A simple formula for maximizing your performance, and your company’s, in a tough economy.


A friend, Simon Crossley, shared this formula with me years ago.  It’s called the

(A) x (A) x (S) = Performance Formula


Attitude x Activity x Skill = Performance


Each part of the formula can have a value of 1, 2, or 3.  So, a person with a bad attitude, no activity, and no skills would produce 1 x 1 x 1 = 1 in performance.


A person with an incredible attitude, tons of activity, and awesome skills would be

3 x 3 x 3 = 27 in performance.


By far the most important of the three is attitude.  A bad attitude hopefully results in less activity (I say hopefully because, do you really want someone with a bad attitude calling lots of customers?) and certainly decreases the likelihood of learning and using good skills.


A great attitude inspires hope, which increases activity and the desire to learn more skills.  Attitude is indeed the key!


So, in a tough economy, the first thing that gets hit, and the thing we need to nurture the most, is our attitude.


The good news for those of us with a great, contagious attitude is that the world is very hungry for it!  Like a drink of cool water in the desert, everyone loves to be around hope-filled, positive people.  If you and your team master this, you will set yourselves apart from the competition.


The big plus in this? There is no downside!


So how do winners maximize their performance?  They do something every day to make sure they have a fantastic attitude, they are maximizing their activity, and they are working on developing and building their skills.


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2 Comments on “A simple formula for maximizing your performance, and your company’s, in a tough economy.”

  1. John Fox Says:

    Dear Tom –

    WOW, what a fabulous column! Thank you!!

    There is a New Testament verse that tells us to share with those above us what we have learned. I coach 160+ clients and their teams on management, marketing and personal growth issues. Yet even a coach needs coaching and reminding from time to time. Today, you coached me. So thank you.

    I am sharing this will all of my clients, and I am going to share it with my peers here at BGM. Thank you again.


    John Fox
    Coaching Clients for Success
    Bill Good Marketing

  2. Tom Ziglar Says:

    John – thanks for the good word! I appreciate your willingness to comment. As Dad says, “Have a Better than Good week!!”

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