Moldy Bread is Good!

 About 18 months ago I started on my mental Purity Diet.  I decided I would listen to and read the good stuff every day.  Thirteen months ago I started on my physical Purity Diet.  I decided I would eat only pure, unprocessed food the way God made it.  I have lost just over 70 pounds in the last year and feel awesome.  I am convinced that if I hadn’t started the mental diet first I wouldn’t have stuck to the physical one.


People ask me what I eat and what I don’t eat.  The biggest change for me has been bread.  I don’t eat much bread anymore unless it is unprocessed sprouted bread like Ezekiel Bread. 

 “Where do you find that bread?” seems to be the immediate response.  “You find it in the freezer section,” I say.  “Why?” they ask.  “Because it is unprocessed and doesn’t have the preservatives in it like most bread, so it will get moldy very fast.”


Of course. most people think moldy bread is bad.  I remember when I was a kid our bread would get moldy after just a few days.  Now it can be literally weeks before the bread turns green.  Fact is, the bread has so many chemicals in it the mold is just too smart to eat it!  Imagine that, mold having more sense than we do when picking bread!  A good rule of thumb when choosing food – if it’s not good enough for mold, its not good enough for you!  (Check out more on my diet: The Purity Diet)

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19 Comments on “Moldy Bread is Good!”

  1. klemons Says:

    Tom, I would love to eat this healthy all the time. But how can the pure eater on a budget afford to buy a $6 load of bread and organic veggies and hormone-free meats etc.?? Help!

  2. Tom Ziglar Says:

    How much is your health worth?

  3. Dave McGarry Says:

    Great post! In all the years that I worked as a personal trainer the the one thing my clients could never fully grasp was that it is the mental side of the equation that prevented them from success. In all honesty I even lost the mental will to continue with the Ezekiel bread after a few months but seeing your success maybe I will get back to eatin molding bread!

  4. brian Says:

    Tom, This has nothing to do with the post but I just wanted to let everyone know the new Third Day CD that came out today is amazing. I am not sure if you are a Third Day fan but I am sure some of your readers are. Get the CD!!!!!

  5. Lotte Nissen Says:

    Did you ever think of baking your own bread? 🙂

  6. Heather Says:

    So true, Tom! I think you’re right on target with the unprocessed foods idea. Have you been to Sprouts yet? They have all kinds of Ezekiel products (and usually a lot cheaper than Whole Foods).

  7. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Lotte, great idea on baking your own bread! I love to cook, but I have never tried to bake bread.

    Heather, I will have to price shop at Sprouts, thanks for the tip!

  8. Rick Tarrant Says:

    Hi Tom, I just discover this “pure” way to eat after reading the book, “Eat To Live”. Since June 1st I dropped 28 pounds, bought new running shoes and am now walking/running about 20 miles a week. Life is good.

  9. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Rick – Great Job!

  10. Never thought of it that way, but yeah. Forget being smarter than a 5th grader, I’m just trying to keep up with mold.

    Yeah, its more expensive to eat well, but its worth it.

    For me at least, eating less is a good thing anyway.

  11. Great job on the weight loss Tom! I’m trying to move my family in that direction but it’s hard getting kids to give up poison…I mean prepared foods! I realize I’m the boss but you can cook a frog easier if you put it in cold water and turn up the heat! 😉

    Are you taking any supplements to “supplement” your health diet? Most doctors think you should these days. I take (and sell) Isotonix which have 90-95% bioavialability. I’d be glad to let you try a sample if you are interested.

    Tell your Dad HI! He’s one of my heros! (Check out this link and you’ll find 2 of my favorite Ziglarisms (

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. ERV GLEGHORN Says:


    Just read your Purity Diet. I started doing the same as you beginning Jan 2008 and have lost 28 lbs. I no longer take any diabetis medicine( type II), high blood pressure medicine, nor any cholestrol lowering medication.

    Our bodies want to heal themselves and God has already give us the best way – the way he has made food from the start.

    This is not a diet, but a way of choosing life.

    Thanks for listening to God and then sharing the Good News.

  13. Lotte Nissen Says:

    Dear Tom,

    There is nothing better and healthier than your own fresh bread out of the oven. When it start to get hard – go and feed some swans – they will be grateful and you will have fun!
    I am looking forward to your fathers new book!

  14. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Lotte – I need to learn how to make my own bread. Thanks for the encouragement!

  15. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Erv – it’s amazing what happens when we listen to God! Congratulations on loosing 28 pounds. Keep up the pure eating and choosing the life style of life. Isn’t it great that when you don’t eat chemicals you don’t need chemicals (in medicine) near as much.

  16. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Angie – thanks for the encouraging words. Keep up the good work moving your kids to the pure stuff, one bite at a time.

  17. Harvey Ramer Says:

    This is excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    I agree that mental discipline and positive input precedes and sustains any advance in my personal life … it’s also the area that slips first.

    It’s so easy to focus on the negative. That’s why I’m so thankful for men like Zig, who point us in the right direction!

  18. Great post, Tom. Thanks for sharing.

    I often remind my kids to practice reading
    and listening to things that can help you
    make necessary changes. We’re also eating

  19. sandie Says:

    What? Another great article by Zig!

    The good news with the web – for those of us slow to get on board – the Great Content is still here and relevant.

    I’ve been amazed at the Standard American Diet (SAD for short) decline over the years. Through mass marketing it has unfortunately taken on a Global existence.

    I just completed listening to your Dayton, Ohio presentation offered on Twitter. Extremely relevant today, even if at that time the country was booming. True value is eternal.

    The desire to loose weight and the action necessary to do so is a perfect analogy for goal setting. I believe everyone can relate to it as well. Thanks for continuing to share your insight. Thanks for making the changes in the 70’s to where you are still here and healthy enough to continue your passions.

    I choose good health and am making changes because the price of poor health is too high. Finally, by doing so fine tunes my goal setting strategies.

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