The Economy – It’s tough out there

Have you been impacted by the economy?  Fuel prices, food costs, inflation, sub-prime mortgages, unemployment increases, all the fun stuff.  What are you doing to stay ahead?


The world is changing.  It always has and it always will, but now, for some reason, it seems like there is more apprehension in the air.  What are you doing differently to prepare for your future?


Here are a few simple things you can do to prepare for your future. 


·        Change your attitude – create a list of what really matters to you — your family, your health, your friends, your faith.  Make the list long and detailed.  Call it your gratitude list.  Read it every day and add to it whenever you think of something else you are grateful for.

·        Change what you listen to – make a decision to spend at least 15 minutes a day listening to the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive.  It’s amazing what a drain negative input can be, and what a boost positive input can be.

·        Create a simple budget – my friend Dave Ramsey says that you should write out a budget every month.  Start with how much income you have and then give every dollar a name, and it only gets spent on that.

·        Set a growth goal for yourself – what can you do, starting right now, that will make you more competitive in whatever field you are in?  Almost everyone is reacting to the economy by “turtleing up,” pulling their head back into their shell.  Now is the perfect time to do just the opposite.

·        Focus on the essentials – determine the five or six most important things you have to do, and do them with excellence.  Put the time wasters aside for now and focus on what matters.

·        Take decisive action 15 minutes at a time – if you are in sales, for example, do your normal activities but set aside three different 15- minute time periods for incredibly focused output.  This extra 45 minutes a day will separate you from the pack.


One last thought, never forget that a tough economy is when people with the right character, the right attitude, and an outrageous work ethic rise to the top. 

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One Comment on “The Economy – It’s tough out there”

  1. Tom, you are so right about the “attitude of gratitude”. Because of so much comfort and success, we have “expectations” that everything should be perfect. When there are challenges, we get discouraged, fearful, angry and more. Last night I was in Wal-Mart in Destin, FL late at night. There was only one checker and one self check-out, and long lines at both.

    When something wouldn’t scan properly in the self check-out, the “supervisor” of the self check out offered the customer some advice. The customer barked back “If you had more than one checker, I wouldn’t have to be doing this MYSELF!!”

    While it is true that they should have anticipated the volume (it is always like that), I couldn’t help but think of the amazing fact that we can walk in there 24 hours a day and choose from hundreds of thousands of items. How blessed we are!!!

    While over 1 BILLION people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water, we complain because we have to SCAN our items ourselves. Wow.

    An attitude of gratitude is a choice we make every morning when we wake up and throughout the day. When you find yourself with “Stinkin Thinkin”, STOP and say “Thank You LORD for all you have given me”. Because the FACT is that we are so blessed in this country.

    Take care boss!

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