More Thoughts about Right Choices


Watching the financial markets melt down today along with the home mortgage crisis makes me wonder how these things happen and how to avoid them.  So, here are some thoughts regarding good choices:


Eating Pure – when you eat only non-processed food and no chemicals you pretty much eliminate things like diabetes and high blood pressure.


Buying a car – a friend of ours is having second thoughts about buying a new car.  I told them we now buy only used cars that are a few years old, and we only pay cash.  This means we are never upside down in a car, and are never driving more than we can afford.


Buying a house – 100% of the foreclosures happen to people with mortgages.  Hmmm.  Wish I had put 20% down with a 15 year fixed note not greater than 25% of my take home pay.


Mortgage sellers – what started off as a good thing, helping people own a home, turned into a “greed frenzy.”  Every year it seemed the requirements got a little looser, and more unqualified people got homes.  Typical human nature at work.


Old-fashioned common sense about “Stuff” – if you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it.


Dating – my brother-in-law asked me if I would ever marry someone who smoked.  I said “No.”  He asked how I could be so sure.  I said, “Because I would never date a girl who smoked.”


Doing deals – You can never do a good deal with a bad guy.  This is basically what happened in the mortgage crisis.  In the beginning the “deals” were not that risky, but because no one got burned, it made it easy to make the next “deal” a little riskier.  Just like “good deals” with a bad guy.  The original deal doesn’t get you in trouble, it’s the little add-on deals that come with the package that kill you.


Pure and Simple living – how complicated would your life be if you dated and associated with only the right kind of people, you had zero debt, and you ate only pure food?



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5 Comments on “More Thoughts about Right Choices”

  1. Archie Says:

    Having lived in the world of debt and credit and suffering accordingly I can testify that your advice “if you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it” is the simplest and purest of financial advice.

    Having learned the lesson the hard way and now living the right way I find it sad that I work with a lot of outwardly successful sales people who are crippled with debt and suffer anxiety and stress as a result. Maybe one of the positive things to come out of the credit crunch will be a return to more sensible, conservative living.

  2. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Archie, thanks for your last two comments! I am always amazed at others (and myself) when I reflect on the self-inflicted suffering we go through while trying to blame others for it. It is a hard lesson to learn for sure and I have the scars to prove it. Most of my financial “wisdom” comes from a combination of learning that the stove is hot and Dave Ramsey at

  3. Rafaela Says:

    Yes, life is the best teacher. Many times we make decisions not thinking of the repercussions. It’s as if we are living a dream and that the others in the world – the majority – the poor and suffering – don’t really exist. It’s all about us and our immediate wants and fulfilling them ($4 Starbucks vs increasing my missions giving). Is it really all about “me” or is really about others? I now see money as a stablizing factor that provides a way to generate good for others to keep on generating good. Better late than never.

  4. alex Says:

    Easy to say, Tom. Hard to do. How about having as a partner a president of Full Gospel Christian Businessmen local who turns out to be a liar and a fraud? I am still paying for it 4 years later. Dig a little deeper.

  5. edenchanges Says:

    Alex, these things are hard to do which is why so many people struggle to do them consistently enough or for long enough to reap the rewards. Being betrayed and let down as you were is also hard to cope with.

    Betrayal can be like a physical disability leaving a person psychologically scarred or handicapped. Relearning to trust and learning a perspective on the past that allows you to move forward positively can be very difficult. It is also something, like Tom’s advice above, that will give positive rewards when seen through.

    May I wish you the best of luck moving forward Alex and I hope you draw something positive from Tom’s posts.

    Best regards.

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