Are You a Zig Person


It’s 11:45 a.m. and I am in Campeche Mexico, writing my blog post!  Currently I am getting about 5 emails a minute from people responding to my Zig Ziglar Newsletter blast updating Dad’s health and the status of the his new book Embrace the Struggle.


It took 12 hours of hard travel to get here yesterday, and still I feel like the most blessed person on the planet.  People from all over the world are able to reach me in Campeche Mexico and tell me how much they love Dad and the impact he has had on them.  Can life get much cooler than this?


Just short a thought for you. I think there are basically three kinds of people:


Lost people – these are the people who are pretty much clueless and don’t really know or understand what is going on beyond their own little world.


Normal people – these are the majority of the people out there.  When things are going good they are generally pretty happy and positive, but when things get a little tough, they really start to go negative.  In tough times (or when watching a bunch of travelers navigate customs) you begin to realize that most people are normal.  As Dave Ramsey says, don’t be normal, be weird!


Zig people – when the going gets tough, Zig people turn it up a notch.  They realize that the best thing they can do for themselves and others is to go the extra mile, to really focus on the right attitude, to reach out and lessen the load of others.  Zig people are pretty smart; there is absolutely ZERO downside to this approach.  Everyone benefits, even in a seemingly hopeless situation.  Embracing the Struggle is a way of life for Zig people.  They understand that struggle = opportunity.  Opportunity to grow, to find a new way, to impact someone else.


Be a Zig person!


I am smiling to myself.  You know the story of the two hikers who suddenly get confronted by the huge grizzly bear?  One bends down to tie his shoe, the other asks him what he is doing that for, and he says “I don’t have to outrun the bear; I just have to outrun you”!


If the economy is “the bear” right now, Zig people understand all they have to do is outrun the normal people.  The best part is Zig people run fastest when they are helping normal people become Zig people. 

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5 Comments on “Are You a Zig Person”

  1. Tom,

    The new video of your dad is so inspiring! I think he is a “Zig person” (tee hee).

    Have a great time in Mexico!

  2. Rick Clarke Says:

    Zig is a national treasure. Thanks for sharing his inspiring video with us. Get that book published soon. I’m a “Zig person” too.

    May God continue to bless your family.

  3. I am printing this blog and reading to the board members of my organization tomorrow at our board summer planning retreat! And I am going to print out what a “Zig Person” is and make it into a poster to hang on my office wall! I have been accused of being “perky”, “pathetically patriotic”, “wearing my heart on my sleeve”, and “the silver lining finder”…to which I always always always respond with “Thank you!”
    And I Thank you and your dad and his wonderful way of living life-making a life-and sharing it for so many years!

  4. Iritte Stears Says:

    My Big Brother Tom,

    I love the bear story dude. You’re exactly right. I don’t have to outrun the situation, I have to make a conscious plan of how I will make it to the answer without tripping over my shoelaces. Hahaha. I am so going to use this in my future one day…

    If I may, I consider myself a “Zig” type of chick =D

    Iritte Stears

  5. Tom,

    You are amazing! Thank you for taking time to reply to my email and for saying I’m a Zig Person. I have never been more proud to be “labeled.” :o)

    When I received your email, I was so excited, I felt like I had met a rock star! I had a big, silly grin on my face as I told my husband all about it. I even forwarded it to my Dad (who is a huge fan and introduced me to Zig). I told him thanks for turning this normal person into a Zig person!

    We are now faithful followers of your blog. We’ve even cried reading your post. You are an inspiration! God bless you. Enjoy Mexico.

    We love all the Ziglar’s!!!

    Kirsten Casillas

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