The Personal Touch

 Never underestimate the power of the personal touch.  In today’s pressure-filled world we are constantly bombarded with “stuff” to consider.  We all get overloaded and we just hit the “delete” button whenever we can.  So, how can you break through this reality to grow your business and make a difference in the lives of people you love?


Here are a couple ideas for you to consider.


The first comes from one of our customers who answered a survey question we sent out.  Here is her response:

Is there a specific type of business challenge or need that you are facing that we can help with?

I am a 33 year old commercial insurance sales woman in Houston, TX. With the market slowing down, and competitors lowering their prices to all-time lows, it is becoming harder and harder to get the attention of a qualified prospect. I’d like to see what it’s like from the client’s perspective. What has made them pay attention when they were called on (over the phone or in person) in the past? What made them agree to an appointment w/ a salesperson? What made them decide to do business, and fire the competition?

Following is my answer:

Let me answer by sharing with you something that I do.  I believe strongly in getting referrals, and in staying in contact with good customers as well as potential customers.  The challenge is people are so time-pressured that they do not respond to “generic” forms of contact (email and boring snail mail).  Add in a tough economy and it is just that much more difficult.


So, how do you stand out from the competition, grab someone’s attention, and get them to meet with you?  I have found a very creative way to do this through a personalized snail mail card through a company called  You can pick from thousands and thousands of cards of all types (just like a Hallmark store, but a lot less money per card) in their online store.  But you get to add your own pictures if you like (by download) and your personalized message, and even your electronic signature.  The card is then printed and mailed (snail mail) at the click of a button. 


The thing that makes this work is the ability to personalize the picture to the prospect.  Suppose you meet a prospect at a networking event and you get their card.  When you get home, take a picture of their business card, and if you have time, drive to their office and take a picture of their office.  Download these pictures into a regular card and write a message like “John, I enjoyed meeting you last week at ____.  My business is helping you protect yours.  I will give you a call in a few days.  I would like to set up a time where I can show you how some of your competitors are taking advantage of this tough economy to save money.”  Then follow up with a phone call!


The second idea is how you can make a difference in the personal life of someone you love and care about.  Last year my brother-in-law Jim gave my sister Julie a horse.  Julie sent me a bunch of pictures via email of her and the horse (she was smiling big time!).  I took those pictures she sent me and downloaded them onto a Thank You card.  I sent the card to Jim.  I said something like this:  “Jim, I just wanted to say Thank You for taking such good care of my sister!  She sure does love her new horse.”


When the card arrived, guess what?  I got a call from Julie.  She went on and on about the card, and of course Jim was feeling like THE MAN again.


Never forget, it’s about the personal touch.


P.S.  I think there are many opportunities to use cards this way.  I like because they make it so easy, and I can send out 10 cards for half the money and a fraction of the time than if I went to the store to buy them.  If you have questions about just email me at

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2 Comments on “The Personal Touch”

  1. Great post, showing people you care goes a long way, a perfect way to break through the glut and nurture a relationship. I’m thrilled with all the wonderful tools (like sendoutcards) that are coming out to make the process more personalized, easier, and as more and more come out to compete – cheaper. 🙂 Thanks for the new resource!

  2. Archie Says:

    I love the idea of personalised cards and in addition, for those thinking a card is too much, I’d like to speak up for snail mail in general…

    Linking this blog into your other blog relating to the Great Shift that business is now facing the younger generation tends to forget that a ‘snail mail’ letter will often arrive the following day and realistically an email will often lie in an in box for some time before being opened and read properly.

    They also over look the fact that given the difference in volume of snail mail to email a personalised letter sent in the post is almost always going to create a bigger impact.

    So slightly slower but bigger impact…sounds good to me 🙂

    Thanks for a great blog Tom.

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