The Purity Diet – Before and After



Sometimes you just don’t need a lot of words!


Before the Purity Diet

Before the Purity Diet

After the Purity Diet

After the Purity Diet


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11 Comments on “The Purity Diet – Before and After”

  1. Cindy Oates Says:

    Amazing! I am so proud of you, Tom!

  2. Rob Says:

    I am new to your blog. What is the purity diet? It looks like it works

  3. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Rob – I wrote about the Purity Diet and about my Simple Workout plan in the blog. Just click the Diet link on the right side of the blog, or keep scrolling down. It does work – best of all its Pure and Simple!

  4. Awesome Tom!!! The pictures speak loud & clear. What an encouragement you are. Keep up the great work. Know that I’m cheering for you & praying for you.

    Wendy M. Reynolds

  5. Dan Says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words! Congratulations, you look great.

  6. Phyllis Ormsby Says:

    Wow! You look great and just look at that smile! You really are an encouragement and I am following your plan. Say hello to your awesome Dad from a former Mississippi gal who got to see him at First Baptist Church of Yazoo City way back in ’95 or so. He has been a tremendous motivator and inspiration to me ever since!

  7. Terriannn Says:


    Wow, wow, wow! You look so much younger and healthier- in the first picture when you had a ton of impure foods roaming through out your body, the picture shows static or somekind of transmitters coming off your head- just look you will see what I mean.

    The new Tom looks young and vibrant! Great job on getting healthy.


  8. pluther Says:

    snaps! it is pretty amazing … the “before” picture was right around the time when i came on board with Ziglar, if I remember correctly. that was the inception of the purity diet.

    around the office, we don’t always notice just how dramatic the transformation is, as we’re seeing you virtually (pun intended!) every day – and thus getting it in baby steps.

    but … wow, man. you make a pretty strong case for a journey of a thousand miles taken one footstep at a time.


  9. edenchanges Says:

    Those pictures tell of commitment – Well done Tom!

  10. Nader Al Adawi Says:

    Dear Tom,

    Congratulations for the big success you achieved, it shows how determined are you.
    I looked at your before and after picyures thoroughly and noticed that your smile after renewal is much happier, more confident and full of satisfaction.
    Working in the training area, I spend most of my time between hotels and open buffets, you can imagine the wight fluctuation that sometimes frustrates me. I went through many many diet regimens, sometimes I make it and sometimes I break it, until…
    i read on the website of one of the fitness consultant (Unfortubnately can’t recall the name) an advise that changed my mindset. It is simple but it really works. That is “Learn to love your body, if you love it you will never hurt it”.
    Since then I choose carefully what I eat, I exersise regulary 30 minutes a day and play tennis once weekly. Over the last couple of years I lost 24 pounds. And I am stil keeping the love with my body.
    Again congratulations for the new you.

    Nader Al Adawi
    Training Manager
    Janssen-Cilag Pharma,
    Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gulf Countries

  11. amkeckler Says:

    Almost any diet will work if it restricts the number of calories you consume. It appears that your “purity diet” does that.

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