Transformation – Dumping the old clothes

I hope you enjoy my video.  Please comment with your thoughts!

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2 Comments on “Transformation – Dumping the old clothes”

  1. Kama Titus Says:

    Wow! This video, while hard to hear, has given me an incredible impact.
    Two months ago I was informed by my doctor that I needed to start eating more natural foods. While I have been struggling to do that- I decided about two weeks ago that I needed a more positive attitude to help me stay motivated. So… I decided to go all the way and to start reading positive attitude books as well. Of course the first person I began to read about was Zig Ziglar. I went to a seminar that he was at about 2 years ago and I really like the way he puts it out there in a positive way while making you feel light hearted as well and have been listening to his tapes for years. Two weeks ago, I signed up for his newsletter and began by reading Zig, followed up by Conversations with my Dog and have now moved on to God’s Way is Still the Best Way.
    I can not say that I am fully transformed yet, but I am definitely feeling much better about my attitude and I have already heard remarks from those around me as well.
    Thank you for demonstrating so well that little changes before long will make a BIG difference. I will add working out an extra minute to my daily routine as well.
    Have a wonderful day and as stated so well by Zig Ziglar – “I will see you at the top!”

  2. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Kama, thanks for your comments! I wrote a blog about my diet as well – The Purity Diet , check it out.

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