The Benefits of the Right Choice

Friday afternoon we went to the Design Center to choose the interior features for Mom and Dad’s new house.  In November they will be moving into a luxury townhome built by Parkway Builders.  Mom and Dad are very excited!  It is going to be beautiful, almost zero maintenance, and it has an elevator (as you know, Dad had an incident with the stairs last year so we are thrilled with the elevator).


I was the designated driver.  Granddaughter Katherine was the designated shopping assistant for Mom.  Dad came along to hang out with Mom.  We were helped by a very professional young lady named Chrissy who did a great job laying out all of the options for cabinets, flooring, paint colors, wall features, appliances, etc., etc., etc.


A little while after we got started, Chrissy asked Dad what he thought of the selection that Mom and Katherine had just made.  Without hesitation Dad said, “Many years ago I made a great choice in picking the right wife.  Now I don’t have to worry about these little choices that I don’t have expertise in or really have an opinion on.” Now that is a pure and simple approach!


When you get the big decisions right, the little ones that follow are pretty easy.


(Check out Mom and Dad’s new home)  The Manors at Prestonwood


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6 Comments on “The Benefits of the Right Choice”

  1. Archie Says:

    What a wonderfully romantic message. Pick the right partner and the rest is easy.

    Your dad is an inspiration in many ways Tom and thanks for sharing the story.


    Stephen Hart

  2. klemons Says:

    I prefer to be called The Keeper Tom, it’s my stage name and all and that’s how peopel recognize me.

  3. Dan Says:

    I’m certain your dad is correct in saying “Many years ago I made a great choice in picking the right wife”. While he and she made a great decision, I see them both making significant investments in their relationship all through the years. My mother told me I would get out of marriage just what I put into it. I’ve found her to be right. The investments my wife and I have made in our marriage have paid truely the highest returns of any investment we’ve ever made.

    Your dad’s message about the little things, the baked sweet potato for example, should be taught in high school. In my house, they are. These little investments don’t cost much and are easy to do. It just follows what you said, “when you get the big decisions right, the little ones that follow are pretty easy”.

    Thanks for all you do.

  4. Great advice, I totally agree. The little decisions come easy after making a good big decision

  5. Jeya Seelan.S Says:

    Mr.Zig Ziglar’s books has inspired millions of people. I’m one of them.
    Thank You, Mr.Ziglar.
    As you said; With GOD everything is possible.
    Will pray for you.

    Thank You.
    -Jeya Seelan.S


    Dear Mr Ziglar

    Life is about choices – so true.

    Thank you for your choice to live life to the fullest. I pray that God in all His grace and mercy will heal you completely. I ask that in the Name of Jehova Rafa – God our Healer. Thank your for your positive outlook that is an example to all. I honour all the qualities in your life that make an impact on mine.

    Hester Jones
    South Africa

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