How to grow your business using the Internet

How to grow your business using the Internet


Using the Internet to grow your business/opportunity is a great way to build value and customers at very low cost, and become an “expert” along the way.


Three simple ideas I like a lot: the newsletter, the blog, and the podcast. 


The benefit of a free e-newsletter is it allows you to reach out to your audience without waiting for them to come to you.  Effective newsletters are usually very short and have valuable current events information in them.  People are so stressed for time that anything over a page in length, unless it is very specific to the reader’s interest, is too long.  I think a two-paragraph newsletter every week is much better than a two-page newsletter once a month.  Frequency is a winner, and giving people a way to link back to your site or phone number every week is a great strategy.


A blog allows you to go deeper, more personally, and to cover more subjects that your reader wants.  The best part about a blog is the comments that your readers give – these will strengthen your core message and you learn faster what your reader/customer wants.  You can always plug your blog in your newsletter and on your website.  Linking to other blogs is also a great way to build traffic and value.


A podcast is great in that you can cover the same type of information in a different format.  If you are doing interviews, you can take the nuggets from the interview and also include them in your blog and your newsletter.  Many people listen to podcasts while they are driving or working out, so you typically catch them in a different frame of mind than reading a newsletter might.  Also, the person you interview usually likes the fact that you are going to use the recording in a podcast that you will market, and you can often get them to link to the podcast from their website, creating more traffic for you.  It’s a win/win.


When you do a healthy combination of  newsletters, blogs and podcasts, you will often end up with enough content to create a product you can sell, and even better a prospect list (your readers and listeners) who will buy it!

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3 Comments on “How to grow your business using the Internet”

  1. Rena Reese Says:

    This is a little golden nugget and when implemented boosts the volume level at which your message is heard. Itunes now allows you to publish your podcast for FREE with little more than basic knowledge of uploading files and what a URL is. There you are accessible to millions worldwide. What a wonderful tool to reach people!

    Rena Reese

  2. Zen Miller Says:

    I couldn’t find a link in the newsletter of Nov 11, 2008 to post a comment, so I am using this medium. The riddle: What fills a room and takes up no space? The answer; Light. How interesting that darkness also fills a room and takes up no space. The difference is: something needs to be added to a room to fill it with light, like a light fixture or a skylight in the daytime, or a flashlight. Yet nothing needs be added to a room to make it dark. How much like finding the Lord or evil. To find the Lord, some action has to be added like faith and searching or seeking, yet nothing needs to be added to find evil, in fact doing nothing (idleness) finds Satan, it is as they say the devil’s workshop.

  3. AJ Buerer Says:

    Tom, thank you for the value you give through your blog. I appreciate the positive, practical, and encouraging nature of your blog posts.

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