your public, posted on your progress. My family and I have prayed for you as your body heals. It is inspiring to us to know that your spirit is as healthy as ever.

    Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. You are an example to all. We all confront our own challenges in life. I only ask myself to face those challenges with the grace and fortitude that you display.

    God bless you,

    Matt S.

  144. Chris Says:

    My wife and I had the privilege of meeting your mom and dad at church in August. Zig put his arm around me like he had known me my whole life and said, “You did what I did.” I asked what he meant by that. He said, “You married up in life.” I giggled. Then he said, “but I don’t think too highly of any man who can’t.” He is always witnessing God, praising Jean, and putting a positive twist on everything! We love the Ziglar family! Keep embracing the struggle!

    Positive Regards,

    Chris & Sara

  145. Lee Says:

    Hi Tom,

    It is so refreshing to hear of a son being concerned and loving of his father. My dad was a minister and he died in only four months after reaiising he had an asbestos related lung cancer. I am so glad now that i spend so much time with him. He was my hero and mentor and we shared many similarities to you and your Dad (both Christians) and i am a motivational speaker now too!

    Your Dad’s wisdom is very powerful – i first saw him when you were featured on a BBC program called The Armstrongs (!).

    Keep up the good work, heres praying for a speedy recovery and full health for Zig – thanks to you both for being honest, transparent and giving.

    Lee (UK)

    “what’s man’s first duty? the answers brief: to be himself” Henrik Ibsen

  146. Marcie Dixon Says:

    Good Morning Zig!

    It is so great to hear you are doing so much better…Our God is awesome! Zig I have to tell you I love you…I love you as a sister in Christ! There have been times when I have listened to your tapes in my Autombile University and thougth…Our heavenly father must be so proud of you…how you deliver his message so that everyone can understand! Keep up the great work!

    Zig I thought of you this morning while I was perparing for my day. The speech you gave concerning Brother Bern and his son. How hard it was to put his braces on when he would say “please not tonight”! Zig there has been a little 5 year old girl that has came into my life lately…she walks on here tippie toes every where she goes. She has recently started wearing braces to help her heals go to the floor. As I put those braces on this morning to prepare her for school…big tears came up in those big brown eyes…it broke my heart so much! I held her and told her how much I loved her and if she would wear the braces while she was little, when she was a big girls she would be able to be a cheerleader, and wear high healed shoes like I do! Zig please pray for her, and I hope everyone that reads this blog will pray for her! Her name is Brittany… she is a very sweet, beautiful, and whitty little girl! You never know what she might say…she puts a smile on everyones face when she is around. I will tell I her… I love you Britt, and she will always say “I love you more!”

    May God keep Blessing you, and your family!

  147. Tom, thank you for the update. Tell your dad that we love him and thank him for being such a positive testimony through the struggle. And we are looking forward to having you guys with us on the 8th! You guys are the BEST!

    Howard Partridge

  148. Jamie (Proud friend of Zig) Says:

    Zig Ziglar has been a huge influence in my life and still is….we love you for who you are.

    Thank you, Lord for the blessing of Zig Ziglar from Yazoo City!! Bless and keep his family. Amen.

    I am still listening to Zig’s audio series, because repetition is the mother of learning which makes it the father of action….

    The contents of your tapes are inside my brain…..and for that I thank you.

    You have blessed me.

    In Christ,
    Jamie (Proud friend of Zig)

  149. George A. Fountain Says:

    Tom, Have never had the pleasure of meeting you but I have know your Dad for some several years. We lived within rock throwing distance with each other in Yazoo City. In fact your Grand Mother sent us out to run the chickens out of the garden and I picked up a rock and threw it and killed a chicken which belong to the neighbor Mr. Reeves. We of course didn’t know how it happened so we threw it over the fence. Know Mr. Buddy has laughed at us many times about this. Your Dad and I were in school together in Yazoo City, MS and graduate in the same class. Shame he is getting old as I will be 82 next month. Your Dad and I cut yards together during our growning up years in Yazoo but he took the easy route and went to work at the local Piggle Wiggle grocery with Mr. Anderson, I wound up working in the oil field until we both headed our ways off to the service and college.

    We have seen little of each other since the late ’40’s, except at our class reunions in Yazoo at which time I meet your Mom “Red Head”. Am sorry that Zig is under the strain he is under with his illness. I have stayed in touch with him through Laurie in the office over the years, Have found that this is my best way to contact him as she seems to be able to boss him some, HA!

    Give my regrads to your Dad and tell him us old classmates are praying for him. What’s left of us are tough old bunch. George

  150. Andrew Safie Says:

    Thank you for trusting the Lord.

  151. Hi Zig –

    I would say you’ll never know what an inspiration you have been to me since the first time I heard you but someday…when you graduate to heaven….you’ll know exactly how instrumental you’ve been in my life. Thank you for using your God given gifts to help me and so many others. May God continue to bless you and to heal you here on earth so we can benefit from your infinite optimism for many many more years!

    God bless you!
    Angie Waldauer

  152. Zig:
    Just letting you know that I am happy to hear about your recovery and I am continuing to keep you in my prayers! I thank you for your model of excellence throughout the years and for your constant commitment to your faith! I also am grateful that when I wrote my first book, It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life, you were kind enough to write a quote that inspired me as much as it did the readers. (It must have been a great quote because the book went on to become a best seller!:) I also remember the day in December when we saw each other in the Pittsburgh airport and you encouraged me to make sure to spread the word that we must fight to keep “Christ in Christmas! and “He is the real reason for the season!” I have continued to do that and I tell everyone I know each Christmas to keep it going! So…Keep getting better, keep getting stronger and keep sharing your love with the world! And most of, keep giving God the Glory! You are, and have been a blessing to me, and so many others! Kiss Jean for me! Love you Brother!

  153. Jimmy McLeod Says:


    I am grateful to Father God and thrilled about your continued recovery, your new book and your future ministry in His kingdom! You LEAD the way!

    I first heard you on a cassette tape given to me when I was young pastor in Graham TX in 1975. You ‘rang my inner bell,’ and you have been a mentor since. Carol and I have been with you many times across the years in seminars, rallies, etc.

    One of my most treasured books is a copy of ‘Bisquits, Fleas and Pumphandles’ signed by you with a note and Eph 2:8-9 April ’77. In the new church plant in Carrollton in 1977 we took dozens of people to hear you at PMA Rally and other events and distributed hundreds of your testimony tape.

    Thanks for inviting me to share in your Monday morning devotional time at your office. Those experiences enriched me and helped me encourage other business owners to follow your lead … and employees to get together informally for prayer, Bible study and support.

    As young children, our son, Kevin, and daughter, Traci, sang over and over the positive songs on your cassette – think they ‘wore out’ three or four of them. And, your ‘Richer Life Course’ impacted Kevin as a teenager – thank you!

    As always, I look forward to your next book – especially ‘Embracing the Struggle.’ When I read Tom’s letter about the urging you to write about your fall, recovery and required adjustments and mentioned ’embracing’ your situation – you stopped him and said ‘that’s the title of the book’ – my heart filled with joy and affirmation! Life is indeed both overcoming obstacles AND embracing life, isn’t it … letting go and letting God.

    I last heard you speak in the Dallas ‘Get Motivated’ seminar 2005 and hear you pray at RealChoices Banquet in Grapevine. I look forward to many, many times across the years as you continue to inspire, encourage, educate, challenge and demonstrate everyone to help us reach our God-given potential!!!

    We pray for you and Jean (and all your family) as you both ‘live fully one day at a time’ as Jesus taught. And, that your love and gift of ‘being you’ impacts generations to come and our Most High God gets the glory!!!

    Peaceful and grateful,
    Jimmy McLeod

  154. Sarah Howard Says:

    I’m sorry to say, I was not aware od Zig’s health challenge. I wish your family all the best. Zig Ziglar has been a trusted name in motivation for s long as I can remember. I started in sales at the end of 1979 and over the years have drawn inspiration from Zig and other well know “Old Timers”. Unfortunately, I sometimes take fro granted people just being there forever. In the flury of activity, I often times don’t even look at the newsletters or e-mais. I read this one, regarding your dad’s health and I realized that those special people shouldn’t be taaken for granted, and that every word uttered over the years have been a tremendous compilation of inspiration and perspiration, to help make others successful. My thoughts, prayers, and gratitude are with you, sincerely, Sarah

  155. Jerry Heinrich Says:

    Dear Zig and Family
    Ever since I read your book See You At The Top I have been thankful to God for putting you in my life. The friend that gave me the book has since passed away but he loved your work as I do and I want you to know you are in my prayers every day and if we could teach the whole world to have an attitude like yours about life it would be a peaceful and wonderful world to live in. I listen to your tapes all the time as I have had them for over 15 years. God Bless You Zig and May He continue to shine his light upon you. I look forward to meeting you in heaven some day. I just turned sixt-five and my life seems like it is just beginning so I started a book called Life Begins at 65 should be interesting. Zig you are famous with my family and always will be. I know God loves you and so do we.
    Jerry Heinrich
    British Columbia

  156. Roy Hollmotz Says:

    Man, Zig you encouraged me in agreat way. I am a german and live in Potsda, Germany! Thanks and get well buddy, see you soon and latest in heaven! Looking forward meeting and have a talk!

  157. Jeff Raver Says:

    Zig continues to be an inspiration to me and millions of others. A real “Positive Attitude” and a great sense of humor. He is responding to his situation instead of reacting to it. Tell him I am still listening to his seminars (for about the 20th time) and they are still just as relevent and helpful. My prayers continue for his health. I can’t wait to see him again.

  158. Geoff Koerner Says:

    Back in 2004 I’d just finished reading “Success for Dummies” and wrote Zig a postcard thanking him for being on my team of encouragers, if only through print. At the time, I was in a deep, chronic depression. Though not expected, Zig wrote me back. I have his letter on my wall, dated April 28, 2004. I was touched to tears.

    Life continues its ups and downs, but instead of fighting against the struggle, I, too, am embracing it. While far from comfy much of the time, I can say “Life is Good.”

    Thanks, Zig, Family, Company including the Janitorial Crew! Everything you do is reflecting a beam of the Light into an increasingly dark world.

  159. Ed Dufur Says:

    Dear Zig:

    You have been a great blessing to many including myself. You and your dear family are in my prayers. When I met you at one of your meetings in Amarillo several years ago and asked you what the fish emblem on your lapel stood for. You were so kind and patient to explain the Christian principals it represented. I will always cherish this conversation with you about our blessed Lord Jesus. May He continue His blessings on you and your dear family. Much Christian love to you and yours,

    Ed Dufur, Hebrews 13: 20-21

  160. blacktygrrrr Says:


    I noticed that by sheer accident people from your site stumbled across my blog.

    I am actually a fan of Zig Ziglar. I have never met him, but his audiotapes were fantastic listening. I loved his story about how “the redhead” convinced him to buy a house that had nothing he wanted…no walk in closet…or anything.

    Anyway, may God Bless your dad and all of his family.


    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

  161. dearest zig,
    i did not know you were ill. to me, you are the picture of health. i know that you walk in divine health and God is taking care of you. i know you must want to meet our Lord, but be patient, as we need you here, too.
    i love you, zig. all your advice has made me a better person as a salesperson and as a wife and as a person. be blessed.

  162. Jeff LeRette Says:

    Hello Zig,

    I am praying that you continue to progress from your recent health situation.

    Your personal appearances, books, and recordings were used by The Lord to completely change my life for the better. I first heard of you when I was about twenty years young. I am now 53 years young and have been abundantly blessed by all of your work. You have truly served and been utilized by the Lord in a most wonderful way!

    I still pass on the knowledge and wisdom to others that you provided to me over these many years. You were like the Dad that I needed and never had. You are a great blessing! I know we will meet one day in heaven and then, I really will see you at the top.

    In Christ’s Love,


  163. Susan Says:

    He is always in my prayers every morning. Here is one of my favorite bible verses: Mark 11:24 I tell you therefore: everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours. I love you Mr. Zig because you are the best, I will never forget when I had breakfast in Anaheim it was my dream come true.

  164. Kathy Says:

    I am still in love with you! Thank you for the inspiration! I connected with you back in the early 80’s. Now, 25 years later…I mentor with your words and still seek your guidance.
    You are a wonderful guy who is living a very purposeful life!
    Keep going, we still need ya!

  165. As someone who has lived with hydrocephalus since birth, and who has had a permanent shunt since I was 3 days old, I can definitely understand what Mr. Ziglar is going through. I am glad that he is going well, and I must admit that even though I am a little green because he has “the upgrade”. I am glad that he is doing well. My shunt was one of the first of it’s kind and has to be adjusted manually. If you or anyone ever wants to talk with someone who knows what it’s like, please feel free to email me. Mr. Ziglar has been so instrumental for so many, its about time we give something back.

    God Bless,

    Michael P. Black
    Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Soecialist

  166. Debbie Douglass Says:

    I had the awesome pleasure to attend one of the “Get Motivated” seminars when it came to San Antonio, Texas a few years ago. For most of the people in my office, it was “just another one of those things that the director makes us attend.” For me, it was such a breath of fresh air. I am now enjoying the life that God intended me to live. Thank you.

    God bless & keep you & your family.

  167. wWonu Nwisi Says:

    First time I listened to your tapes I was so excited to discover you are a christian and wore it on your lapel! You have been a great blessing to my life. I recently enrolled with Success University and been listening over and over to a part of “see you at the top” – timing’s perfect, as i am determined to head only in that direction in every area of my life. Thanks for being a tremendous blessing to generations. You are in our prayers.

  168. Jeannette Warr Says:

    Dear Tom,

    Thank you for your health updates on your dad. I have only come to know his strategies recently as part of a major life change for me and I can honestly say I listen over and over to the Strategies for Success CD’s in my car. I use many of your dads quotes and have made them into posters for my walls. He makes me laugh, and inspires me on a daily basis and although I probably will never get to one of his seminars I feel as though I am there when I listen.
    Please pass on my deepest regards and warmest wishes for his full recovery and my most grateful thanks for the impact his words have had on my life and I hope to pass onto others as many of my learnings as I can.
    Keindest regards to you and all the family

    Jeannette Warr

  169. Jo Ann Huff Says:

    Zig Ziglar & Family,
    I was first introduced to you in 1978 when I started my sales career with Saladmaster. We had a training meeting in Witchita, KS and it was up close and personal with Zig. If there were 30 people in attendance I would be surprised. You were my first introduction to the world of speakers and to this day are my favorite. I have all your books (many autographed) and many of the audio series.
    My healing prayers and light are with you and your family.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  170. Nick Stefano Says:

    My prayers are with you Zig. I still have the photo i took with you out in Scranton, Pa. back in the early 1990’s at one of your seminars. You training has done more to for me that you will know. Keeping me in line with CHRIST is even better!

  171. Rev. Bruce Heil Says:

    Zig, you have been an inspiration to me through the years to always be positive and maintain faith in God. Your story and life have brought me through the few strugles in my life. I thank God for your life and example to me. You are in my prayers! Phil.1:6.

  172. Zig –

    You have truly made a difference in my life. You are on of the key people to influence me into following Jesus Christ. You are also the great motivator that taught me not to make excuses for my mistakes but to press on. You will impact my family that I am raising for the next 50 years.

    Thanks for being you!
    Shawn Biggins

  173. Ann Stewart Says:

    Thanks for the update on Zig’s health. So great to hear of his progress. He’s been such an inspiration and I have quoted him often in my inspirational newsletter Embracing All the Promises of God.

    My husband had a shunt after his brain aneurysm. It, too, had to be adjusted and I can picture the procedure. His short term memory lapse returned after taking him to all his favorite spots around town. Suddenly he would exclaim: “there’s another one sleuthfoot (his name for the devil) that the doctors said I would never remember!”

    The Lord brought him through it all with perfect recall, memory and physical health. He came literally from the grave as he was on total life support and was given absolutely no hope to live, let alone be totally restored.

    The Lord prompted me to write about all his (several) miracles as a testimony to the Lord’s healing. I shared all in With Wings As Eagles, an account of miracles.

    My prayer for Zig is that he, too, be totally restored as Jack. God is faithful. What He has done for one, he will do for all. Faith works miracles!

    Bless you, Zig!

  174. ademola ifagbayi Says:

    Hii Zig, i just want you to know that God has realy used you to inspire, motivate and coach me in my career as an insurance sales person. The news of you accident and sicknees got me devastated and i’v been praying for you since. I know you will triumph. i know I will be opportune to see and meet you physically one day.
    God bless you sir.
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  175. Belinda B. Says:


    I’m so glad to hear that you’re making everyone run a little to keep pace with you & that you’re doing your bit to keep the morale up in hospital hallways. (Your where to sign comment even made me chuckle out loud in the Dallas Public Library. – but I’m not in trouble.)

    You will alway hold a special place in my heart. My father and I used to attend your Sunday School class at First Baptist Church here in Dallas & those are some of my favorite memories between your practicle guide through biblical wisdom, the truisms of your beautiful ‘Redhead’, and being with my Dad.

    Our prayers are with you, so keep the power!


  176. Jenda Linn Says:

    Zig and Laurie, I am proud to tell you that Carl Felker is my brother. You know all about him, I’m sure. He has kept me updated on Zigs head injury all along. I am Praising God that He has been working in your life and healing your severe injury. God also did a great work in Carl’s life. When I left Charleston one week after Carl’s accident, we all thought he would probably die. And the doctors told our mother and Ellen (Carl’s wife now) that whatever improvement he would make within 3 – 6 months would be all the farther he would improve. Well, Carl (and God) proved those doctors wrong. Carl keeps improving all the time. It’s hard to believe how well Carl does after 11 1/2 years since his accident; even though we have seen God work miracles in our lives all the time. Why do we do that?; We Pray for for something (like healing) and then are surprised that God answeres our prayers!! I guess we are human.

    I have been praying for you since Carl let me know about your sledding on the stairway
    incident. And God has answered those prayers from so many (probably millions) people who have been praying for you. You have been such a good motivator for so many years; now it is also good motivation to see how God has been working in your live. Obviously Zig has “rubbed off” on the rest of your family. I really enjoyed reading Laurie’s up-date letter. How fun! It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy life no matter what. Carl and I were both blessed with our mother’s sence of humor. She could always make us laugh. Thank you for all you do for the millions of people all over the world in making yourself available to the Lord and His work. Carl is such a
    Zig Zigler fan (you probably already know that, huh?) and so am I. God Bless each one of you in Zig’s family and in his business. I will continue to pray for full recovery for Zig. It is just amazing that he can still travel and continue his seminars. I have never been able to hear Zig in person, but I listen to tapes that Carl sends me and have quite a few of your books. I continue to Praise God for what He is doing in your lives!

    Love in Christ, Carl’s sister, Jenda Linn
    P.S. I am the oldest in our family and Carl is the youngest. I am almost 10 years older than him and I have always been close with him.

  177. Jade Says:

    Playing and re-playing your podcasts is the perfect way to internalise your positive, but very realistic approach to life. It really works – and I also notice the difference in my attitude when I don’t listen to them for a while. There are a lot of negative influences and people in the world – who have their own worries and insecurities that they will unwittingly project onto the people around them. That’s why it’s so important to counteract all the negative messages with positive ones so you can break the cycle. I don’t know precisely what odd combination of nature and nurture made you become the singular individual you are. But I know I will never stop learning from you and if your personality leaves any imprint at all on my own I’ll be better for it.
    Will you recover? Of course. I have no doubt – because if anyone can, you can.

  178. Dear Ziglar family,

    How blessed you are to be related to such a positive force in the lives of thousands!

    I have been a Zig Ziglar fan and student for most of my 50 years. I cannot count the times I have used a quote from Zig to help myself, a friend or coworker improve a given set of circumstances. Clearly one of the greats in our society, it is a wonder we don’t all walk around with “I love Zig” shirts every day. Clearly, he is loved by countless people from all walks of life and is undoubtedly the most consistently positive influence most of us will ever know.

    Obviously you, his family, are doing an incredible job keeping him happy during the autumn years and deserve all the support and respect in the world for helping our beloved friend.

    I last saw Zig in San Diego where I work in real estate. He was one of several powerful speakers, but no one resonated like Mr. Positive. How special you are Zig Ziglar. God bless you for what you have done, what your are doing, and in all future pursuits. Get well soon!

  179. John Says:

    Zig, im from Dominican Republic, in the caribbean.

    Its incredible the impact your work have made in my life. Thanks God to let you be a inspiration for soooo many people around the world.

  180. Ben Savage Says:

    Dear Zig Ziglar,

    Thank you for the great motivation and encouragement. God has blessed you with a great gift to connect with and encourage others. I appreciate your positive message in your books and CD’s. I am praying for your complete recovery.


    Ben Savage
    Knoxville, TN

  181. Diane Says:

    One summer, many years ago, I came across your books in the library when I was a teenager and it changed my life. As I entered High School in the Fall my shyness was no longer an issue and the next 4+ years were the best ever. Over the years I’ve recommended to family, friends and clients your tapes, books and cd’s and your great work has been a blessing in so many lives. Our prayers continue for you and your family. Zig, you are an inspiration to us all!

  182. Karl Pilsl Says:

    Hi Zig, thanks for everything. I have been touched very much from your messages especially in the 80ies and since that I have been a close follower of you. I am still your faithful ambassador in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Have in the meantime written 25 books myself and I mention your name almost every time, when I do my speakings. “If you help other people reach their goals ……”
    you know …

    IN HIM – you will have still more powerful years

  183. Artoym Says:

    I am 17 years old.I live in Belarus. I am really fond of Zig Ziglar! He changed my life at all. I bought a few books with him they helped me very much! Now i can’t imagine my life without Zig Ziglar’s books. Thank you! When i will be older i will meet you and say you thank you!

  184. S. Muhammad Says:

    No Holiday for Humour

    Glad to read the 25 Sep health update; the best part was brain x-ray: the son’s comment it was surprising it took two x-rays to find his brainand Dad’s comment “Actually they had to take two X-rays because my brain was too big to fit on one!” . Humour takes no holiday, even when one is on sick-bed. Great!!

  185. Linda D. Cassidy Says:

    To the Ziglar Family,

    Having heard about Zig Ziglar for the zillion years I have been successful in Hospitality then Luxury Real Estate Sales, I subscribed to your newsletter. Recently, I “chanced” to see “Conversations with My Dog” available in audio format. I frequently travel 2.5 hours to watch our daughter perform with the mounted mascot program at her university, and thought it would be a better use of my driving time than my satellite news station! What a wonderful book and even the better that it is read by Zig himself! I will pass it along to my daughter ! A terrific format and style for passing along basic tenets of positive human interaction.
    Both of my children (now 39 and almost 20) were reared with me as a working Mom…yet, there was a terrifically positive support system in my husband and parents. Both children are leaders with a truly postive depth of character – I will encourage each of them to listen to your works for reenforcement ! Thank you!

  186. Mebs Merchant Says:

    Dear Zig

    It is amazing how life can bring two people so close that even though they don’t know each other in person, they feel as two souls in one body. You of course don’t know me, but because of you I got to know myself! Thanks to Nightingale Conant, I was introduced to your work some 15 years. Since then, I have accumalated a wealth of your genious mind and golden heart. Your inspirational and motivational programmes has been a strong source of encouragement in my life and thanks to you and many other great people like you, who share their knowledge and motivate others to have a better life, i today have a very good life. It is a great thing for another human being to touch someone’s life in this manner and without being aware themself, inspire a zest to live. Whenever I feel a bit down in my journey of life I say to myself “See You At The Top”! Thank you Zig – thank you very much. May God give you a full and healthy life and may your words always remain an inspiration for mankind till inifinity.

    With my prayers and good wishes to you and each and every member of your family

    Mebs Merchant
    London, United Kingdom

    P.S Your books and audio programmes are a valuable part of my collection and proudly sits on my pride of collection, to be handed over to my son – the best inheritance gift I could have given to my child.

  187. Ha Says:

    Hi Zig,
    I am writing this note to say thank you and to wish you quick recovery. For someone who has contributed immensely to the lives of others, if this note will make a contribution to your life then it is worth writing in.
    You are a great source of inspiration because your message to my family and others is to learn how to improve our lives and you made it really fun and enjoyable,. making it sensible and easy to accept. You also lived the life to show its possible! You’ve kept going at 81 with a great attitude to life!! and with your condition!!!
    You have been meanigful to millions and a major conribution to the world.Thank you or your inspirational talks. Thank you giving us what you have with so much joy, laughter and vigour. Thank you for being yourself.
    The first time I heard about you was while I was buying books for the children in a major bookshop in London and I saw this tiny book with so much wisdom that I bought it. The next time wa on a podcast my husband couldn’t wait to share the truth and wittines of this man’s speech with me. Since then we have never stopped.
    Once again, thank you for being so much fun and a great believer in life, What a great teacher and motivator.
    Wish you all the best now and in the future.

  188. Becky Swails Says:

    I attended the 15K attended seminar in Tulsa, OK recently and had the pleasure of seeing Zig and Julie do the interview. It was INSPIRING to see Zig “embrace the struggle”. My prayers are with you and I know that through every adversity, there is a new beginning!
    Thank you for pressing on and continuing to touch all of our lives.

    Becky Swails
    Tulsa, OK

  189. Karen Ortiz Tennessee Says:

    My Dearest Zig

    I am your Tullahoma Tennessee girl~

    There are so many folks just like me that have been
    called to continue to include you in our prayers
    Our Lord has placed upon you great wisdom and influence
    You have spent your life in service and our Great God has been faithful!

    I have stood by you in prayer thru this struggle like so many others
    We love you and thank you so very much for all you have done
    I wish to tell you how much you mean to me
    Your on my dream board and your words will forever flow from my mouth
    AS long as you help enough people get what they want
    you will have everything you ever dreamed of!

    Please take care of yourself and remember all of us!
    Tullahoma will always be a part of you and you a part of US!

    I will See you AT THE TOP ZIG

    Love Always!

    Karen Ortiz
    Tullahoma Tennessee

  190. othuke lawrence Says:

    God”s hands will continue to be mighty upon his life. his health can only get better.

  191. Mr. Z . . . as always, you are an inspiration to keep on keeping on! Without a doubt, God is good . . . all the time!!

    I was recently in Seattle speaking to a corporate group of 75 business leaders. They were pumped that the following week they were attending to the Get Motivated seminar and were going to hear Zig Ziglar “live and in person.” I told them that you can’t keep a great man down (at least not for long)!

    I rejoice in your continued progress, and praise God for how He continues to use you. Know that you are loved!!! God’s continued best on you, your family, and the ZZ team,

    Michael Clayton
    Beaumont, Texas

    P.S. I hope you whipped my friend Gil Stricklin in your golf game!

  192. Charlene Miskimen Says:

    As so many before me, you changed my outlook on life! It was 20 years ago when my then employer saw the benefit of incorporating your “See You at the Top” program into our management team and my life was changed!
    At that moment I knew that I was destined to be in sales and setting goals. I have also had the distinguished opportunity to see you in person.
    Your emphasis on faith and family has kept me grounded in the right stuff.
    My prayers are with you and your family and I look forward to meeting you face-to-face.
    Thank you for all the positive influence, wisdom and humor that you have contributed to a messy world!
    All the best,
    Charlene Miskimen
    Meadow Vista (Sacramento), CA

  193. Zahealer Raphael Says:

    Dear Zig,

    Thank God and thank you for being so uniquely unique. You are a rare breed and I place you in the loving hands of Almighty God to heal you, keep you safe, sane and healthy until you are completely empty of all that God deposited in you to benefit humanity. It’s not over until God say so. Keep on Ziging on. God bless you and all yours.

    Love you Grandy Zig.

    Zahealer Raphael
    Lagos, Nigeria

  194. Diane Thompson Says:

    Zig, you have made an incredible impact on my life. I was a mother of 4 in 1993, trying to keep my head above water, homeschooling and helping my husband to run our hardwood flooring business. It was a struggle to keep on top of things and I wasted too much time just frittering time. I went to a get motivated seminar and life has changed. I am now a mother of 8, do bookwork for two retail shippings stores that we own, plus sell sell insurance. Four of the children are raised and are working on achieving success in their own right. We still have not acheived the financial success we would lik,e but are seeing things happen that are really exciting. My children are awed my my achievements and I love myself a whole lot more too. Thank for the encouragement as I continue to work towards my goals. Good luck on your continued improvement of health. I sent 3 of my children to see you in Green Bay in August, and it made a difference in their life.

  195. Ashley Says:

    I had the marvelous opportunity of seeing you at the Get Motivated Seminar in Tulsa, OK. It was truly a moving and motivational experience. I have been reading “See You at the Top” with great enthusiasm as I feel you are talking directly to me. I have struggled with a lack of motivation and a calling in my young adult life. But as a 33 year old soon to be college graduate in December, things are looking up! I was introduced to your messages by Mr. Dave Ramsey and I am so fortunate to have both of you as mentors in my life! Keep up the good work.

  196. Dear Mr. Ziglar,
    I am so happy that your son is sharing your recovery with all of us, your friends and students on the Internet. I, personally, have been listening to your for only a short time due to lack of knowledge of you. I found one of your books in a hotel gift store and I haven’t spent a day without you.

    You see, I’m going through a very emotional divorce, which began before I found you, and your motivating words and inspirational thoughts are what is getting me through each and every day since Feb. 11, 2008.

    I was very sorry to hear about your fall, but please know that my prayers and well wishes are with you and your wonderful family every minute of the day. I cannot thank you enough for bringing so much light into my current days of darkness. Please get well soon so that you can come to Los Angeles California and I can come meet you in person.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Faith, your Wisdom, and your Love of Life with all of us! I just don’t know where I’d be without your gentle, kind, and sincere support!

    May God Bless You and Your Family ~

  197. Dear Zig,

    I have written to you in the past about how your books, life message and drive have helped me to become the business man that I am today. You set the bar high for business people, a goal to work toward. Most importantly you have clearly shown me how to honor Christ in my business. I don’t have to lie, mislead or fudge any numbers. My business stands on truth, even though I always knew this was right and did it. You gave me the tools to close people at a higher rate that made my honest living, live. I would not be in buiness if it was not for your work and laying down your life for the life of the salesman. You have ran a race that I can aspire to, thank you. I also want you to know that my business is very successful, thank you.

    One of my employees was a pastor of a church that closed down. He now makes a lot of money and loves what he does! Its so amazing to see a man that layed down his life for so many be payed back with a job that he loves and is so rewarding. I wanted to let you know that you are a part of that work, you life is a blessing to me and many others. During this time of economic turmol or business has helped many turn around and grow beyond their wildest dreams. Bless you Zig! I’ll see you at the Top 🙂

    In Christ,


  198. Juli Says:

    Hello Mr. Zig,

    I wanted you to know that I am in prayer for you.

    Thank you for the encouragement that you have brought to so many.

    But, it’s okay if you want to admit that life can be difficult sometimes.

    People that really care about a person will accept the fact that they are “human” too.

    Just wanted to add that.

    God Bless, Juli in CA <

  199. DelRay Lentz Says:

    Zig: You continue to be an inspiration for us all, especially for American exceptionalism. GO ZIG

  200. Mary Pattengale Says:

    Dear Zig,

    How excited I am to be on the same planet as you! Thank you for being so open about this tremendous struggle; it helps all the rest of us set the line in the sand for ourselves. I personally have had some major personality struggles from things I learned as a child, but because of your influence (along with Mary Kay Ash, Joyce Meyers and John Maxwell) my life has turned around 90%! Still working on the last 10%, but that is what makes the stuggle glorious, isn’t it! Knowing that we will never get there, but always striving for better!
    You are an inspiration to so many people! Please know that you are in my family’s prayers and thoughts. Keep the faith!

    Mary P.

  201. Inalbert Ramos Says:

    Ola Zig
    Es mi sincero placer saber que no te das por vencido. Espero que sigas bien y puedas ayudar a personas que hablan espanol como yo. Te necesitamos mucho. Dime como puedo ayudarte?

    It is my sincere plesure to know that you do not give up. I hope that you can continue to to get better and that you can help people that speak spanish like me. We need you very much. Tell me how can I help you?

    Inalbert Ramos – Puerto Rico – now live in Orlando, Fl

  202. Tim McCleskey Jr Says:

    Dear Zig,

    I am truly inspired by you each time I see and hear how you continue to overcome every obstacle the enemy puts in front of you. It let’s me know that I have no excuse and no reason to fail!! I have used your comments and ideas in homes when making sales, in the class room while teaching, and even in the pulpit when preaching God’s word. It is a joy to see what good one can do to inspire the masses..I remember taking a picture with you in Memphis TN about 3-4 years ago at the Success conference and I was so jacked up I almost cried…(my wife said, ” Tim you are such a baby”)..I guess having the opportunity to meet and touch my mentor for the past 10 years was truly an inspiring experience and I had no worries showing my gratitude and humility…God bless you Sir !!!

  203. J. D. Wysong Says:

    Hello Zig!
    First let me assure you that you don’t have to fall down the stairs or have a shunt in your head to have short-term memory problems. If mine gets any worse I may decide to fall down the stairs so I’ll have a good excuse.
    I won’t rehash what I’ve said before except to say Thank You Zig – – you have come to my aid many, many times. God Bless You.
    One more thing about that little guy who kept you reading stories from the Bible. Wow, you are lucky to have him. Well, let’s face it you are lucky to have each other! The blessings just keep on coming.
    Thank you for being you – – please keep on keeping on.
    All the best to you and yours, JD

  204. Michael Parkison Says:

    Dear Zig, I met you in an elevator in Atlanta one time, and was honored beyond words. I have listened to your materials for years! You have always been, will always be “the master” in my opinion. You are an inspiration, and a great example of “personal excellence”. My prayers go with you. I wish you could live forever, the world needs you, but I know you know Jesus Christ, and I am confident the day will come when the Lord decides it’s time for you to move on to bigger and better things. Until then, God bless you, my friend. I pray healing for you, in Jesus’ name!

  205. XChris Russell Says:


    I am going to keep praying for you! You have been such an insperation to me through
    your books. If helping people get what they want gives you what you want then you have hit a home run with me!

  206. Bob Fisher Says:

    Dear Zig,

    I saw you in 1998 at the United Center in Chicago, and this year in Madison WI. I have actually been listening to your tapes since I was 18 years young, thanks to my great Dad who was in the Life insurance business. I am now 44 years young and I still have those tapes (See You At The Top). I have been in sales all my adult life, and I currently sell automobiles. After the Madison seminar, I was inspired to start a side business, and it is going great. You are an INSPIRATION to me, my wife, and millions of others! Thank you.

    Bob Fisher, Roscoe IL

  207. Laura Rosch, Chicago Says:

    Dear Zig,

    Thank you and your family for the wonderful gift you have shared with the world.

    My mother died in 1999 suddenly in a car accident. The thing that helped me focus and clear my head and remain focused was prayer, family and listening to your tapes as I walked around Lake Ellyn.

    Take care and all my best to you and your family.

    Laura Rosch, Chicago

  208. Vera Shelby Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,

    I’ve so enjoyed reading Tom’s updates on how you’re doing these days. Many things have gone on in our lives since our days of working together. Luckily for Michael and me we have many fond memories of you & Jean, the least of which was when you spoke on marriage at our wedding …. it’s hard to believe that was 12 years ago already. Last November 21st I encountered a life-threatening event, a brain bleed. I’d never heard of this before, but I had one and didn’t realize what was happening to me. Our precious Lord intervened on this fateful morning bringing me into the hands of Dr. Jeremy Denning, one of the neurosurgeons in the same group as your Dr. Jackson. All is well today and I thank the Lord each and every day. I was so glad to hear you’re in such good hands.


    Vera Shelby

  209. Dear Zig,

    I first heard you while flying over the USA, listening to the business audio channel on the plane. That’s a while back. I kept listening to your tapes and later to your CDs over and over again and I still do today.

    One of your words that struck me was “You have to be a good finder”. It did take me time to understand what you meant. I think I do now.

    As a French trainer and coach in Paris in sales, leadership and customer service, I now pass it along when we exercise on positive feedback and positive reinforcement.

    My professional line today is “Helping you, help others give their best” and you know who inspired those words, don’t you ?

    I wish you my very best, and thank you for who you are.

    Alain, from beautiful Paris France

  210. Zig, my heartfelt prayers go out to you. I am now 60, and in the prime of my life thanks to you, in fact I have been following you for 15 years now, and have met you in San Jose 3 times, and you so inspired mt to become the person I am today. In fact, I now swim two or three times a day, swimming 3 to 5 miles a day, plus ride my bike all the ime. I just completed my advanced studies at Stanford Univesity in Education, and am in better shape, mentally and physically than have been in years, and I must of it to you for inspiring me to become the bst peson I can be. I am forever grateful; to you, Zig, for being such an inspiration, Thank You,
    David Davenport

  211. Billy Bowden Says:


    I first heard you speak in 1989-1990 in Dallas and today I had an opportunity to come listen to you in Austin, TX at the Get Motivated Seminar.
    Zig, you were the STAR of the show and I, like all in attendance, were so thankful you came down to Austin to teach us. THANK YOU! It was such a delight to hear you speak and you are such an inspiration to all. You and your family glow in the love of GOD. I pray that your vertigo will pass.

    Billy Bowden
    Round Rock, TX

  212. Avalon Says:

    Hi Zig!

    I was first introduced to your work in high school, in 1984. It was a business class and the teacher included your “I Can Course” as part of the curriculum. That course made an impact on me that has lasted ever since.

    I strive for excellence, put God and my family first, before business, and continually set and achieve new goals. My life has been very fulfilling and I have you to thank for so many of the values that have made it that way.

    Thank you for all you’ve given and still give to improve the lives of others. Thank you for setting such an impeccable example by living true to your values. And thank you for being a devoted Christian. Even in what one might have called the prodigal years of my life, I always kept you and your teachings in my life. And now that I am devoted to Christ, I know I wouldn’t have come back to the truth of God had it not been for people like yourself who let Him be glorified.

    You and your family will be in my prayers.

    God bless you,

  213. […] Zig Ziglar Health Update – Embrace the Struggle! and he is doing fine. He doesn’t need to go back in for another checkup for six months! I am still working out with Dad four to five times a week, and he continues to improve in his strength, balance, and stamina. Angie Katz, http://www.metabolicwellness.net  , his trainer, is amazed that even doing weight training and 30 minutes on the bike his heart rate peaks at about 120 beats per minute. Of course, we all know Dad has a big and strong heart! When your heart is filed with hope and gratitude every beat takes you further and allows you to get more out of life. […]

  214. […] for the Ziglar family and Ziglar, Inc. Dad had another checkup yesterday with his neurologist Zig Ziglar Health Update – Embrace the Struggle! and he is doing fine. He doesn’t need to go back in for another checkup for six months! I am […]

  215. martins ejiofor Says:

    dear Ziglar,
    You and your family are great inspiration to me, my family and millions of people in the world. The good God will certainly grant you long life in Jesus name.

  216. Hi Zig,

    You have inspired me through your life story. A success by the world’s standards and successful from the faith perspective. I know when you one day appear before God, He will say “Zig you made me proud and used every opportunity to tell the world about me.” I am very proud of your accomplishments and very proud of the legacy of your footprint in our world. I thank God for your life. You are in our prayers and just to remind you of what you already know – The greatest healer of all times is watching over you and saying Zig its all going to be alright. Just trust Me!

  217. Dear Zig and Tom

    Thanks for being such terific role modles. I “met” Zig via audiocasettes in 1992 and have used the Daily Planner ever since. It keeps me focused each day. As a result I have done 63 marathons thus far and in my pediatric clinic hardly a day goes by where I do not get a chance to inspie families —all because Zig inspired me…..your legacy strecthes all over the globe Zig. You have served God well; your best days still lie ahead. Tom your dad is also blessed to have such a loving son…..thanks for these updates. Stand on the promises of His Word as you overcome these challenges.
    Peter Nieman, Calgary Canada

  218. steve mann Says:

    Merry Christmas Zig and family!!

    I attended Born to Win in March of 1998. (It was actually snowing in Dallas when I left Prestonwood Baptist Church on Sunday morning after BTW!) I have a happy family of 8 and I use many Ideas I have learned from “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World”. I look forward to seeing you in Huntsville, AL. on January 28th. God Bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!! …Steve
    p.s. Say hello from us to the “Happy Tadpole” granddaughter!!

  219. M Cartwright Says:

    Mr. Ziglar,
    When I was a teenager, my mom was given a set of your How to Stay Motivated tapes. I listened to them over and over. One fond memory that has stuck in my mind was when I was picking up pecans in my grandmother’s yard and listening to your tapes. I am now a Major in the Air Force and would like for you to know that you played a part in my success. Over the years I have hoped that I would be able to see you in person, but if not on earth, then definitely in heaven. I pray that your health will continue to strengthen. God bless you.

    • Tom Ziglar Says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I will make sure Dad gets your note. Yous should come to Dallas, I know he would be glad to meet you! We have a special program for those in the military that you should check out. Just go to http://www.ziglar.com/military (If you like it make sure you tell others in the military about it!)

      Embrace the Struggle!

      Tom Ziglar

  220. Linda Kamp Says:

    Blessings to you and your family this 2009! There is no doubt that you will ‘Embrace your struggle and make every moment count! You continue to be a man of god who has inspired my life and been a big part of me facing the giants in my life thru Jesus! To YOU … VICTORY!!!!! Continue to keep your eyes on Jesus!

    In His Matchless Name!
    Linda Kamp

  221. Linda Kamp Says:

    Thank YOU Tom for keep us updated on your Dad’s progress! God is the only One who has his days numbered and in the meantime, he continues pressing on as a witness to God’s mighty hand on his life! What a joy it is to hear about your whole family banning together in ministry to the the Lord! HE works thru you in wonderous ways to touch so many lives!

    Linda Kamp

  222. In 1994 I got my real estate license, and although I had taken the class, I knew I needed more “training”. I knew nothing about where to start and the internet wasn’t what it is today. I remembered that my best friend in high school used to quote somebody named “zig something” who her dad listened to a lot. Since he was a successful broker, i went to the bookstore and bought my first “audio book”. It changed my life completely. Not only did I become a much more positive person, but it put me on the track of being a “seeker” of wisdom, and knowledge which truly defines me and my life. I have had 2 unwavering goals in my life since (and still do today): one is to change the lives of others as an inspiring speaker like you, and two, to meet you one day. I have had many struggles and obstacles over the years, and even face some major challenges in my life now, but have always known in my “heart of hearts” that they are to enable me to be able to help others going through similar challenges. I’m sure many many people have told you how much you have changed their life, and I am another. I am profoundly grateful for that! My dad used to say that “if just one person can say that their life was made better by knowing you, then your life was a true success”. You, sir have had many! God Bless!

  223. George Bruce Says:

    Hi Mr. Ziglar,
    Thank you for your encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm, and business savvy that you have shared with me and millions of others for many years.

    I thank God for you and your family. They were so unselfish to share you with the world.

    Best regards for a speedy recovery. Last, and most important, thank you for sharing your contagious faith in our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. As you stated to your employee (as aired on Focus on the Family), you don’t have holiday parties. You send flyers out concerning the annual Christmas party.

    I love you and greatly respect you.
    George Bruce
    (We are one! The Family of God)

  224. Iritte Stears Says:

    Hi Dad!

    Its me Iritte your spiritual daughter. You are certainly like the energizer bunny, you keep going and going and going!! Hahaha. I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished. I continue to give you a standing ovation, and a word of praise for all your hardwork and dedication. I can’t wait to go out and purchase Embrace The Struggle. It will definitely be a blessing to have on any bookshelf.

    Hold on to your dream as if your life depended on it…

    Embrace the Struggle,
    Iritte Stears

  225. Paul Purtzer Says:


    Somehow I missed this.

    What a tremendous impact you have had on my life and my brother Tom’s (Tom Purtzer, PGA TOur Player and currently one of the top Professionals on the Champions PGA Tour
    You taught me to believe in the God-given talent that we were blessed with and as a result worked hard and played golf like we dreamed of playing. I got my PGA Tour card for the second time and then had a wrist injury that ended my career.
    But, thanks you you and my teaching professional, I knew when I stepped on the golf course I could play the game as well as anyone in the world and I know Tom feels the same way.
    Now we have our Purtzer Golf Academy in Phoenix and I am able to pass on what I have learned from you and the great professionals who taught me how to play the great game of golf.
    Thanks for improving every area of my life, including my faith.

    May God continue to richly bless You and yours.

    Paul Purtzer, PGA
    Purtzer Golf Academy
    Scottsdale, AZ

  226. Dear Mr Ziglar,

    I am so thankful that I have found your words. I have listened to your words in my car when I felt the need for a pick me up for years. I am the managing broker and team leader of Keller Williams LakeRidge, VA. I am now playing your words to my sales people in my team meetings. They are all finding the same joy I have in your words and I wanted you to know that you are making a huge impact to my agents and myself.

    God speed on getting well and I wanted you to know my prayers are with you.

    Thanks again

    Sherry Daminski
    Broker/Team Leader
    Keller Williams LakeRidge, VA

  227. Ed Rodriguez Says:

    Greeting’s Zig, Its amazing what attitude can do for a body thats says no but the mind says yes. May the LORD continue to hold you in his arms as he has in the past. I grew up with polio. Paralized in one leg but not in the mind. Mom said she could not change the fact I was sticken. But I did have a choice to have the right attitude. Zig, when I first heard How to be a winner. Moms voice rang in my brain like your voice did on that tape. Growing up I could not change how other children would act a certain way. It was not my lack of ability but the belief in my self and positive attitude as to how I would react to the challenges of life. Your words of direction and motivation are and will forever be a part of me. Thank you Mr. Ziglar
    Edward J Rodriguez
    professional father

    • Tom Ziglar Says:

      Ed – it is awesome to hear how you have Embraced your Struggle, and how your mom’s words of wisdom impacted you. We are both lucky to have the parents we have!

  228. John Price Says:

    Dear Zig,

    Our prayers are with you. I am a christian because of Born to Win and you prayed for me on Sunday at your Sunday school class in 1986. I am eternally grateful for you and your ministry.

    God Bless from me and my family

    John Price

  229. Rev. Grace Jackson Says:

    It has been my pleasure to hear Zig 4 times; the last
    was here in Arizona 2years ago. The next one I am
    looking forwad to. The first encounter was in finance.”Metropolitan Life Ins. The next Prudential,& New York
    Life. TOASTMASTERS afforded me the opportunity to work with Zig in Chicago. I have our photograph that
    he signed to Grace, “My special Chicago Assistant.”
    I watched, listening and learned. When Zig was here in
    Arizona , I had become an ordained minister. Zig Ziglar is on my “Gratitude Wall”, in my prayers and heart. “He will be restored to his former health!
    The World needs him and I need him, truly the greatest motivator of all time. Why?”because he did it God’s way” Please give my best to “The Red head”.
    What a wonderful family. Love Rev. Grace Jackson

  230. Jeremy Lindquist Says:

    your powerful message about attitude and positive perspective remind me that we choose what we put into our minds and we choose what we believe. We also choose our attitude!
    You have filled yourself so full with the right stuff and now that is what continues to pour out of you influencing not just you, but those whose lives you touch. I have listened to your good stuff since I was a 12 yr old and now I am 34 and still tuned in!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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