Encourage Our Military


A few weeks ago we sent out a survey to our newsletter subscriber list asking for input from them as to how we could help them.  Below is a response from a soldier in Afghanistan.  In a few short words he sums up what the men and women serving our country are dealing with.  This reminds me that regardless of the politics involved we need to Encourage our Military.


We have created a program specifically for military members and their families to access for free all of Dad’s audio and video programs through the Ziglar Vault.  You can check out this program at www.ziglar.com/military.  If you are in the military, or know someone who is, please let them know about this life-changing resource. 


Here is one soldier’s response to our survey:


Is there a specific type of business challenge or need that you are facing that we can help with?

No, i am currently deployed to Afghanistan so i’m reading all the books i can on personal development and listening to Mr. Ziglar on my mp3 player. I fully realize the stuff you put in your head, will determine your path; “garbage in, garbage out.” I am currently in the process of developing a business plan, so when i retire in about 20 months, i can do something productive to do my part for the economy; mainly create jobs and teach leadership.

What type of support would you and your organization like to see from us?

I am new to your site but i have been listening to your free podcasts for a while. So that’s all the support i need. I would like to purchase some of your packages, but that’ll have to wait because i am trying to send all my “excess” money to my ex-wife who is fighting breast cancer.

What information do you want us to provide you with to help you and your business do better in 2008?

All i would ask for is your prayers and to continue your amazing way to keep me motivated in these trying times. I know i should see all obstacles as stepping stones to my dreams, but there is tons of negativity in today’s army.

How would you want us to provide this information (seminar, book, CD, tele-seminar, distance learning, speaking engagement, newsletter, blog, training class, to name a few options)?

Well i know there is no such thing as something for nothing, so the downloadable podcasts are perfect, i would like to be able to browse some text of the books, though. But like i said, i intend to buy them all as i can spare the money.

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3 Comments on “Encourage Our Military”

  1. Sangeeta Says:

    Dear Tom

    Sorry, this is not a comment about your blog. But I could not find any other way of writing to you guys. Seems like you have not given any mail id I could contact you.

    I am from India, a trainer by profession. One of my passions is sales training. I would like to know if you have any certification course for trainers. I would be very interested. I read Zig Zigler’s book like the Bible and use many quotes and examples in my training session from his books.

    Thank You Zig! God Bless you and all working with you and making your work reach us across the oceans!!!!

    Please reply to me at – info4sangeeta@gmail.com

    Many, Many, Many Thanks

    Love & Light

  2. Tom Ziglar Says:

    No problem! Reaching me through the blog is just fine. I will have Madhu Ganga, our international specialist, contact you about training opportunities in India.
    Embrace the Struggle!

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