The Purity Diet

About this time last year (June 2007) I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It seemed that life was just throwing its oozy, crummy, icky, stuff at me.  Of course that is the nature of life, but why was so much of it sticking to me?

Well folks, even though I have been blessed with growing up in the “Garden of Eden” when it comes to positive environments, and even though I am the CEO of “Motivational Mecca”, I had been doing some things that made it easy for life’s slime to stick to me.

First off, the surface area of my body was WAY too big.  Being 5’9″ and weighing 255 pounds creates a lot of extra area for that slime to land on!  Plus, the stuff I was putting in my body just wasn’t so good.  Have you ever had a shirt that collected lint or hair like there was a reward for it?  Well, the food I was eating was pretty much collecting tiredness and grumpiness like there was a reward for it! 

Like many people, or should I say most people, I have pretty much tried all the diets out there.  I knew another diet wasn’t for me.  I had been working out for years, two or three times a week.  That’s impressive, isn’t it?  Of course, my goal when working out was to make sure I didn’t sweat and that I burned just enough calories to justify the lunch buffet that day.  Based on these obvious facts, I knew I had to change what I ate, and how I worked out.  (I will cover my workout in the next post.)

So, realizing my seemingly unlimited capacity to ignore the obvious, I made a foundational decision to change the way I looked at food.  I call it the Purity Diet.  And I made it very SIMPLE.

It works like this:

    Pure food = GOOD

    Impure food = BAD

What is pure food?  Pure food is simply food the way God made it.  No chemicals, no preservatives, no refining or processing, as raw and natural as possible.

I eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and all kinds of meats.  Pretty much everything I was eating anyway!

The big difference is the no processing and chemicals part.  I don’t eat bread, pasta, flour, and other foods that are processed.  I am also picky about the oils I use to cook with.  No artificial sweeteners in my iced tea, either.

Does it work?  I have lost 66 pounds.  The first 50 pounds came off in about 5 months.  Best of all, I wasn’t hungry!  And I can eat almost anywhere.

Here are the questions I ask myself about food, and I do them in this order as well:

     1.  Is it pure?  See definition above.  If yes, proceed to number 2.

     2.  How many calories does it have?  Nuts are pure and they have lots of good calories.  Vegetables are pure and they have low calories.  The key is balance and variety.  Make low calorie/high nutritional choices when possible.

     3.  Is it organic and/or grown locally?  Number 3 is the bonus question.  I don’t go crazy on this one or limit myself if it’s not organic or grown locally.  But if you have the choice, this is better.

So that’s it.  Oh yeah, I forgot the benefits.  I feel great, look much better, sleep soundly, haven’t been sick in a year, have way more energy, and food tastes great!  I am sure I will lose a few more pounds as the last four months have lost about two pounds a month – without even trying!

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23 Comments on “The Purity Diet”

  1. klemons Says:

    Wahooo, I am almost on the same diet – except for the sugar, Splenda, sodas, chips and….well dangit, I guess I am not! But it SURE did work for you!

  2. Cindy Oates Says:

    Thanks for the very specific and realistic directions. Just what I need! So, does that mean I really have to do it? What is it dad says to do? Oh, yeah. Take the first step. Hmmmm….or was it, decide to take the first step. Help!

  3. Wambui Says:

    Way to go! I have struggled all my life with weight issues (even when I didn’t need to!). A few years ago before I conceived my last child, I was educated on and practiced good eating habits and lost about 4 stone! But even since then I had not managed to lose any thing much.

    Well, a few months ago, my Pastor spoke ‘truth’ to my spirit! She responded to my telling her how much I loved her figure that she loved mine – that hit at lie I had believed all my life that I looked terrible (understatement!) Ever since then I have been losing weight slowing but surely!

    I was having a talk with God about weight loss (and I have no other way of putting this just telling it as it is) and I seemed to hear him ask me what He felt about this. He went on to show me how I was still rejecting myself and that I had been doing this from birth. He was right! I know how many times I have looked at myself and gone ‘YUCK!’ and I have hated this or that. Again I had to start loving myself and accepting myself at my present weight. Blessing my body instead of cursing it.

    Finally last night I had such a laugh! This Preacher told people suffering with weight issues not to worry about the fat – it belongs to God anyway! The Bible agrees!

    Sorry to go on and on, I have edited as much as I could do. Keep the eating and drinking the pure – it is good!

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  5. Diane W. Patterson Says:

    Praise God for your testimony of the Purity Diet. I have also struggled so much with my weight. I was feeling so bad today when I got the Ziglar Newsletter and there was your column about the diet. God uses people even when you don’t know it. Thanks Tom.

  6. Dan Says:

    I was put on my first diet when I was 1 year old and I have been fighting it ever since. I like what you said about “the purity diet”, it appeals to me in a all encompassing way much the same as what you said about mental purity coming first. Maybe we should look at Purity as a lifestyle instead of a mere diet for the body and mind. It’s when I get to this point that the “stinken thinken” gets to me and says thats fine but not tooo far, lets be reasonable but of course bible logic fills in and says (in my words) be either hot or cold don’t straddle the middle 🙂

  7. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Dan – you are exactly right, eating pure is a lifestyle, and I agree that you need to be either hot or cold about it. Putting the right fuel in your body allows you to get great high performance mileage. People would never even consider putting sludge in their car, but they do it to their body every day. Transform your mind first and it will want the good stuff to be put in your body!

  8. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Diane – thank you for your encouraging words. Never forget that God is always providing you with encouraging words, you just have to look for them in the right places!

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  11. Ann Musico Says:

    I love how you have shared this Purity Diet. It all comes back to returning to the way God created it. We have to get back to basics: clean water, wholesome, unprocessed, fresh food, adequate sleep, daily exercise and quiet time to reflect and meditate and for me, speak with my Father! It’s amazing how much better we feel when we simplify and get back to the basics. God made it simple – we’ve complicated it.

  12. Gordon Dykstra Says:

    Dan, you should change the name to “The Purity Lifestyle”. Not only is it a better name, since diets are temporary by definition and therefore gauranteed to fail!… it is also a title which allows expansion into a number of areas, all beneficial! I am looking forward to the book..,


  13. Val Says:

    Is there a cookbook…I am sad to admit that I wouldn’t even know how to cook without processed foods…

    I am in no way FAT…however I could stand to lose a few pounds…and the most important elements for me would be MORE ENERGY and MORE RESTFUL SLEEP…

    I am wanting MORE info…please help!

  14. I’m a fan of your dad…and I subscribed to his newsletter…luckily, i found out your blog and it interests me esp. the Purity Diet…i’ll follow your blogs…

    My favorite among your dad’s books is “You can reach the top”

    More power to you…

  15. Kathleen Says:

    Dear Tom,

    My husband Steve and I are huge fans of your father! I have been listening to your father’s motivational audio books for more than a year now. He brings me so much joy and inspiration throughout my day. His wonderful common sense advice is applicable to everyone, everywhere, anytime!

    Recently, my husband who is a top sales performer in his company, was starting to develop a less than positive attitude about his current employment situation. After 12 years of service with the same employer, he was about ready to call it quits. I knew what would help, a little dose of Zig, and that was all it took! Your father has him back on his feet again. He has set a new yearly goal for himself that I know he will surpass! Suddenly his sales have skyrocketed. He has been working late each evening writing up numerous orders. We are so grateful to your father for his advice, his spiritual leadership and his wonderful sense of humour!

    Please tell us how your father is doing. We were unaware of his head injury until this evening when I read about it here on your blog. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful father Tom. I can see that you are following in your father’s footsteps by setting personal goals and achieving them with your “purity diet”. Did you get yourself some “jockey shorts”? LOL! You look wonderful, congratulations! You have inspired me too!

    Thank you for writing this blog so that the world can get to know you Tom. I am sure that those who read it are grateful to be able to keep updated regarding your father. Please continue your father Zig Ziglar’s wonderful work into the future!

    #1 Zig Ziglar Fan

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  17. Hey Tom, I am so happy for your success and the fact that you shared it with the world. Good for you!

    Doesn’t it seem so wonderfully simple? It makes so much sense.

    I worry most people will dismiss this idea and keep looking for the next best supplement or miricle food.

    Did you coin the term Purity Diet? I like it.

    Have you tried going raw? We do green smoothies daily to get in our raw leafy greens every day, and it has made all the difference in the world for us.

    Happy Holidays and God Bless, Andrea =)

  18. John Guava Says:


    Thanks for providing a workable diet to the “hungry” masses and a huge congratulations on your physical accomplishment! I have a few questions of the diet if you don’t mind.

    1. Is this diet basically a low carb diet that allows fruit, but not any processed foods?
    2. Does “no processed food” include milk, half and half, cream, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, coffee, non organic (antibiotic) meats, whey protein, all cereals, oatmeal and all breads completely?
    2. Breakfast is always difficult for me as eggs alone are not appetizing, what do you eat?

    Thanks in advance, John

  19. Jodie Reimink Says:

    I was also interested in the dairy portion of the purity diet. You didn’t mention any in the list of things that you ate. I was also curious about eating “grains” but not flour or bread…just how do you do that? Homemade? Thanks for clarifying–

  20. mk Says:

    Exercise and eat right.

    Removing chemicals and preservatives from foods, eating only organic or locally grown foods, these things will do nothing for your weight. Nothing.

    Losing, gaining, or maintaining weight is a simple matter of physics. Calories in, calories out. If you burn more calories than you ingest you will lose weight.

    By the way, preservatives and chemicals are not necessarily bad for you. We are able to eat certain fruits and veggies all year round due to these things. We live twice as long as our great grand parents due to the scientific advances that help preserve food stuffs for longer periods of time. Being able to ship them all around the world so that others can eat them as well. This is good.

    There is nothing wrong with pasta and bread. Though, yes it is probably best to eat more whole grain breads than that tasteless white wonder bread crap.

    Everything in moderation.

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