Great Answer!


A couple of weeks ago we were doing a video with a customer, The Simpson Group.  The video was an interview with Julie and Dad, along with the three leaders of the company- Ralph Simpson, Robert and Michelle Wallace.   At the end of the video we did a short promotion for some great Ziglar products with the hope that members of The Simpson Group would purchase them.


The Set-Up


Included in the product package are a couple of Dad’s books, See You At The Top (25th Anniversary Edition) and Secrets Of Closing The Sale.  Robert, wanting to make the product promo seamless, asked Dad the perfect set-up question: “Zig, what book do you recommend for a sales person to read?”  Of course, we all expected Dad would take this slow pitch down the middle and recommend one of his two sales books.


We were wrong!


Instead, Dad looked into the camera and said, “I recommend a sales person read the book that their sales manager just finished.”


Wow.  How strong is that?!  I am blessed.  Dad reads his Bible every day, along with a couple of other great non-fiction books.  He passes many of them on to me to read, which I love, because they are always highlighted and underlined.  Dad knows how to pick out the good stuff!  What are you reading?  Is it something recommended by someone you respect?  Are you passing it on to your kids? 

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5 Comments on “Great Answer!”

  1. Monk Says:

    I don’t have either of these books but I do have the audio version of “Secrets of Closing the Sale” and I have heard the tapes for “See You at the Top”. Both of these books were originally recommened to me by my sales manager and they changed my life and my attitude. I prefer the audio so that I can listen to Zigs tone inflection. I enjoy it more than any other audio except for the Bible. I can almost hear your dad in the backround as a “voice in my head” constantly coaching me by showing me mistakes in sales pitches and excelence as well. But the books go way beyond simple sales, they really promote a healty attitude and life. It would be nice to be able to see what books your dad likes to read. It would also be nice to see from your dads perspective what course of study he would reccomend so that we can all meet at the top. When I say course of study I mean something that we can all read and study. I’m sure that all of his books would be in there but what order would be best. What does it look like from the top? What would he do differently if anything. If he could compile a complete sales lifestyle course of study that we could do from home what would he put in it and what order would it be in. I understand why he would reccommend reading the last book that your sales manager has read. I think it’s because it will allow you and the sales manager to speak the same language and move forward. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Cindy Oates Says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing comment that dad made! I was blessed years ago when mom gave me one of dad’s old Bibles. I too, love to read what he has underlined. It’s obvious that dad was writing See You at the Top when he had this particular Bible. There are notations throughout next to scriptures that say, “SYAAT”. It’s so neat to read through those scriptures and see how he used them in the book.

  3. L. Olinick Says:

    To answer your question concerning reading great books: “Are you passing it on to your kids?” My answer is yes! I just passed on Zig’s autobiography to my 15-year-old son to read. Blessings to you.

  4. Ashley Says:

    I have enjoyed “See you at the top” so much that everyone in my family is going to receive it for christmas. I enjoy giving books to people. I recently gave my sister (a new mother to my beaautiful niece) a copy of “Raising positive kids in a negative world” and she loves. Your books have a way of moving and motivating people.

  5. That’s great! I finally downloaded the audio for “over the top” which was my favorite book (i decided it was time to let the cassette go!LOL) I can’t wait for my boys to be old enough to read what I read. I actually just enrolled my 11 yo in a “think and grow rich” mastermind group, and got him a copy of the “young travelers gift” by Andy Andrews. Your dad is lucky that you appreciate the same things!

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