The Simple Workout

After my workout yesterday morning I weighed in and had lost two more pounds!  That’s 68 total.  Not sure how many more pounds I need to lose, but I am guessing another 10 to 15.  (At least 12 because I think 80 just sounds cool.)


In my last post I told you about my Purity Diet.  I would say that 80 percent of my weight loss success is the diet, and I would guess that the remaining 50% is exercise.  Funny how those numbers add up to more than 100%, but I believe it.  Doing one and not the other really impacts success.  In fact, I would say that another 50% of my success has been directly related to listening to great pod casts every day and every time I work out.  (I will cover pod casts in another post.)


So here is my simple workout, and what I learned along the way.  Before you start, make sure you get checked out by a doctor.


Start slowly.  I was 255 pounds with a bad back, so you can see the reality and the necessity of starting slowly.  I began by doing 15 minutes on a cardio machine at a moderate pace.  I like the elliptical machines in our gym so I started there.  I don’t think it matters where you start, JUST START!  If you can only do five minutes, that’s no problem.


Be consistent.  I work out at least four times a week, and my goal is six.  Most weeks I get in five workouts.  Consistency is key.


Build up.  This is the fun part.  Every time I worked out I did just a little bit more.  I either upped the time by one minute, or the intensity level by one.  Dad says you can make radical changes in minute steps.  He is right!  No matter where you start, or where you are in your own plan, you can always do just a fraction more.


Variety.  After three months I built up to 40 minutes on the elliptical machine.  That’s a long time, folks!  My results started slowing down, and I got a bit bored.  My good friend Scott Ericstud (ok, that’s not his last name but its close and its true) and I were talking about this and since he is 6 foot 6 and 275 pounds of muscle, and was an Olympic caliber field athlete not too long ago, I decided to listen.  Scott advised me to always be changing my routine.  Instead of 40 minutes doing one thing, do three different things for 10 minutes each.  I put his suggestion into play right away and my results really improved.  Now when I work out I do three different machines and I alternate between different types of elliptical machines, the treadmill, stair masters, bikes, and rowing machines.  Ten minutes on each one and the time flies!


Intensity.  After about six months my results slowed down.  So I talked to Scott again and he spoke about intensity.  I had been focused on getting my heart rate up and keeping it in the fat burning zone.  Scott recommended that I change that and instead alternate between sprint and slow pace.  Instead of getting on the bike for 10 minutes keeping the same pace, I now warm up and then sprint until my heart rate exceeds 165 bpm and then I pedal slowly until my heart drops to 135 bpm.  I see how many times I can repeat this cycle in 10 minutes and then I change machines and do the same thing. This has made a huge difference for me and the results have been tremendous.  I strongly encourage you to get a doctor’s ok before you do this.  I had been slowly building up for six months before I went to this level.


The heart rate monitor.  For Christmas this year I got a heart rate monitor.  It’s awesome!  Every time I work out I know my heart rate and I know how many calories I am burning.  Before I got it I didn’t realize how much it would improve my workout, but knowing where your heart rate is at all times really allows you to maximize your time.  Keep the heart working for 30 minutes five times a week and you will see some amazing results for sure.


To Recap:


Start slowly

Build up




For extra credit get a heart rate monitor!


Next time we will talk about building muscle.

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5 Comments on “The Simple Workout”

  1. klemons Says:

    Tom, I need bigger font to read your blog regularily! Us old people have poor eye sight!

  2. klemons Says:

    NICE FONT (insert Napolean voice)

  3. Cindy Oates Says:

    Tom, I hope you know how proud your family is of you for living “Pure and Simple”. You have stayed on course one day at a time for over a year now and may I just say that you look MAHVAHLOUS!!!!!!! Way to go, little brother! I love you!

  4. Terriannn Says:


    What kind of Heart Monitor would you recommend? Klemons you’re a fan of Napoleon (insert Uncle Rico’s voice) too?

  5. […] each week.  I am doing 30 minutes five days a week of the interval training I talked about in The Simple Workout, and I am going at it hard.  This is up from an average of four days a week and a 25 minute […]

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